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You ever wonder why we're here?

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So... What kind of fetish is this called?

Because I totally have it now

selfcest. Lol

3867825 I am 100% okay with that.

umm how does a clopfic manage to have a bittersweet ending? I'm still trying to figure out how something that is blatantly selfcest can still manage that.

oh i want to read about the other universe now :pinkiecrazy:

Now, write the other side with Twilight getting spit-roasted.

Damit now I have that fetish! way to go author.

Did anyone else get a feels moment when twilight sent dusk home?

Dear sweet Luna you could turn this into a series.... please?:fluttershysad:

Change of perspective, get Dusk's universe!

First Rule 63 fic I've ever actually enjoyed. Bravisimo!

Now, write the other side with Twilight getting spit-roasted.

I so second that.

I also hope you turn this into a series. I really really hope you do. :pinkiehappy:

I demand that you turn this into a series!

...uh, if you're ok with that, of course. :fluttershysad:

3869257 I second this motion! All for?

3869286 I hear that.

the only thing that will ever spring to my mind when reading "Mirror mirror" will always be:
"Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You're a damned kind can't you see
That tomorrows bears insanity"
strangely fitting...

"Go home Rainbow, you're drunk". Best lines evar!!! :rainbowlaugh:

I really dint expect this lol it turned out great:rainbowkiss:. You neeeeed to wright dusks side:twilightblush:!

I will punch you if you do not write Dusk Shine's side of this!:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by ConEditor deleted Jan 30th, 2014

I'm joining the list of demands for the TwiDuskBlitz sequel or a series.

3868247 I already did. Half the reason I'm in the Rule 63 group is to find TwiDusk stories. I also approve of Dash/Blitz, Shining Armor and whatever his mare self is called because I always forget, and any combinations of those.

3869486 You win an internet for music preference.

I'm normally very, very, very :ajbemused: against this kind of thing. I'm sure I'll hate this, so I won't hold my breath, but I will at least try to read it.

Fourthed. I want to see from the other world's perspective.

This could have some more chapters with each of the Mane Six meeting their counterparts, or at the very least a second chapter showing this from Dusk's perspective with Twilight showing up in his reality and Blitz barging in.

Would be interesting to see the TwiDuskBlitz, but you've probably already heard that.

Anyway, for a shameless self-cest, this was surprisingly well-written. I mean, I usually don't comment on clopfics, but I felt compelled to say "Great job"!

So, indeed. Great job!

I consider this to be a thinking man's clop. Ever since I played Bioshock Infinite, I've found Schrodinger theory and quantum mechanics to be very fascinating subjects. It's brilliant how, in this clop, it wasn't just a simple matter of one character bringing in a distaff counterpart. There's more science to it than that.

Further, your buildup was good, and while your descriptions were rather basic, you made up for it with a lot of positions and orgasms. Rainbow Dash's casual approach was spot on, while Twilight and Dusk Shine sharing the same thoughts and approaches was an expected yet clever touch.

If I were to change one thing, I'd recommend giving a bit more closure. If it were up to me, I would have had Dusk and Twilight kiss goodbye, and have them mention the possibility of calling each other again when they're feeling horny.

Otherwise, very good read. :twilightsmile:


And have another. That is a bloody good song.


I'm seeing a lot of compliments regarding this story, and they aren't about the clop itself... shit, that's surprising.

And onto the Read Later list you go.

Selfcest is, indeed, best cest. The first half was pretty powerfully hot. The second half, with Dash, felt more gratuitous, but hey, it's an excuse for a three-way, and in a straight-up clop story it's hard to go wrong that way.

I'm amused by the convergent evolution with Social Lubricant — Mane Six dinner party, cold open with drunk Rainbow Dash asking an inappropriate question, almost identical character reactions, similar descent into exploration — but where my story focuses on crack shipping and unpacking baggage, you just let Twilight have fun, and it's a darn fun ride. :twilightblush:

Edit: Also 3870294 this. Very well done with Twi and Dusk's interactions and the parallel universe banter.

Not often I read clopfics, and of the ones I have read, this is by far the most well-written one. It's also the only one wherein the phrase 'go fuck yourself' seems to have been the sole idea for its creation, making it that much more awesome.:rainbowkiss:

On a completely different note, I actually understood Dusk when he mentioned the amplituhedron and could visualize said four-dimensional object.:twilightsmile: If either PInkie Pie or Bubble Berry heard the word, they'd probably know it instantly, seeing as they decimate the Forth Wall on a regular basis.

Well, that was quite a story.

3870294 Yeah... I've noticed a strange fixation on quantum theory in some of my non-clop projects, too. The funny thing about this is that I can now say I had to do research to write clop.

And about the ending, I actually intended to leave it without closure. There was a bit of an implicit message there. You might notice that Twilight not only sent Dusk home when they were obviously getting attached, but destroyed a possible avenue for getting him back.

I'll leave that open to interpretation.

3870378 And yes, the second part was entirely gratuitous. I can't argue with that at all.

... Now I want to read the other half of this story. :rainbowlaugh:

Very well done. The story captures and conveys the personalities of the focus characters well and it is much better written, not just in a general aspect but in a story-wise as well, than many other clopfics.

Also it was pretty hot which is generally a plus.

I really do wonder how exactly things played out in Dusk's dimension, since it is shown that though things went down similarly, it wasn't completely identical.

I'd figured that they would play Dungeons and Dragons... Really turn up the heat.

Oh my yes...

Self-cest done very, very well.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Okay. this needs to e made into a tale of a difficult inter-dimensional romance. Please? Preferably with more monogamy, but I won't judge.

You get all the points for bringing the amplituhedron into this. :twistnerd:

This story just proves you can get away with anything as long as you say it's "for science".

Definitely an awesome story :twilightsmile:

->"And then they had sex."<-


Hmm, It would be better without Rainbow Dash joining them later on. But that is just my opinion.

your avatar picture is very....I cant say cute because of my masculinity but that's the word I would go for

Personally, I'm rather surprised that Dusk didn't opt to stay. When you think about it, the Dusk that Twilight summoned wasn't the "real" Dusk, he was a copy. The real Dusk Shine was still in the Rule 63 dimension with the copy of Twilight that he had summoned. So... unless there's something I'm missing, him staying in Equestria Prime wouldn't have actually damaged anything.

...It's now my headcanon that Dusk teleported away at the last second in order to explore Equestria Prime.

Folks who are truly secure in their masculinity would never be afraid to call something cute. (Just joshing ya, no harm meant ^_^)

For those of you asking what happened when Blitz walked in on Twilight and Dusk, I'll outline it here. They sat down and had a quiet game of Go Fish. Then, when that got boring, they put the cards away, looked at each other with fire in their eyes...

And pulled out Monopoly. And then, when Twilight was about to land on Boardwalk, which Dusk had placed a fancy new hotel on, she vanished, much to their frustration.

I could see this turning into a really funny sequel/prequel goddamn it's so weird when things happen at once.

You know what, I'm not even gonna try here: Pentacle rape. There, I said it! :ajbemused:

So I mostly just read this because I have had similar discutions with friends. This turned out to be far better a story than I was expecting and I honestly would love to see some sort of sequel. Not just for the sex aspect of it, it was truly well written and if she managed it once there is a fair chance she will do it again.

Just for science Twi?:ajsmug:

I THINK NOT!:rainbowlaugh:

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