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Shimmering Blade was just your average Pegasus, then she joined the first ever standing army of Equestria in a thousand years to fight a war. She was serving her time fighting the war that she didn't understand when she was captured by the enemy.

She escaped captivity and ran for four years. Now she's home, but her world has changed even more than she has. Will she be able to cope with the sudden changes she missed, society's view on war veterans, and her own traumatic memories that still haunt her? Only time will tell.

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Well, the story looks interesting, if the description and the first few chapters are anything to go by. It'd be nice to have some backstory in the prologue, considering the traditional use of a prologue is to establish world canon amongst other things. Still, you've done an alright job of establishing a very hard subject to cover. There are just a few grammar-y thingies to pick up on, like the fact that you spelt 'Prologue' wrong. Also, see the below:

have much patients.


Also, I remember seeing 'The Collector' a long time ago :3 There's not enough Minuette in the world!

3474656 I put "the collector" on hold for a while, planning to resume it soon, but thanks for the feedback. I'll fix up some of the errors and see about maybe adding on some backstory to the prologue.

And who knows, maybe minuette will make an appearence in this story ;)

Oh good you did decide to expand this one, it looks interesting so far, I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it:pinkiesmile:

3510891 Yeah, it'll be an experiment for me to see just how well I can write. hopefully better than my
-other- multi-chapter story that I never finished. :ajbemused:

a crazy-pony doctor.

....A doctor for crazy ponies, or a crazy pony that is also a doctor?:rainbowhuh:

4365688 a doctor for crazy ponies. hence the hyphen between crazy and pony.

Oooh this looks good.

Yup. Nothing at all wrong with her.

Totally not PTSD.

And you've captured it perfectly. Well done.

Lots of little errors.

Night Angels, this could be amazing if you fixed those.

Or let me.


4608580 planning on it, just probably not for a while. I wrote myself into a ditch that I can't get out of

4608616 Aw OK.

Want me as an editor?


Nice reference, by the way.

4616715 Ich nein spreche Deutsch.

Parlo Italiano, non benissimo ma posso parlare un po'.

But I don't speak German.

And like I asked last time, want me as an editor? I promise I won't bugger it up too badly.

4616750 if you want to edit, I'm up for it. I just need to start the next chapter

4616770 Woohoo! I think. If you use Google Docs this is painless. If you don't... Well, re-education typically involves feathers, three jars of ink, a pillowcase, two live tarantulas and one dead, a chair, some wires, and a brainwashing machine. And is very, very painful.

4616783 I think I'll just stick to gdocs, thank you. I don't want the ink to stain my clothes.

4616825 Oh, good. Can you PM me a link and I'll look it over?

4616883 once I get it set up I'll give you permission and you can look it over anytime you want. I'll have all the chapters there.

4617016 If you need it, my email "REDACTED".

4617027 cool, so that's [REDACTED] at gmail.com. got it.

4617038 Yepperoosiedoodleificate!

Yup. Meet the medic tf2 reference.



Will you be coming back to this anytime soon, please (not blizzard soon, I hope)? It's too good of an idea to let it die :twilightsmile:

6229894 Actually yes! I've been working on it recently and I hope to have a new chapter out soon. It might be within the next week but I can't make any promises! Thanks for letting me know you're interested in it. Just showing your support is the best way to encourage me to keep writing. :twilightsmile: :heart:

Memories and the beginning of acceptance, perhaps? Interesting, please don't take another year to update again XD

6261688 I'll try not too! Life gets in the way sometimes but I hate leaving things unfinished. I'm gonna start trying to get more chapters out on a more regular basis. :pinkiehappy:

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