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Rainbow Dash saved Spike from a dragon attack--and paid for it dearly. Now she's severely scarred on one half of her body, in constant pain, and unable to fly, and she becomes a recluse in her own house. Spike feels guilty but helpless, and recent ex-marefriend Applejack is determined to get her out of her house and back to normal.
But when you take everything away from a pony, how can you expect her to ever be normal again?

Special thanks to DbzOrDie for ideas for, support of, and general pestering until the completion of this story.

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:pinkiesad2::fluttercry::applecry: Damn you Garble.

Also when are you going to do loving in the sunlight fighting in the moonlight again?

Amazing story cant wait for chapter 2

When the ideas come… :twilightsheepish: but don't worry, that one is definitely not abandoned.

Well, crap. That was a feels train I hadn't planned on boarding, but now that I have I can't say I plan on disembarking any time soon. Your premise is riveting, and I look forward to seeing how you take us through this story. You really went for broke with the injuries, and while it made me wince a bit to read about them (the intention, I'm guessing) I'm glad you did, because it adds a whole 'nother side to the usual "Rainbow recovery" narrative.

So yeah, this is shaping up to be really interesting. I hope Rainbow can regain some semblance of a normal, or at least happy, life and come to terms with her new appearance, and realize that the people around her still care even if the beginning was a bit bumpy. Thanks for sharing, and I eagerly await the next installment. :twilightsmile:

Aww she is so cute, ever her scars are rainbow.

Why is it RD that always get injured! great story by the way, but whyyyyyyyy?! :fluttercry:

really enjoyed this in the contest, bahatumay! Good to see it posted so you can get comments on it. Gives me a kick to give it another read through too.

Ol' RD's really put through the wringer on this one...

Incomplete... you mean the story isn't over... um... okay... I think I need a hug.:fluttershysad:
Edit - Ohhh.. okay, you didn't post all of what was in the G-doc, that's why its incomplete. I get it now. :facehoof:

If this was SpikeDash I would have loved this ten times more, but nope its another run of the mill appledash. As if we do not have enough of those. :ajbemused:

I love the creatitvity and originality of this story. The detail was amazing but I can't help but wonder where Rarity was during all of this. :rainbowderp: and if you want a editor for this story then I would be happy to do it. I'm eagerly waiting the next chapter .:raritystarry:

Who would anyone ship Dash and Spike? They barely interact in the series. Plus he's like half her age. AppleDash make way more sense.


As much I like to debate I will not start a flame war. But I will say this, Spike is a Dragon.

Feels! Oh, the feels! But I loved the story!!! I can't wait to read more!!! :pinkiehappy:

I was looking for a new Appledash read, and saw this as a popular story. From what I get so far, I'd say you did a pretty darn good job at pulling me in. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

3707560 You can't say he's half her age, you simply have no proof. If anything, it appears that he's more 4-5 years younger than her because Twilight got him at around that age, and she and her friends are around the same age.
And fanfictions can make up any bullshit reason to ship 2 characters, even if they have little to no interaction in the show. Look at Gilda for example. She has shipfics while she was nothing but negative to everyone in the show. To me, that seems less likely that a Spike shipping.

3706724 Because she's the worst character.

No inciting flame wars in comments! :flutterstare:


That's boring. You're boring.


Isn't that Celestia, doe?

Rarity would never be able to sta in the same room with Dash in her disfigured state without going into a fashion coma. You should know this.

3709138 Nope worst character is Rainbow Dash.

3709207 hahaha. But still she should be in there with her friend.

How? She's objectively the best character. Any flaws you can find are just because you jelly.

unable to fly, and she becomes a recluse in her own house

Uhh, if she can't fly how is she able to get into her house to become a recluse? Her house is up in the sky, she needs to fly to get to it. :rainbowhuh:

3709348 Watch the Daring Don't episode. See how the element of loyalty abandons Daring Do, and needs encouragement from her friends to go back and BE LOYAL.
She's weak I tell you, WEAK.
I also don't really like how she handled the whole Gilda situation, among other things, like how she's rude and arrogant.
Spike could replace her in being the element of loyalty.

Spike could replace them all.


3709453 kay, that doesn't count. she was not exactly realizing how serious the situation is there.

and no, she is strong. there is nothing stronger than the one who will abandon their dreams for what is right.

Yeh, but she was the only who had the balls to follow Daring Doo on her dangerous quest. She was feeling inadequate in front of her idol. Its completely understandable that she would react like that, Anyone would.The Mane Six were just shoehorned into what should've been a Rainbow Dash centric episode.

What isn't excusable is Spike showing what a fuck-up he is because of the SHITTIEST of reasons. Owe a debt to Applejack? Forget things you've done since season 1. He is simply a background character who can't accept his role (Dragon Quest, Power Ponies) but whose uselessness will ALWAYS be apparent.
Also, he's a greedy little bastard.

