• Published 24th Aug 2013
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Fallen From Grace - The Grimm Reaper

Twilight has failed as a princess and her Alicorn status has been stripped away from her.

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4. Find Me

The Everfree Forest practically thrived on the oncoming massacre that was about to happen. The trees seemed thicker, and even closer together than they were before. The girls hadn't felt this familiar feeling of impending doom within the Everfree since the Nightmare Moon incident. Having grown up near the forest, Fluttershy and Applejack both felt the disturbance closing in on them. They were being watched, what was worse, they were being followed.

This knowledge did them little good as they found themselves trapped in a line of trees. "I don't believe this! Why did Twilight have to come here of all places? It's hard enough finding Zecora's hut in here, but this?" Rainbow shouted to nopony in particular.

"You wouldn't be saying that if you weren't hurt by what she said to us last time, darling." Rarity replied with a hint of indifference to the situation. Rainbow Dash's ears folded back at the statement. She was hurt, in her mind maybe irreparably so. Dash didn't like to admit it, but her mental well-being depended greatly on her friends' opinion of her, and to have Twilight of all ponies just drop her like a rock was agonizing.

"How do we even know that she'll give us answers? She was pretty clear she was done with us." the Pegasus asked, slumping to the ground.

"Cause that filly owes us answers. We've done a lot for her since the day we met, an' I'll be darned if we're not gonna collect on answers from her." AJ replied with a fiery determination in her eyes. Like Rainbow Dash, she was hurt by Twilight's words in a way unique to her personality. Being the Element of Honesty, she just couldn't bring herself to believe that what Twilight said was the truth. She had to be lying, and AJ wouldn't rest until she found out the truth.

"But is that all we want from her, answers?" Fluttershy asked, drawing in a silence that was deafening. Cruelty wasn't alien to Fluttershy. She'd been surrounded by variations of it throughout most of her life, but she was never the true victim of cruelty until Twilight. Gilda was mean, but Twilight was cruel. It broke her heart.

"What do you mean, Fluttershy?" Pinkie Pie asked. Normally, she'd be bouncing around as giddy as ever, but the situation did not call for such actions. Never in her entire life had Pinkie lost a friend. She would remember that day as the worst day of her life. Even in death, friendships can last forever, but when somepony severs the ties of friendship, it's different. Pinkie was left wondering what she did wrong.

"She means are we also trying to get her back." Rarity replied. Rarity's pain was perhaps the most devastating of them all. Unlike the others, the Fashionista reserved a small amount of hatred for Twilight. She'd spent the last day seeing what Twilight had done destroy her Spike from the inside out. The pain plastered on that dragon's face tore Rarity's insides apart. She would not forgive Twilight so easily as the others.

"Are we?" Pinkie asked. There was a pause amongst the group once more.

Rainbow Dash was the first to respond. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't imagine life without her. We have to at least try to get her back." she replied. There was a chorus of agreements from everypony, save Rarity who remained silent. Nopony among them noticed.

The conversation was broken by a low growling noise, one Applejack was all to familiar with. "Oh no. We strayed too far West. We're in the Timberwolves' territory!" she cried, earning panicked cries from the others. As if to prove her point, several Timberwolves emerged from the shadows.

"We're trapped. The trees are too thick for Fluttershy and me to fly out, let alone carry another pony." Dash said.

"We shoulda gone sooner!" Applejack said as the Timberwolves closed in for the kill. Everypony prepared to fight their way out of there.

Then a voice reached their ears, a voice that froze the Timberwolves in their tracks. They hadn't smelled, nor sensed another presence beyond those five ponies, yet something had made itself aware to them. "I'm afraid even then you would've wound up in a similar situation. You've been in their territory for half an hour now. You're lucky they didn't attack earlier." Everypony recognised the voice to be hers. The pony they were out looking for. Twilight emerged from between the trees behind them, walking to the front of the group. She wore her cloak with the hood down. They couldn't quite pinpoint it, but she seemed different, less emotionless than before. She actually had a smirk on her face.

"Twilight?!" the mares said in unison.

"So, seven Timberwolves and Six ponies... Care to even the odds, Zero?" Twilight called out. AJ and the others wondered who she was talking to when another pony clad in a cloak identical to her own dropped from the treetops onto a Timberwolf, killing it instantaneously. "Six on six... better." she continued.

"How did you find us?" Fluttershy asked.

"Wasn't that hard, actually. Kinda got a network going through here. Eyes and ears and all that." she replied.

Zero, after having dispatched the first Timberwolf went on to the next. He took it out with ease. It wasn't until the third was gone, the remaining four even noticed he was there. They charged him all at once. Over the snarling, he heart Twilight mutter something about the six on six being null and void.

In a motion quicker than the eye could follow, he used his metal magic to take down all four Timberwolves before they even touched him. They fell to the ground before him. It had been a while since Zero had felt a sense of accomplishment. He figured that having saved Twilight's friends would put him in their good books. He retreated into the shadows after hearing two words followed by a sound he knew all too well.

Twilight was caught off guard as she turned to face her friends. Rarity was the first to reach her, but instead of an embrace, like she expected, she heard two words come from her mouth. "You bitch!" the declaration was followed by a hard smack to the face.

Author's Note:

So after nearly a year of nothing in the way of updates here, some of you are probably thinking:

It may not be much, but it's something.

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Rarity: " you bitch" *slap* and all hell breaks loose.

Honestly, I don't think Rarity would say that regardless of the situation.

