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And then my therapist said I shouldn't have stopped taking my medication! HA!


This story is a sequel to Itty-Bitty Bite Size Stories

From the creator of Itty-Bitty Bite Sized Stories, comes a series of stories so intense, so incredible, so... ridiculously random... that it needed its own story...

Read the prequel Here!

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I just want to point out that this story literally started with me idly typing *boop* in chat to someone who had just changed their name to Woona.

I'm not sure exactly how I got this from that. Magic?

Oh gods the tyops.


On a different note, *cuddles your face*

4447096 Meh, i've had crazier ideas from sources like that


4447109 Give me a few minutes; I'll make a Google Doc and comment all the ones I saw.

4447113 cool. I rushed that one because I was walking out my door as I hit "publish" on that one

4447115 Good, you fixed them.

I don't think corgis have knuckles...

4449534 Well THIS corgi does! *cracks knuckles in yo' face!*

I...I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. :unsuresweetie:

its fine. *starts petting you*

4449910 *tries to ignore leg shaking uncontrollably*

WHYYYYYY!!! :raritycry:

But wait, she can fly...


The Large window behind

but even i know

You done goofed! Capitalization-wise at least.

Also, Shining always struck me as more of a mafia boss than a corrupt bureaucrat. Oh well.

Nicely written overall, though.

4467682 Fixed. As well as some minor errors that help with the flow.

Can I say it?
Eh....Sure, why not.

4470829 Of course. I originally planned to have Applejack and Twilight floating on a piece of debris and have Twilight say "I'll never let go, Applejack" While Applejack freezes to death, but I thought this would be better.



It HAS been done! I just dunno where, but I've seen a story with the four. I think.

On that note, you should totally write one.

4522409 well now I gotta find that story! Even more things I don't have time for!

4522708 Keep in mind, I said "I think".

You can just look up Four Horsemen and if nothing turns up, call it quits.

4522742 zero stories, 6 members. I'm going to join that group.

4522771 Not me. Not until you write a story, and you put it there, and I favorite it, and decide that I'm gonna rip it off.


No, but I have too damned many stories going at once for me to handle already; I'm not taking on more.

4522780 Well thanks for making me feel special! :pinkiehappy:

I got a new short story idea for you! Get this; The Trotting Dead (not really a fan of The Walking Dead, but I haven't seen any Zombie Pony story's yet from you)

4527383 I'll do a zombie story, but not a walking dead crossover. I'll do MY twist on a zombie apocolypse :derpytongue2:

That title is ominous. IB2 is continuing, right?

4547822 yes. the title refers the the coming zombie apocalypse. IB2 (i'm going to start using that now) is still continuing.

4547828 Oh, good. I was worried there.

Also, this gave me an idea that I know for a fact I can't execute. Dammit.

4547840 Be calm, dear friend. There are still stories to tell! I'm doing a special week starting tomorrow if everything works out as planned, so you'll get 7 thematic chapters to read.

Point is I'm not stopping anytime soon. :pinkiehappy:

4547857 Woohoo! But I'll be gone starting Wednesday, so I might not get to read them until a month from now, if everything goes badly.

4547867 Well darn. Ah well. They'll still be here when you get back.

Nice. Very, very nice.

Yeesh, does Pinkie have a tame black hole for a digestive system or something? Half expected Mr Cake to grab her tongue when she went to get the last cupcake.

Are you gonna keep the sins to the Mane Six plus Spike, or are you gonna have princesses and crusaders embodying them too? Luna as Envy, perhaps? Either way, this was awesome.

4551229 Its going to be mane 6+ Spike. I'm not too proud of tommorow's chapter, mostly because I couldn't really make it work for the sin itself, but hopefully the rest will be better.

And thanks for the compliment! :pinkiehappy:

4551251 Eh, you have chapters like that; especially with themed vignettes like this. Still, I look forward to how it comes out.

and made on thing perfectly clear


Also, nicely done!

Can you put a link to the clop version? :trollestia:

4555498 You should write one, then.

I would mastu read it.

Whoa ... this kinda caught me off-guard. For one, I expected Fluttershy to be lust, if nothing else than the sheer number of fics where she goes into heat and goes all "You are going to BUCK me" on sundry stallions. And speaking of "Best Night Ever", I imagine Blueblood is the only stallion to ever turn Rarity down/escape her clutches. Also, Date-rapist!Rarity is surprisingly believable, and I half expect this to become a meme.

4556776 Yeah, I'm much more proud of this chapter than the original one I had written. That one was... straight up the worst thing I had ever written. This isn't much better on a moral standpoint, but the execution is a million times better.

4557043 Yeah, this does seem like something that's rather hard to pull off correctly, though in the end, the subtle dark humor came out perfectly.

I have a feeling I know which one Fluttershy will be.

Awesome! :twilightsmile:
Looking forward to more!

Awesome chapter ... this one was kinda obvious ... while Twilight and AJ are also proud characters; neither of them had an entire episode dedicated to deflating their Shatner-grade egos. Loved how the others just walked off ... half-expect them to break out the old Mare-Do-Well outfits.

I have guesses for the rest of the week, but only time will tell how accurate they are. For now, I'll just point to their behavior at the Gala and leave it at that ...

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