Gilda? The bitch who got high strung because of PRANKS? Anyone who "sympathizes" with such a weak hearted bird are just as spineless as she is. Dash was just cutting dead weight. No need to hang out with a noob who can't take a joke.

(Man, I love causin drama)

3709525 Spike is only like that because the writers have yet to get their shit together and decide on a personality...and because they cannot grasp how unique a character he is. When Lauren Faust conceived his place in the show, she put him in a ambiguously complicated situation - one that could potentially make him the most interesting character in the series - without even realizing it. The only thing holding back his potential is the staff's ignorance of the dramatic goldmine they have in him.

…am I the only one wondering why people are discussing shipping Spike on an AppleDash story? I mean, spoilers he shows up more later in the story, but still.

sorry, just threw up a little in my mouth

3709493 How does that not count? She ABANDONED Daring. No matter what the situation, she's the element of loyalty. She should never abandon her friends.

3709525 Gilda wasn't just high-strung because of pranks. She hadn't seen her best friend in years, so when she discovered that Rainbow Dash had new friends, she understandably wasn't happy. She felt threatened, and developed an intense dislike for Pinkie Pie that grew as she was who she thought was pranking her. Gilda was confused, and she felt betrayed.
In Power Ponies, everyone DID think Spike was rather useless. However, instead of turning his back on those who needed help, and being LOYAL to his friends *ahem Rainbow Dash ahem* he went into the villain lair unequipped and outnumbered, and pulled off a super ballsy rescue. Spike's a bit of a wildcard. Twilight needs him. He's like her little brother(that she treats like a slave, but whatever), he takes care of her. He's her oldest friend, excluding her brother. If Spike were to suddenly be gone from the show, Twilight would be lost. He may be a bit of a background character, but he's a very important one.
So far, the only time we've seen Spike being legitimately greedy was with the greed growth episode. He's actually not greedy other than that. He works almost tirelessly for Twilight and Rarity, and participates in public events such as being the announcer for the Running of the Leaves.


Maybe its because Spike is rarely shipped? While with AppleDash there is a story for it at LEAST once every page if you tagged Rainbow and Romance in the filter box. I mean don't get me wrong I love the concept of the story, it just that I see the pairing every few stories that I've gotten really tired of it real fast. While with spike there is only like 70 stories for SpikeDash and there was a small hope for me that the fic was SpikeDash but it died when I saw the character tags. But I can't hate it for that since its no one fault except for me for getting my hopes up because it had BIG potential for a SpikeDash story. But this is not my story so I really can't do anything about it.

Better than getting brain damaged, at least. Besides, App'Jack was probably worried about hurting Dash.
Pretty good story, though I think the concept of finding yourself after losing what defined you didn't need a romantic subplot.

Look at the character tags. Good, now look at the story tags. Do you see Romance? Yes? Good.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't go to stories, expecting a ship, not getting said ship, complaining about the lack of that ship and bad-mouthing the ship that the author likes.

Kids these days, ye gods.

Oh, poor Dash. Poor AJ. I hope that they figure this out sooner, rather than later.:applecry:

Well, this may be the most cliched thing in the world, but..."Love conquers all", they say. I hope it does for AJ and Dash, and that AJ can convince Rainbow that she is not a monster.:ajbemused::applecry:

Can't wait for the next chapter to see what's gonna happen!:ajsmug::twilightsmile:

I want more and I want it now plz!

:rainbowkiss: is not a monster

I don't understand all the drama over scars... I mean, my girlfriend has a huge scar on her face and I think that it makes her even more beautiful.


I did say I liked the concept, no?


I agree with you too, I think its makes them more mysterious. Kinda like battle wounds for example.

3713306 Inner Beauty is the most important thing.

Yeah, she should:raritycry:

I like this, cant wait for more:twilightsmile:

Now this is a truly beautiful story of real love. I like how instead of the asshole marefriend being the one dating the victim the asshole marefriend is the victim and I feel bad on all fronts though I have to say.... that mask kicked flank.

Well, after seeing this my first thought was of Hanako from Katawa Shoujo. However, it's pretty clear due to Rainbow's personality this is going to be quite different.
Still, after being brutally scarred, fiction normally determines they become either an introvert, or a renegade. I'm quite interested in seeing just how this develops.
I really like this story so far. This premise is definitely of very high potential.
Although you might want to configure your tags a little more. This reads a bit Sad to me.

Yes! Exactly! However...she holds in all her anger until "that time of the month" and then she explodes. Soooo, I wonder how she got it...:pinkiecrazy:

Haven't read it yet, but I'd still like to say:

It's so amazing!!!!
Poor Scoots...:scootangel:

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