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When Discord uncovers a plot against Equestria, the Spirit of Mischief must ask himself some important questions. What does he want in life? Can a being of destruction truly be reformed? And is someone like him capable of love?

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Wonderful! Concept's an interesting one! :derpytongue2:

I like, can't wait for more.

Hmm, this seems interesting. Discord wants to get revenge for the boring life he now has. This... shall be an interesting read.

Interesting. I would be very grateful if you made some more of this astounding story. Thank you.

This story shows quite a bit of promise so far compared to a lot of others I've read through lately. I hope to be able to read more of your work in the near future. :twilightsmile:

A (possible) Dislestia story with both personalities acting in character? What a wonderful rare gem I've stumbled upon for my favorite pairing! Can't wait for more!

Celestia kinda acting like a bitch and I hate to talk bad about ether princesses.

Celestia needs to get over herself. Discord saves her and she basically keeps him a prisoner when not treating him like a weapon. So unfair to the poor guy. Although the moon pie was hilarious.

"You mean that Flash Sentry guy?" Discord groaned. "The guy has the personality of a doorknob."

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: It's so true.

Hmm... I like it:pinkiesmile: more soon please

Hmmmm... interesting... I mean, yeah. I can see Chyrsalis looking for revenge, but I don't see Equestira fighting against the changeling. You might try to add a level of realism to the story, but it just feels extremely jaring and out of place. Nor do I think that the changeling would simply reveal themself like that at all. I mean sure, it helps give you the conflict, but seriously. If the Equestiran's where fighting against the changeling's. They would develop a system and/or magic to be able to detect changeling's and would be on a high enough alert level so no changeling would ever be able to sneak into the castle so easily.

As for Celesita, she is being a bit too harsh on Discord. I mean sure, the leash I understand for his propation. But I don't like how she seemed to treat him a bit like a pet... I hope she comes and apogolizes in the next chapter. I'll follow for now... but not like.


I understand your concerns, but...

The reason the changeling was able to infiltrate the castle will be addressed further in the story.

Same goes for Celestia's attitude. She and Discord had a very complicated history.

I still don't like it... it was very quick and jarring. I mean, we don't know why there is a fight in the first place? Why is Equestira fighting the changeling's at all?

And I'm just going to hope Celestia apologize to Discord, it was very rude for her. Yes, she has a history with Discord, but from what I know of her, that wouldn't stop her.


Equestria is fighting the changelings because they attacked an extremely friendly country.

If China attacked England, America would be all in the battle.

And... this doesn't seem to be clear in the story.


I kind of thought it was self explanatory....:twilightsheepish:

Well, it could be guessed with the whole Chrysalis hating the Griffon's thing. But to me at least, its not exactly the clearest thing in the world... and honestly, it needs to be specified early on, like during the mention of the paperwork. In my opinion.

Discord frowned. “Well it’s not like I’ve had a whole episode talking about my rehabilitation into society....oh, wait a second...”

Mother of Celestia he broke the 4th wall easier than Pinkie would do!

:pinkiehappy: I am really liking it so far, I will be looking forward to part 3

Well... that push might lead to some redecorating I bet...

Well it’s not like I’ve had a whole episode talking about my rehabilitation into society....oh, wait a second...

Come season 4, he's going to be eating those words.

Gleaming Shield? Why is Rule 63 version of Shining Armor doing here? And why is she a guy?

Pinkie Pie is friends with the fourth wall. Discord has a collar and leash on it.


Is that really her name? I just made it up.

.... So, hyper-incompetant guard?

Great. EXACTLY what you want when your having a war with shape-shifters,

Screwball is certainally an interesting character...

god i love screwball... almost as amazing as pinkie pie.

I want to see a picture of that trainwreck of a mane cut.

Well Celestia and Discord just got....screwed over.

When is the next chapter going to be published?! I need to know what happens next :pinkiecrazy:

I must say good writing, but...I don't really like the way you make Celestia act, she is one of my fav characters and to tell the truth, I don't like her in this story she is very grumpy. :fluttercry:

Bravo, sir, good chapter this time 'round!

Oh good... It turns out that he's actually not dead. I'm pleased to hear more is on the way!

His assumption was correct. Prince Blueblood; in all his douchebagginess, stood in the center of the courtyard.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: FAVORITE LINE OF THE STORY SO FAR!

i love it plz do more and send me more plz i need MORE :flutterrage:

Entertaining story. Keep it coming!:twilightsmile:

Are you diyng or somthing

Well, we're all dying after all; especially from an immortal's perspective.

Please make more.


That line is made of yes!

YES! SO much yes! She's as big a troll as Discord is!

Seriously Discord, what could go wrong?:ajbemused: And here I thought you were Genre Savvy.

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