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Many scholars have argued over the most important issues known to pony kind. These intellectual debates will forever shape the very essence of importance and knowledge.

This is not an example of those debates.

Spike and Twilight get into an argument about the pronunciation of the word “water”

Written for the One-Shotober Challenge. ONLY THE STRONGEST WILL PROGRESS

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I say it 'walter', but only because it annoys my boyfriend. :duck:

Simply hilarious! I pronounce it "waa-ter". Which is...the way it is pronounced. Right?

Anyway,Have a waterlogged Spike:

I am saying "wah-ter", but in American place I am at is say "wooder!" Is all different with accent!

I am like story, very cute!

This was actually really well written. You get a like and fave.

This fanfic completely fails to get it right. It's so wrong it's not even funny.

Derpy's a deliverymare, not a mailmare.:trollestia:


Wadder. Wadder. See? Water.

Holy Shit Soundspeed just read my fic

Itsˈ(wȯ-tər orˈwä-tər) according to Merriam Webster online. H2o and you are good to go.

I actually say it like Spike, although my phonetics teacher says it "wooder" (I wanted to write about rhotic and non-rhotic accents, but probably no one would care anyway :twilightsheepish:)

Relevant vid is relevant:

or pony version:

and am i the only one that just pronounces it wa-ter? (or wah-ter, spelling doesn't really change it)

That ending sold it for me. Most excellent.

Just thought I should point a few things out:

She rose from her seat, now if you’ll

Forgot to separate the dialogue from the narration

Make sure to was

Forgot an "h" at the end of wash

Not trying to nag. A fic this great shouldn't have such mistakes.
"Way-ter" Oh, that Derpy! :derpytongue2:

There's a video like this online. It has Derpy, Twilight and some other pony. I can't remember what it was called, though. One line was "You're gonna shoot me if I shoot myself? That doesn't even make any sense!" Please tell me if you know what I'm talking about.


I do. It's linked in the comments below.

3416528 Thank you! I looked and found it!

Say it right:
Wah Ter, wahter, water
Not WAY ter or WAR ter* (*wtf? People really say that?) it's wah-ter

This is a very interesting debate, however I am from Baltimore and we say water a little differently.
Yeah it even sounds strange to me.

the dictionary.com pronunciation of it is "wot-er". though i say it more with a "wod-er" instead of a t. :pinkiehappy:

and dat fireman!!


This is amazing

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