• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Operation Brohoof - SuperPinkBrony12

A crossover with Soundwave from Transformers Animated. After the events of "Human Error" Soundwave's spark finds its way into Equestria, where the so called Decepticon is taken in by Vinyl Scratch.

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A Pink Party Pony Problem

Nothing real exciting happened for the next couple of days. Vinyl Scratch's time off had ended and she now had to go back to work for her boss Neon Lights. As for Octavia, she spent much of her free time working on her cello playing. So Soundwave really didn't have much to do.

Vinyl Scratch had given Soundwave strick orders not to wander around town. Least the former Decepticon create a panic among the towns folk. Soundwave obeyed, unwilling to anger the only organics that considered him a friend.

That was all about to change however.

Early one morning, after Vinyl Scratch had just finished giving Soundwave a tune up, an incredily cheerful pink pony bounced into view, humming a little tune to herself. From what Soundwave could see the pony seemed to have a mane and tail that were as poofy as that "food" the humans called "cotton candy". What was most interesting to Soundwave however, was that on the pony's "flanks" as they were called, there was a trio of balloons. Vinyl Scratch had explained that those sort of things were "cutie marks", which appeared on a pony when they discovered what they were truly good at, and destined to do for their life.

Judging from the balloons Soundwave had a pretty good guess as to what this pony's special talent was. And if memory served him properly, she had not been among the ponies in that angry mob a few days ago.

Vinyl Scratch soon took notice of her visitor, and greeted the mare with a friendly smile. "Hiya Pinkie! So good to see you again! What's shakin?" she said happily.

"Oh, nothing much. I've pretty much just been working my rump off at Sugarcube Corner." Pinkie Pie replied "How's life been treating you Vinyl Scratch?"

Vinyl Scratch groaned a little "Oh man have I been busy! Neon Lights has been working me to the bone to get this new record completed in time!" she explained.

"What about Octavia?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Life's been a bit kinder to her." Vinyl Scratch said "She's been working on her cello playing to get ready for her next gig. I gotta a feeling it's gonna be great!"

"I see, well tell me all about when it happens!" Pinkie Pie said.

"I will Pinkie. I will." Vinyl Scratch said with a nod.

Pinkie Pie's attention now drifted to the large "thing" that stood a short distance away. She had never seen that before. "Say, what's that big old whatchamcallit doing here? Is that the newest sound blasting equipment or something?" she asked.

"It's not a what, it's a who." Vinyl Scratch said "Pinkie Pie, meet Soundwave. Soundwave, meet Pinkie Pie."

"Greetings to you organic lifeform known as Pinkie Pie. I am Soundwave." Soundwave said, extending his hand as a friendly gesture. He was surprised at how strongly Pinkie Pie shook it.

"Ooh! You can talk?! You can talk! Oh this is so so so so so super duper fantastic! I know I've never seen you before, and if I haven't seen you before then that means you're new in Ponyville, and if you're new in Ponyville then it's my job to give you an official welcome and plan your 'Welcome to Ponyville Party'." Pinkie Pie said, without once inhaling for more air. Soundwave did not know what to say, this organic already defied all explanation. Just thinking about what else she might be capable of hurt his logic circuits.

"Hello?! Hey Mr. Soundwave, are you okay?!" Pinkie Pie asked. The Decepticon quickly noticed that he had zoned out for a moment, unintentionally.

"I am....fine." Soundwave said, a little uncertain of what else to say. This pony seemed to have an endless supply of energy, almost as if though she had consumed several cups worth of that "beverage" the humans called "coffee". He hoped that wasn't the case, because if it was why had no one thought of switching this mare to "decaff"?

"Well that's good, because I think it's time to give you the official 'Welcome to Ponyville Song'." Pinkie Pie said.

"Wait...you are not actually going to sing are you? Tell me she's not" Soundwave asked.

"She is, and there's nothing you can do stop her." Vinyl Scratch said, a smile breaking out across her face.

"Hang on a second, just gotta my welcome wagon." Pinkie Pie said, and raced away. She returned in the blink of an eye with a wagon, and began to sing:

Welcome, welcome, welcome. A fine welcome to you.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. I say 'How do you do?'.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Hip, hip, hip, hooray!

Welcome, welcome, welcome. To Ponyville toooooooddddddddddaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

"Okay." Soundwave said "That was...something."

"Wait for it!" Vinyl Scratch and Pinkie Pie said at the same time.

"What are you talking abo-" Soundwave said, only to be cut off when suddenly a stream of confetti shot out of an oven. And then, a moment later, cake batter came shooting out of various cannons. Soundwave barely avoided the goopy susbstance that rained down around him.

"Oh, silly me. I put the confetti in the cake oven, and the cake batter in the confetti cannon." Pinkie Pie chuckled.

"Again?" Vinyl Scratch asked, although she was fairly certain that by this point Pinkie Pie did that on purpose because it was so expected.

"Yup. Oh well, I'll get it right next time." Pinkie Pie said, and licked herself completly clean. Soundwave could not believe what he saw.

"If you thought that was fun then just wait til tonight!" Vinyl Scratch said.

"Why?" Soundwave asked.

"I'll tell you why. Because I'm throwing you a party! That's why! See you tonight!" Pinkie Pie said and happily bounced away.

Author's Note:

A party for Soundwave? Well this will end well. (NOT!)

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