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Twilight becomes Princess. Trixie doesn't cope very well.

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I love this. Goddammit I love this.

this looks like it could be an interesting little story.

I know about the 5 stages of Grief, which is basically the plotpoint of LoZ:Majora's Mask.


I know about the 5 stages of Grief, which is basically the plotpoint of LoZ:Majora's Mask.




Insult or not, that pic is colorful as hell.

Angry Joe has a new job offer for you, Trixie.

The Angry Army Wants You!


I didn't even notice because I'm completely colorblind.

It might not be topical, but it is hilarious.

Carry on.

If Trixie wanted attention, well, she's got it now.

:trixieshiftright: :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:
:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: :trixieshiftleft:

Spotted a few places where I think there's a word missing...?

At four refills in, the fizzing amber liquid barely even scorches her throat anymore.

It certainly wasn't because she wanted to rub your muzzle in how she’s a Princess...


And the sound of Trixie’s labored breathing echoes throughout the now silent ballroom, every pair of eyes focused on the sorceress, many with their jaws agape. In the center of it all, a little purple unicorn stares at her in horror, eyes glimmering with tears.

Should be Alicorn.

Otherwise, great job, and so hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Anger and hate... are supreme.

Nopony thinks the night can get any worse after that.
They are wrong.

For all the disharmony draws the focus of Discord, who reformed or not, his pranks and jokes are very underappreciated by the upper crust of Equestria. And lo, the mismatched prankster crashed the coronation, pies and cakes flying like arrows from his very will; Floods of punch and ale mix and writhe like oceans, as strange little beings float on the surface and sing: "Shoo-be-do, Shoo-shoo-be-do".

It's not topical, it's not common, but it certainly is an interesting idea. Out of everyone in the cast Trixie would be the one to take it the worst (probably, considering their meet up after the Alicorn Amulet incident).

3021437Indeed. The entire land of Termina is an allegory for the five stages of grief.

Clock Town - Denial that the moon is going to fall.
Woodfall - King Deku's Anger over the missing princess.
Snowhead - Darmani Bargaining to be brought back to life.
Great Bay - Lulu's Depression over her lost eggs.
lkana - the Garo Accepting that death is inevitable and not to be feared.

Googly-Eyed, Bobbing-Blue-Hoof Shaped Avatar of Her Conscience,

Come now its 'The Great and Powerful Googly-Eyed, Bobbing-Blue-Hoof Shaped Avatar of Her Conscience' or TGAPGEBBHSAHC for short.

"I was almost terminally corrupted by the Alicorn Amulet in my search for power and Twilight has it given to her on a silver platter?! Princess?! HER?!"

Poor Trix. :raritycry:

3032916 Indeed It did My little Pony. Indeed it did.

(In her defense, the plan to steal the Element of Magic and drop the moon on Sparkle’s head had been proceeding swimmingly, until some twit with an ape fetish had attempted and botched the same thing last week).

At least she has the decency of not saying "monkey".

Rainbow is more concerned with the fact that her hooves are now cloven and she seems to be belching fire.

And so Dash became Equestria´s Dante.


Well that escalated quickly.

Boy. That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hoof fast.

Rainbow Dash might want to get that looked at. That can't be healthy.

Glamour, eh? Seems appropriate.

Not double-checking the contract, Nightmare? Well, just goes to show:

Whether you're an amazing and electrifying stage personality, or an ancient, elder itch evil from beyond the veil of time, you can still be a chump.

Was that a Do Not Serve These Ponies reference?

Much as I do like that fiction, no; no references to anybody else in this story.


Okay then. So was that particular mention for something else you're writing/have written?

Heh. No, not that either. It's actually the plot of Equestria Girls, for the most part. Whereas Sunset Shimmer wants the Element of Magic because of evil reasons, Trixie just wants it to lob a big enough rock at Twilight.


I still don't fully understand it (I've seen Equestria Girls, as well), but I think I'll manage.

So, did Rainbow get her soul back or is she still some strange chimera?:twilightoops:

You might want to deal with the whole "Dash suffers an eternity of torment after she dies because Trixie's a cunt", otherwise, the Fridge Horror's gonna kill a lot of the [Comedy] tag.

Yeah, the Dash thing is killing a good bit of the comedy for me as well. :rainbowderp:

A nice deconstruction of Trixie's mental state. Twilight's as well with her new duties as a princess. I'm looking forward to how this all pans out with the finale.

Twilight is far too nice for her own good, but I guess that's why we love her.

Nice work, it really came together with the characters there.


I fail it see how that is important?:trixieshiftright:

I can really feel for Trixie. Having ones efforts of a lifetime blown away so causally by someone who just had their abilities handed to them on a silver platter just sucks all motivation from you. Why work hard when everything is luck?

disjunction beams

Is that a Great and Powerful Robo-Trixie reference I spy?:pinkiehappy:

To be honest, I'd have just tossed Trixie into a dungeon on the moon and be done with her.
:trixieshiftleft: Really now? Just what did TGAP Trixie do to deserve that?
:facehoof: This was the second time you left Ponyville in shambles?
:ajbemused:My hat.
:raritydespair: My home and business.
:ajbemused:My Hat.
:pinkiesad2: I didn't get to eat one cake golem.
:rainbowhuh: U tholb my thoul!
:ajbemused:My. Hat.
:trixieshiftright:Trixie feels that you're taking this a bit personally farm pony whose name I can't remember.
:trollestia: Too the moon.

I wonder if it would make Trixie feel better or worse if Twilight pointed out the fact that she studied every bit as hard as Trixie did, if not more. She may have been fortunate with her level of natural raw ability, and some nice opportunities, but she certainly wasn't just given everything effortlessly, because she very much worked for it.

Trixie doesn't strike me as all that rational, she twisting the facts to reinforce her own preconceived "poor me" conclusion. Of course Twilight worked for what she got, as hard as the Trixie I depicted, but honestly what are the chances of her ever admitting that?

Skywriter does set the bar for humor, no? :twilightsmile:

That was a pretty sweet ending, I really liked the magic lesson.

But what about...

“WHY DOES EVERYPONY KEEP BRINGING THAT-“ a moment to clear her throat, “Yes, Snips. They returned Rainbow Dash’s soul.

Well alright then. :rainbowdetermined2::trixieshiftleft:


BUT.NOT.MAH.HAT :ajbemused:

Rarity and Rainbow Dash do indeed ship it.

"it" = Twilight+Trixie? Did I miss some indication of this in the story?

Oh, and a very nice story :twilightsmile:

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