Inkie Pie was, without any kind of doubt, the most influential musician that ever lived. Born on a rock farm, her strange life would serve as both inspiration and cause for her songs.

This is her story.

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Now with a fan sidestory! My True Body

Partially inspired by PonykillerX's art. The cover art was made by him.

Proofread by:

Neko Majin C
Octavia Harmony

To Selbi.

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Chrysalis is beaten. Her invasion of Canterlot has failed. Her hive has been scattered to the winds. And with Equestria on guard, love is in short supply. She has failed her people, and now the future looks bleak and grim.

But there’s a change in the air. Chrysalis can feel it in her bones and in her dreams. Something is calling to her, drawing her and the remnants of her hive north. To the place the changelings once called home.

Placed sixth in the August 2015 Write-Off Event: Distant Shores.

Chapters (1)

When you've lived as long as Granny Smith, you've got a right to be set in your ways.

Pear Butter's not gonna accept that.

(Winner winner chicken dinner of Scribblefest 2018's Flutteryshuttery award. Edited by some guy with fabulous pants.)

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As everypony knows, Pinkie Pie can do impossible things. She can hover in midair without wings, play ten instruments at once, and even go days without breathing! Clearly some kind of magic is at work, but what could it be?

Pinkie decides it's finally time to tell her friends the whole, unvarnished truth.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "The Best Medicine" contest.

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Celestia: a filly of twelve. A cynical, hungry pauper, with a young sister to protect and feed.

But the food has run out. Winter has gripped the land for too long, and now the pair face starvation.

The cynic in Celestia knows she can't move the sun. But the child in her wonders... and so she tries.

(Inspired by the Donovan song of the same name.)

(Now with a dramatic reading here, by Crafty Arts, and and here, by KeyframeProductions.)

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The worth of a dragon is measured by their hoard, so what happens when a dragon finds something so valuable as to make all other hoards small by comparison, but so precious they cannot keep it for their own?

A young dragon discovers the answer when she finds the priceless treasure kept by the Sisters of Song.

A tiny alicorn, named Cadenza.

Editors: Tek, Skywriter, PaulAsaran, Mitch H.

Cover picture credit: Harwick on Fimfiction or Harwicks-art on Deviantart.com
Wonderful reading by Illya Leonov here on YouTube

A guest author part of the Cadence of Cloudsdale series by Skywriter, set several decades before the second chapter of The First Time You See Her and the blessed Sister Kale.

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This story is a sequel to Mission: Implausible

Vinyl Scratch has made it big as a DJ and is now the hottest act in Equestria. However, when an old nemesis returns to Canterlot, she and Octavia must reunite to end this threat and save Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Proofread by the fantastic RTStephens. Credit for the vectors in the cover image goes to RegolithX, namelesshero2222 and KANISTORSHIK on deviantART.

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Words can bring joy. Words can bring pain. Words can bring knowledge.
In the hands of the right pony, they can bring all of these things at once.
In the lands outside the fledgeling Equestria, one such pony has tracked a newfound fable back to its source, and she has a few choice words of her own prepared, because words... words have power.

WARNING: Comments may contain spoilers.

Dramatic reading by AShadowOfCygnus.
Also read by DRWolf
Cover art by CyanAeolin.
Edited by Pascoite.
Additional help from Chris, AugieDog, and NorsePony.

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Applejack was happy to return to her family after her stint in Manehattan, but there was something she brought back from her trip. A small mistake and a choice that haunts her to this day.

Concieved and Written in a sum total of four hours.

Supporting Cast: Granny Smith, Rarity, Twilight and the CMC.

Editted by Level Dasher (and updated 29/01/2014), with props to The Fanfic Crusader.

Chapters (1)
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