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Pinkie Pie's family visit Ponyville and go to one of her famous parties, but they break some bad news that Pinkie will need the help and support of her friends to get through.

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what sorcery is this?
anyway will check it out later


Damn you! Damn you, author!
The feels! it hurts! I shouldn't have read this. Have an upvote.

Wow, not the best, but definitely a touching story.

Lets see...

-Very very good story.
-very fluid and easy to follow.
-very good understanding of Pinkie Pie's tone and style of writing
-Extremely well done overall, felt like it could fit in perfectly with the actual story line.

-Feels a bit rushed near the end
-Ending was a little abrupt.

Overall 8/10. Loved it. :):)

Wanna hear another touching story? Once upon a time you died, and I loved happily ever after. The end :)2709165

Thank you for the positive feedback. I appreciate that it's probably not the best, and I did rush the ending a little bit, I will admit. But if you enjoyed it, then that's all I could wish for. :)

:raritycry::ajsleepy::fluttercry:needs a part 2 when cylde comes back as an alicorn

The way you wrote this was great. I especially love how you wrote Clyde. :pinkiesad2:

I am crying right now.:fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry: SO SAD!!!!

Okay, that was pretty bloody painfully sad to read. I usually laugh it off, but that was bloody painful... I'm going to go cry now...:fluttercry:

Now I gotta go hug my dad

Wow... why didn't Pinkie have a flat mane? Also, I was wondering how she knew about AJ... :pinkiesad2:

This could explain how I felt when my great-grandma died. It might not seem like much, but she meant more to me than anyone. I don't love anyone else very much.
I give this 9/10 because the ending was rushed, yet I can imagine this as an actual episode of MLP.
This is the only mlp fanfic that's made me cry more than one tear. :fluttercry:

I keep clicking the like button but the likes aren't going up. This was a good story. Almost made me cry.:fluttershysad:

Ok, time to go to cry myself to sleep from how much I'm holding my tears in. :raritydespair: It hurts.

i'd love to know what Clyde wrote Pinkie, what last minuet nuggest of fatherly wisdom he could have left her. i can ally presume that he was very pleased and proud of her and extreamly happy her life has been so blessed

I'm really overwhelmed by the positive feedback this has got. :) Thank you all for taking the time to comment and like! It really makes writing worthwhile.

i had seen many great death of my time great leaders soldiers doctors and even men who makes a difference but nothing makes me more emotional than losing the most loving supportive and bravest man of my life my father i thank you - a former british marines 35 yr old son on his funeral


I enjoyed this story a lot. It was just so sweet and simple. From someone who lost their father recently (if 2 years is recently), you did an excellent job and the story was just....good:pinkiesad2:

A simple, beautiful and very touching story. Five stars!

Just thought I'd answer this quickly.
I didn't make Pinkie's mane flat because my headcanon says that it's not a response to Pinkie feeling sad (it stays puffy when Fluttershy insults her in Putting Your Hoof Down) but it's something that reflects Pinkie's life in general. I think in this story, Pinkie is very upset but she never loses hope. My opinion, I suppose.
As for AJ and her parents, I think that however much their loss must have hurt Applejack, with five best friends so caring towards her, I'm sure she would have shared that with them.

Thank you all for the feedback again! I wish I could reply to everyone individually, but if you enjoyed this story or it reminded you of someone special who loved you, then I couldn't be happier.

Aww fuck, I just had to read this the day after father's day when I was to busy being a lazy piece of shit to help my dad paint a house. Throw in the fact that I didn't say "happy father's day"... someone shot me, I know I deserve it.


l loved it, thany you very much :heart:

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