• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Operation Brohoof - SuperPinkBrony12

A crossover with Soundwave from Transformers Animated. After the events of "Human Error" Soundwave's spark finds its way into Equestria, where the so called Decepticon is taken in by Vinyl Scratch.

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Soundwave Explains It All

Vinyl Scratch didn't know it at the time, but she had opened up Soundwave's spark to a whole new world. A world where friendship, love, tolerance, and harmony, were the key values. And though it wasn't perfect it was a world worth living in. A world that, despite seeing its fair share of problems was rather peaceful. For all the right reasons.

And more importantly, a world where the most unexpected of bonds could be forged. And be maintained for life, or even longer.

If this was the kind of world Soundwave had been brought to, he loved it. It was a pity that he could not share it with the only companions he had ever had, Laserbeak and Ratbat. But his newly forming friendship with Vinyl Scratch, and also Octavia, more then made up for it.

Still, Soundwave knew that in order for his "friendship" to really take off he would first need to open up his past. And not only confess to what he had done, but why he had done so. He could only hope that they would not judge him too harshly for what he had believed was the right course of action. Even machines could be flawed.

When Octavia had awoken, and after she and Vinyl enjoyed breakfast, Soundwave decided the time had come to "face the music". How ironic that those had been the last words he had ever heard, especially considering what they now meant.

"So, you wanted to talk to us about something Soundwave?" Octavia asked.

"Indeed Octavia." Soundwave replied "The time has come for me to 'face the music'. I can no longer hide my past from you and Vinyl Scratch."

"Does this mean you're finally going to explain just what this 'decepticon' you keep talking about is?" Vinyl Scratch asked.

"Yes." Soundwave said somberly.

"Well, lay it all out Soundwave." Vinyl Scratch encouraged.

"Do you promise you will not judge me too harshly for what I am about to say?" Soundwave asked suddenly.

"Can't make a promise if I don't know what you're going to say." Vinyl Scratch said "Now go on."

"Very well." Soundwave said, and proceeded to explain his story. "You know me as Soundwave. But you do not know much about me besides that. To save you the trouble I shall explain myself as best I can. I am a living, functioning robot, known as a transformer. So called because I can change shape, or 'transform', from a robot to a vehicle, and back."

"I see." Octavia said "Go on."

"I was built in a lab, in a place called Detroit." Soundwave continued "The organic who created me intended me as a present for his daughter. One thing that you should know is that, I believe Detroit is in another world. For in that world that the organic lifeforms are not equines, and are instead 'human beings'."

"Human beings? Sounds like Lyra." Vinyl Scratch said.

"Who is this Lyra you speak of?" Soundwave asked "Is she important?"

"Not for right now." Vinyl Scratch said "Anyway, you were saying?"

"The organic's daughter I later learned, was actually a techno organic. Her name was Sari, and back then she had the form of a young human girl. She brought me to life through the use of a mysterious key, infused with, what I believe, was The Allspark. The very thing that creates all transformers." Soundwave explained "But eventually I came to believe, through the aid of a robot who called himself Megatron, that all humans viewed machines, including transformers, as slaves. And this was the subject that split transformers into two groups. Those who, according to Megatron, supported machine supression. They were known as the Autobots. And those who wished to free all machines. They were known as Decepticons. Thus I joined the Decepticons, and attempted to start a robot revolution."

"So what happened?" Vinyl Scratch asked.

"I was defeated, by the Autobot known as Bulkhead. And everyone assumed that I had been scrapped. However, my spark survived, and I spent the better half of a year repairing myself." Soundwave said "It wasn't quite perfect, but I managed to gather up the scrap metal necessary to complete my restoration. Soon afterward I built myself two transforming tools. An electric guitar that could turn into a bird, that I dubbed Laserbeak. And an electric keyboard that could turn into a bat, that I dubbed Ratbat. I then infused them with pieces of The Allspark fragment that resided within me."

"Well, where are Laserbeak and Ratbat now? I don't recall you having them with you when you arrived here." Octavia asked.

"I do not know the answer." Soundwave said "I had no idea at the time that my very creations would be my undoing. When the holiday that the humans called 'Christmas' came I began my revenge. I abducted the Autobots, and trapped them deep within a fantasy where they were humans. I then brainwashed them with the aid of Ratbat, and turned them loose on the city of Detroit. However, that techno organic Sari managed to free them from my control. With the help of a few rag tag transformers that had also been brought to life through The Allspark. Then the Autobot leader, who called himself Optimus Prime, managed to take posession of Laserbeak. And eventually used him in guitar mode to destroy me!"

"But then, how did you end up here?" Vinyl Scratch asked.

"I am not sure how, or why I was brought here. The only thing I can remember was that I suddenly awoke to find myself in some sort of mysterious 'dimension' for lack of a better term." Soundwave went on "And then this mysterious voice spoke to me. Saying that it sensed that there was goodness inside of me, and that I would be given another chance. Then there was a blinding flash of light, and I found myself standing in the center of, what you call Ponyville. And that concludes my story."

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia were silent. They did not know what to say. It was obvious that the "Decepticon" had been through a lot, and that he was far from home. But now they seemed to have reason to suddenly be concerned about him. The question now was, had they managed to change him for the better with their act of hospitality? Or was he nothing but a danger to them from the start?

The pregnant pause lasted for a long time. Vinyl Scratch and Octavia seemed to talk quietly to each other about Soundwave. But Soundwave couldn't hear them.

At last Vinyl Scratch and Octavia spoke up. Octavia went first. "We have decided that, at least for now we can still trust you. Despite what you have told us." she said.

"But if we have any reason to believe you might hurt us, or brainwash us, then you will leave us with no choice but to turn to the help of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends. And they will most likely see to it that you are banished from Ponyville, forever!" Vinyl Scratch said.

"I understand." Soundwave said gravly "Do not worry. I promise you that will do my best not to give you reason to doubt me. You two have shown me that there is more to life, and organics, then I first thought. And I do not wish to lose what I am only now beginning to understand. This thing that you call 'friendship'."

"See that you do." Octavia said.

"I WILL side with Octavia if I have to." Vinyl Scratch warned "So please don't make me do it!"

"I shall keep that outcome in mind." Soundwave said.

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