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This was kind of like Pattycakes except way more disturbing and with a surprising plot twist towards the end. The most disturbing thing I've ever read and yet I can't downvote it. This has to be a fic where I truely just don't know what to feel. :twilightoops:

I loved it! Loved the twist at the end!!! Haha awesome!

Haha I was wondering when you'd get around to posting this Conflicted. Just like when I first read it, I enjoyed it:moustache:

I still love reading this story even after the 12th time

....I was only asleep for 16 hours.....Why do I miss everything?

Oh god, I remember skimming through this from a 4chan pastebin.

Well, I made you feel something. that's good, right?

Glad you had fun. :twilightsmile: Even is I feel weird for posting this. ._.




Because unfortunate circumstances. :I



If this was on 4chan, someone posted this without telling me. :flutterrage:

loved it till the end :twilightblush: Is there any chance of another story or a sequel???:twilightblush:

Why is this happening! Dx My faith in humanity, gone from people enjoying this!

But maybe. :twilightblush:

*blink* This was intended as a parody?

Um, hate to break it to you, Conflicted Writer, but it appears that you've accidentally made a legitimately good clopfic. :twilightblush:

I knew someone would eventually write a good story in this category, but I certainly didn't expect it would be you. Apparently you didn't either! At any rate, obligatory "moar plz" and a vague offer to field ideas or preread if you ever try this again. This was brilliantly-executed, I never would have guessed you had legitimately never been interested or involved in this stuff before.

Well, I'm glad I could appease. :twilightblush:

If you're going to write a story, do it right, you know? And now I know it's not a paradoy, except in the end. :P

You'll also be happy to know a part 2 will be along shortly~ Paid for, again. So you can look forward to that~ Please stay tuned, and I'm glad my padded pony stories, regardless of content, make people happy~

for a comedy tag there sure wasn't a lot of funny moments.....

Now this resembled strongly the Pattycakes. Manipulation, breaking a will, submission... Until the moment of Luna's avowal,
Mighty strange was it. :ajbemused:

..........….............. Alrighty, then. Sure. Good read.

Strange is what we do to pay back friends who help you through times of hardship. Meant to be a silly parody. Hopefully my next tale will have enough snuggly cuddles to make up for this.

3310920 Is not about the snuggles or cuddles. It was just my personal opinion on the matter, and I apologize for bringing in that straightforward and harsh.

Don't worry about it, really. To be honest, I get a little nauseous when I think about how I was the one who wrote it. As I said, though, when you owe someone and want to make them happy...

I never had time to write a direct review of this story but I will now, I really quite enjoyed it! I give it about a 9/10 to be exact. The writing was really well descriptive, and I like how well immersed I got in Twilight's mindset which gave the short story an almost meta humor. The Conflicted Writer once again was able to deliver a well timed and divisive story that had little or no grammatical errors and did a suspended job of portraying Twilight's subconscious into her dream. My only gripe is I feel like Twilight should have resisted a little bit more at first, or at least had a minor escape that ultimately failed. Overall I really enjoyed the story, and I can't wait for another :twilightsmile:

I guess I shouldn't trust my first instincts on things like stories written by you.

Sorry I said I never would read it.

I loved this story. I chuckled a lot at the end when i realized the dream was her own desires. But i found this through a link, why isn't it still in padded ponies list? :twilightsmile:

Not a bad story at all, but it did get confusing at some points, such as the dress and how that was changing. I'd work on your descriptions more, but other than that I thought this was pretty good. :twilightsheepish:

Well at least it's not 120 days of blue blood disturbing

I like the story and I demand a sequal now!:flutterrage:

This was a great story. It flowed well, and the way the descriptions of what was going on easily mixed with what Twilight was feeling made it feel natural. The only thing I don't like is how Luna spoke at the end. I'm no language buff, so I don't know the details of how Old English was spoken, but there were a few things that bothered me. Normally I wouldn't bring it up since it just has to do with the last part, but if you intend to make a sequel and have Luna speak like that then this could be useful.

First, while it looks like Luna is insisting on using the Royal 'We', she slips up and says 'I' when saying the phrase "I mean". Easy to overlook since it's a phrase we use often without thinking about but it should probably be "We mean". Second is her use of 'thee' and 'thou'. They both mean 'you', but I believe that thou is used to address people and typically appears in the beginning of a sentence while thee is usually part of the predicate, after something has been said. For example:

“Though, if We did things the way thee desired, thee wouldn’t have a say, would thee?” Luna’s grin was a bit more sure as she plucked a diaper out of the box.

The first thee in this sentence is correct because it modifies a subject "We". The second thee should actually be a thou because it is addressing Twilight as a subject followed by a predicate. The third thee, being part of the predicate of the second thee's subject, is also used correctly. While this sentence is mostly correct, most of your usages of thee were in the parts where thou should have been used. The last thing that I noticed was that she used the word 'your'. While there is nothing wrong with this, if you want Luna's speech to be as close to authentic as you can get it, then there are the words 'thy' and 'thine'. I think they are used in roughly the same way as thou and thee, respectively.

Luna huffed. “The next time thee feels it is acceptable to invade Our dreams and force Us to help you live out your lewd fantasies, at least have the decency to pick up your toys.”

So in this sentence the first 'your' would be a 'thy', while the second one would be a 'thine'.