XIII reminds me of Black Cat (anime)

4520226 no organization XIII

4520306 Yeah I'm just saying lol

Interesting. . . I'm keeping my eye on this

A decision that was really bad for Equestria's economy ? Was it Tia or Twi' who took it ?

Well after re-reading the entire story I am left with a cliff hanger FTW
Oh well if you keep updating I will be happy

As long as the story continues more frequently, I shalt be appeased. I read like the heavens are about to fall if I can't make a pile of stories for it to rest on.

3193813 You will notice a similar pattern in most dark fics that drag down a main protagonist: all sense of reason, logic, characterization, and natural progression is thrown out the window to get the character into a low position as quickly as possible so he'she can start slaughtering her former friends/allies.

Short cliffhanger (shortest chapter in story) after hiatus. Meh. I hope the story and updates pick up.

*Raises computer in the air like Simba* UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teacher: Now if you'd please sit down, we can begin.

Grimm, I suspect that this story is far more detailed in your head than in your words.

In the author's notes for one of your chapters chapter 2, you ask "Ooh, right in the feels, yes?"
No. Not in the feels. Twilight's actions feel more like a temper tantrum than anything else.
In your head, you've spent a lot of time figuring out what Twilight would feel. In the story, you've established little more than "Twilight is angry".

If Twilight would've thought everything through, she wouldn't be left with that suprise. Life's not all sugar and rainbows.

4521154 I think the same thing. Rarity has doomed herself.

Want more.
Still have no idea what Zero's cutie mark is.

So. If I understand correctly. The basic premise is that the two of them left Twilight in charge and forgot to tell her about some absolutely essential things(such as the Gryphon King's tendency to throw tantrums). He then commits an act of war by sending his soldiers to attack Manehattan.

And thusly, in order to save face and crush that nasty democracy, they throw Twilight under the bus? How do they get from 'The Gryphon King attacked our country because he fails at diplomacy' to 'This is all Twilight's fault'? How does that help allay fears that the Sisters can protect them? What it does is show that they're obviously too spineless to respond to an outright act of war.

This would logically be the stupidest possible response. They throw away the pony who's save Equestria and the entire world four times(Chrysalis and Sombra would definitely start aggressive campaigns of expansion and they had the tools to do it effectively) and then demonstrate that they'll do whatever the Gryphons want?

That does exactly what they're explicitly trying to avoid. They're showing Equestria and the entire world that they're incapable of defending themselves and are willing to weaken themselves further in order to pacify an aggressive force. If they wanted to demonstrate their ability to protect their people, they should have demanded reparations and, when refused, started turning Gryphon military installations into dust.

The first chapter could use some touch ups to demonstrate why Celestia and Luna are suddenly retarded. Interesting concept and a good read but it desperately needs more fleshing out to explain things.


"This can't be fixed with a few words, Luna! I yelled at her. I've never yelled at her before, never!"

Really Celestia? REALLY? You think that it was just you yelling at her that pissed her off?

Rarity is so not going the right way with things. Unless she bitch-slapped. Then it's all good.

4529763 I completely agree. The first chapter doesn't really make much sense

That's actually pretty interesting. Will gladly follow this story.

I really hope it won't be another "Twilight gets revenge against Celestia just because" or "Twilight is manipulated by evil forces into becoming an evil overlord" kind of story. Would really like to see some originality. :twilightsmile:

Basic revenge would do nothing.

Just ignore Celestia completely. Drop her like she dropped you, and maybe then she will understand just what you felt that day.

Then and only then...will you talk and so in no uncertain terms that she is nothing to you... :pinkiecrazy:

needs a tvtropes page

when will you update the story

5116203 Not sure. going through a rewrite atm.

5116521 ok just thought to ask since this is a good story so far
and hoping to read more

4529187 I thinknthat it said in one of the earlier chapters that it was a zero, like his name.

4521154 4526182 I'm thinking that, after what she did at the end of this chapter, she screwed things up for the other girls and Spike, not just herself.

'Cause Twilight's gonna read this is them failing her test and not wanting to remain her friends on her own terms, which is separate from being brought together by Celestia sending her and Spike to Ponyville in the first place.

'Cause who besides me thinks that Twilight won't give Applejack and the others a chance to explain things to them?

Put another: sh*t just majorly hit the fan with that slap and those words. For everypony.

5614768 "Don't think..."
Okay! :derpytongue2:

5116521 so hey, how's that rewrite going?

5915513 haven't really started yet.

5915593 darn. i'm actually still curious as to why you feel it needs a rewrite at all. it's a great read as, if i do say so myself.

5915617 I hit a dead end with the plot.

5915940 ah, well that's to bad. welp, good luck to you on the rest of your stories!

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Wow this is a great history, are you going to continue it?:pinkiehappy:
I like it a lot, it was one of the best stories that I had read :heart:

You have caught my interest in this.

Twilight was caught off guard as she turned to face her friends. Rarity was the first to reach her, but instead of an embrace, like she expected, she heard two words come from her mouth. "You bitch!" the declaration was followed by a hard smack to the face.

Now that wasn't ladylike.

Twilight is not mature enough to be left in charge of anything bigger than Ponyville and I say that with love. She overthinks, gets too emotional in other things, and does not always go to the other Element Ponies first to ask for help or advise. To me it seems there should be more backstory as to why in the heck they would leave Twi in charge of so much responsibility all by herself. But since its an old story, its really only a suggestion for anyone thinking of future stories like this. Does not really apply to this story.

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