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gallagsp the corgi

And then my therapist said I shouldn't have stopped taking my medication! HA!

And Thus, I Accepted my Fate as a Welsh Corgi.

So... you want to know all about little ol' Gallagsp, do ya? Well, let me start by saying I write fanfiction and watch ponies. I'm also a very mild furry (I think? Anthropomorphic animals count, right?) And I also have existential crisis on a weekly basis. I enjoy gaming and long walks on the beach. I also discovered the magical land of Ohio with my trusty eyepiece that lets me see the future, as well as solve mysteries with a talking dog and a gang of costumed teenagers with attitude. I also like Corgis, and Huskies, and pretty much every other breed of dog.

So stick around, get comfy, and I'll tell you a story or two, because we all have stories, even the most uninteresting ones.

Itty-Bitty Story Idea Submissions!

I accept ideas for the Itty-Bitty series of stories I write. To submit an idea to me, use one of these three ways:
1.Comment on the latest collection in the series, currently Itty-Bitty 2: Revenge of the Tiny
2.Comment on this user page at the bottom, go ahead, try it!
3.Send me a message through my inbox. (best if you want your ideas to be confidential)

Not everything makes the cut as an Itty-Bitty story, here's the rules:
1.Idea must be able to be told under 500 words, you give me the ideas and I write it, so if I feel it can't be done I'll let you know.
2.Keep it rated "teen" or "everyone". I allow profanity, mild gore, and suggestive content, but in mild doses. Thi isn't a collection of clopfics, folks!
3.Idea must be related to MLP in some way. If suggesting a crossover, make sure I can easily find all the info I need with a quick search if I don't know much about the subject. I don't want to spend hours learning about your favorite obscure anime in Japanese to write a story that takes 5 minutes to read.

Simple enough, right? Well it is! There's only one catch: I can say no if I feel like the idea breaks any of these rules, or if I just don't feel like writing your idea. I will try to get your ideas written ASAP but I do have a life outside of writing colorful horse fiction, so no promises.


Feeling a bit... RUSTY · 1:24am Jul 29th, 2015

Hey guys! Just letting everyone know Rusted has a new chapter now! I worked hard on this one for the last week and I hope you all enjoy it!

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How can I write all this with paws?!?

I read things too! I'm currently working on:

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Thank for the fav and watch, if you enjoyed the story give it a Like please :moustache::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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