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This story is a sequel to Itty-Bitty Bite Size Stories

From the creator of Itty-Bitty Bite Sized Stories, comes a series of stories so intense, so incredible, so... ridiculously random... that it needed its own story...

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Shimmering Blade was just your average Pegasus, then she joined the first ever standing army of Equestria in a thousand years to fight a war. She was serving her time fighting the war that she didn't understand when she was captured by the enemy.

She escaped captivity and ran for four years. Now she's home, but her world has changed even more than she has. Will she be able to cope with the sudden changes she missed, society's view on war veterans, and her own traumatic memories that still haunt her? Only time will tell.

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Short stories all under 500 words! Read and enjoy!

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Colgate is attacked one night and awakens in the hospital to find her Cutie Mark was stolen straight off her body.When the local police refuse to help, She and Twilight Sparkle turn to some less-than-known law enforcement agents to help bring down a pony known only as "The Collector"

Can they do it in time before this mysterious pony strikes again, or will another become a victim to these horrible crimes?

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