• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Operation Brohoof - SuperPinkBrony12

A crossover with Soundwave from Transformers Animated. After the events of "Human Error" Soundwave's spark finds its way into Equestria, where the so called Decepticon is taken in by Vinyl Scratch.

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Moving On

Soundwave stayed in Ponyville for at least another month. And as time passed everypony began to slowly warm up to him. Some more then others.

His closest friendships were still with Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Lyra. All of whom were now good friends, all thanks to Soundwave.

All things considered the "former" Decepticon (he really didn't feel like the title suited him anymore) had adapted to life in Equestria pretty well.

But eventually Soundwave began to conclude that he would not be content to simply live the rest of his days in Ponyville. He needed to think bigger and bolder. There were other towns and cities that did not know who he was, and he was intent on changing that.

After studying the layout of Equestria for several weeks Soundwave made it known that he would leave Ponyville behind to travel all of Equestria, and make himself known. Everyone was sad to see him go.

The day before Soundwave was slated to leave Pinkie Pie insisted on throwing him a "Goodbye/Happy Trails Party" at Sugarcube Corner. The big bot, having gotten used to the party pony's antics, agreed. Everyone was anyone showed up at the party that evening. Most of them came to say their farewells, and a few, who knew him personally, thanked him for all he had done for them during his stay. The Mayor even dubbed him an honorary citizen of Ponyville, and made it known that he was welcome to return at any time.

"We're gonna miss you Soundwave." Pinkie Pie said when the party was over "Ponyville won't be the same without you."

"I suppose I can agree on that much." Rainbow Dash said, a hint of sorrow in her voice. She had never really gotten to know Soundwave all that much, mostly because (although she'd never admit it) his size kind of frightened her. But she had gotten use to seeing him, and she knew it would be hard to get use to him not being around.

"Do you really have to go away Mr. Soundwave?" Sweetie Belle asked. She remembered how, after becoming friends with the transformer, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had quickly stopped picking on her and her fellow cutie mark crusaders.

"I am afraid that I do." Soundwave replied "If Equestria is turly my new homeworld then I must know every square inch of it. From the shore of Baltimare, to the arctic tundra of The Frozen North and The Crystal Empire."

"There's really no way to talk you out of this is there?" Twilight asked.

"You are correct Twilight Sparkle." Soundwave said. He knew she always prefered to just be called Twilight, but he always felt Twilight Sparkle sounded better. At first he had called her princess, but she had quickly made it known that none of her friends called her that.

"Don't forget about me now you hear?" Vinyl Scratch said.

"I would not dream of it." Soundwave said "I promise that I will remember all of you in my thoughts, and in my spark. But do not grieve in my absence. For one day, though I do not know when, I shall return."

"We will await that day with great joy." Octavia said.

"I would expect no less." Soundwave said.

The very next day everyone gathered at the edge of Ponyville to see Soundwave off. A few ponies shed tears, but for the most part everyone stayed strong. Soundwave told the crowd that he would try his best to keep in contact, and also told them that they should do their best to carry on without him. And with that he set off, and everyone waved goodbye to him until he was out of sight.

"I shall miss them all very much." Soundwave said as he left the border of Ponyville "But for now there are other ponies who have yet to meet me, and I shall do my best to leave a good first impression on them."

Author's Note:

Sorry to make you several days for this chapter, only to end the fic with it. But I think it's time to conclude this.

Feel free to make a sequel if you want, of Soundwave's Adventures throughout Equestria.

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Comments ( 6 )

I was expecting him to say, "I am Soundwave I am Desepticon no more" while removing his symbol.

:fluttercry: and so, it ends... WAIT! You make the sequel! pls? You would honestly be the best candidate for it, sense you created the story. I understand if you can't or don't want to do the sequel.

SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! We need a sequel!

If you make a sequel, I suggest a more action oriented story where Soundwave uses his sound weapons to fend of an attacker, with the enemy trying to lure Soundwave back to his old evil ways.


Nice story ^^

Can you make one of Nitro Zeus ?

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