• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Operation Brohoof - SuperPinkBrony12

A crossover with Soundwave from Transformers Animated. After the events of "Human Error" Soundwave's spark finds its way into Equestria, where the so called Decepticon is taken in by Vinyl Scratch.

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Morning in Ponyville Shimmers! Morning in Ponyville Shi-Wait What?!

It was another beautiful morning in Ponyville. Most of the town's residents were already up and about, going about their usual business.

And then there were those few that were still waking up. One of those ponies was none other then Octavia Phillomarnica Melody. But if she had her way she wouldn't be waking up just now. Alas, she didn't. And the earth pony was thrown out of bed, rudely awakened once again by the sound of her roommate Vinyl's patented Dubstep Dishwasher.

Octavia groaned as she groggily stumbled awake. "Must she always wake me up like this?" she said to no one in particular. It wasn't that she considered Vinyl a bad roommate, far from it in fact. She was often heard to say that Vinyl was one of the best friends a pony could ask for. But all the same it was hard not to be upset when the first thing you heard in the morning was the sound of loud wubs.

Slowly Octavia made her way downstairs. Sure enough Vinyl Scratch was bobbing her head up and down to the beat of the wubs. Octavia hated to do this, but the dishwasher was so loud that one could barely hear themself think. The earth pony slowly trotted forward, fighting against the intense beat, until she reahed the dishwasher and turned it off.

Vinyl Scratch wasn't even the least bit annoyed by her roommate's actions, and merely flashed her a smile. "Good morning Octy. Did ya sleep well last night?" she said cheerfully.

"Indeed I did Vinyl. Or at least I was until somepony rudely woke me up!" Octavia said, a hint of anger in her voice.

"Ah come on Octy, we talked about this. It's the best way to wake up in the morning. You should know that by now." Vinyl Scratch said cheerfully.

"You may think so, but I certainly don't. It's a miracle the neighbors don't complain about the loud noise." Octavia said "Seriously Vinyl, one of these days they're going to come beating down our door and throw us in jail for disturbing the peace."

"Ah Pinkie Pie can voch for me. Not that it will ever come to that." Vinyl Scratch replied cheerfully.

"I sure hope not." Octavia said. She and Vinyl may not have made a lot of enemies in Ponyville, and Octavia wanted it to stay that way. Especially when one of the enemies could easily be Princess Twilight Sparkle, Vinyl's cousin.

"Well now that we have that taken care of, what do ya say I make us some breakfast?" Vinyl Scratch offered "I promise I won't play tricks on ya this time."

Octavia could still well remember the time where Vinyl Scratch had slipped a jalapeno pepper into her sandwich, and then forgotten to provide her with something to wash down the taste. It had taken weeks of apologizing before Octavia would let Vinyl anywhere near the kitchen.

A while later Vinyl was serving up two slices of toast, and a glass of orange juice. All the while wearing her favorite aparon that said "Wub the Cook".

"Really Vinyl, you don't have to do this." Octavia said.

"But that's what friends are for Octy." Vinyl said "You showed me what friendship truly meant when you agreed to move in with me. Without your help I wouldn't be living here. I'd probably still be living in some rundown apartment in Canterlot or something."

"Speaking of Canterlot, how are your recording sessions with Neon Lights going?" Octavia asked.

The hard rocking DJ's usually happy faced suddenly turned into a look of worry. "He's been working me almost nonstop. By the time I'm done recording to the point where he's happy I feel ready to fall asleep. Somedays I even have to consume a ton of coffee just to stay awake. I swear Octy sometimes I really think you have easier with your whole fancy band thing."

Octavia felt sorry for Vinyl. She knew the whole reason her friend had accepted this exclusive recording deal with Neon Lights was so she could help support herself, and Octavia. Sure the pay was really good, but that was about all that really made it worthwhile. Octavia had tried on numerous occassions to convince her friend to just quit and find a new job, but Vinyl always insisted on staying. And it always pained Octavia how Vinyl was squeezed even harder on the days when she had to record in time to be done for Octavia's concerts. Vinyl really needed a friend that could be there for her, and shared more of the same interests.

After breakfast Octavia and Vinyl Scratch headed outside. This was the first day in a long while where they both didn't have somewhere else they needed to be, and they intended to make the most of it.

"So where do you want to go today Vinyl?" Octavia asked.

"I was thinking we should make the most of this fine weather, and take a nice relaxing stroll through the park." Vinyl Scratch replied "That sound good to you?"

"Of course it does Vinyl." Octavia said.

Suddenly, right before the ponies eyes, there was a blinding flash of light. It was so bright that Vinyl actually had to put on her goggles, which she usually only wore when she performed for parties or at clubs.

The flash drew the attention of everypony in town. And then just as suddenly, the flash faded. There stood a mysterious blue object of some kind, that seemed robotic. It seemed to have two speakers, and a purple symbol of some sort emblazoned on its chest.

"I am....alive?" the robot asked.

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