I realize that I am nitpicking here, but like I said earlier, if you do make a sequel and have Luna speak in Old English like she did here, some detail-minded people like me might have some trouble reading her lines. Not trying to cause trouble, but Luna's speech is a bit of a thing for me in fanfiction. That said, I enjoyed this story very much, and am greatly looking forward to more if you decide to continue.

Haven't even read it yet and I've already well :pinkiecrazy:


I loved every line, I can't wait for more AFDL (Adult Filly Diaper Love)

I wish I had more to say to your wonderful review, but I am glad you enjoyed it, and all your critiques are appreciated. ^_^

Glad you enjoyed~

“The next time thee feels it is acceptable to invade Our dreams and force Us to help you live out your lewd fantasies, at least have the decency to pick up your toys.” Best line I have ever read in any story ever.

3659303 can you do the sequel for "Twilight And Rarity Go To The Spa" now?!

I've been waiting for so, SOOOO long now.

I hope you can forgive me when I say this, but I consider this my least favorite of your fanfics that I've read so far.

You could argue that I was taking it more seriously than I was supposed to, but the way it was written made it difficult for me not to take it seriously, to clarify.

That so-called 'twist' where Twilight was apparently the actual one controlling the dream I feel didn't actually add-up because the way I see it, actually raises more questions than answers, you could argue I don't understand kink as much as most readers here, but here are some questions I felt this story didn't properly answer:

1) If Twilight was in control of the dream, why would she want to dream herself into a position where she's 'forced' into a position where she's helpless and practically immobile? And if she did, how wouldn't she know about it from the get-go? I'd think it would've been more in-character of her if she already knew she was putting this on herself and was just going along with it.

2) Why would Twilight dream of Spike, Rarity and other ponies acting in ways she knows would be out-of-character for them? The fanfic itself acknowledged that the actual Spike wouldn't act indifferent or apathetic toward Twilight's apparent 'situation' and the 'Dream Rarity' acted almost like she didn't even recognize Twilight despite the fact Twilight knows Rarity has known her for years and an in-character Rarity would've at very least been surprised to see Twilight in this situation.

I know the whole thing was supposed to be a dream, but from a story standpoint, I like to think there's surely a way this could've written to feel less contrived, you've been much better with 'Pinky Dinky Pie' and 'Puny Purple Pony' and while they aren't clopfics, they did at least put the characters in question (Pinkie and Twilight, respectively) into ABDL scenarios that made more sense and even did so in ways that felt more in-character for all those involved.

Conflicted Writer, I like your stories, but I'm sorry to say I don't see this story as one of your stronger works.


If Twilight was in control of the dream, why would she want to dream herself into a position where she's 'forced' into a position where she's helpless and practically immobile?

Why would Twilight dream of Spike, Rarity and other ponies acting in ways she knows would be out-of-character for them?

Clearly, you know little about fetishes. Lots of people fantasize about both these things, being helpless and having others treat them in a way they can't control. It's just something strange about people. I wrote this for a dear friend, so it's catered to some of his tastes.


I see, bizarre, but okay.

To each their own, I guess.

though I still hope you understand when I say I still favor some of your other works over this story.

You have no idea how much I love this fic. :pinkiehappy:

I can't believe how many of my kinks it hits. Let's review:

Thickening diaper? Check.
Heavy use of baby paraphernalia? Check.
Bondage progressing to total helplessness? Check.
Unwillingness, appropriate punishment and humiliation? Check.
Eventual acceptance and "enjoyment"? Check.

A few spelling mistakes to deplore, but not enough to break my immersion.
Oh, and also you forgot to mention Twilight's wings after the time where she gets her spreader bar. One would thing that her straitjacket dress would have included some wing bindings as well (not that they were really important here anyway). But really I can't find anything else wrong in this story.

I also appreciated that you kept the diaper use on the light side (not my favorite part of the diaper fetish, I must admit, although I usually tolerate wetting and light messing, like here).
And don't get me started on the twist at the end. Seriously, I have yet to find a fetish fic that's as enjoyable as yours (and I honestly don't get why it isn't featured in any of the AB/DL groups like your other fics).

It's just a shame that you don't write anymore.

I don't know weather to say what I like dislike or what. sigh:applejackunsure: Great story missing the sex tag , romance tag ,and dark tag. Needs a sequel .

I like the story idea a lot but I think you went too far. Towards the end things went from kinky to just ridicules.

What makes this story great is how much Twilight tries to deny her feelings. This makes sense for her, too, as she has given herself some very lofty standards, fears failure, and does everything she can to prevent failure from happening.

Twilight carrying this much stress may make her unknowingly desire the events in which Luna had to partake in during the dream. I'm certain the 'desires' have been there but, being logical, Twilight would immediately dismiss them. Through not acknowledging her urges, Ms. Sparkle only made them greater as the perceived control over them added further stress on top of all the other stress she has placed upon herself.

Something noteworthy is how you wrote Pinkie desiring to be coddled, snuggled, and looking to be 'mothered'. This makes sense for Pinkie given her personality. Twilight, on the other hoof, would prefer more of a challenge as, deep down, she knows she's putting herself under a lot of stress but has no way to stop herself from endlessly obsessing on meeting the perceived standards placed upon her. The only way Twilight could find relaxation would be if some pony did what Luna did in the dream for her. this being to bind her so she could notpartake in her endless quest for perfection and validation.

What would be fun to think on is if Twili ever does come to understand what Spike and Celestia have been telling her for years. This being to relax a bit more, feel okay in making mistakes, and not having to eternally impress others to achieve validation.

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