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Luna has been anticipating Nightmare Night since she heard that it had been created while she was gone. After making a trip to Ponyville, the place from which she had been freed, she finds herself rejected by everypony. Well, everypony but Rainbow Dash, that is...

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Pinkie Pie's family visit Ponyville and go to one of her famous parties, but they break some bad news that Pinkie will need the help and support of her friends to get through.

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Derpy is putting Dinky to sleep and proceeds to read her a story. I have always loved the stories written and illustrated by Eric Carle, so I decided to do a crossover. This story is based off of Eric Carle's Walter the Baker. After that it's episodic events when somepony reads a story to either Dinky and/or Sparkler.

Edit: So, a lot of my followers loved this story so much that they've talked me into ponifying more children's books. So, if you want me to ponify a book you liked as a child, give me the title and the author in the comments or on my blog and I'll see what I can do.

http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/108024/derpys-night-time-stories <-- the request blog.

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Short stories of various genres which I've submitted to the Thirty Minute Ponies Tumblr (or "Abecedarian excuses his poor writing by claiming he only had half an hour to get it done.").

Includes stories inspired by prompts I've missed out on, stories where the writing took too long, etc.

(Note: There are some minor edits from the versions posted to the Tumblr. Nothing too significant, mostly just fixing misspellings or adding or taking out words or phrases I thought I'd dealt with I as writing, but didn't. I type slow, so I don't have much time to proofread.)

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The tale of a pony named Wilber Heartcarle, and the challenges he goes through to change the fate of himself and others. The last of the Heartcarle family, come along for the trip through the past and present of Wilber Heartcarle.

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When Luna believes that a true evil is rising she relies on her student pegasus, a talented inventor, and a blood lust griffin to form the "Voided Nights". When we first meet we want nothing with each other, but over time we become a unified force that will protect all of Equestria at all costs.

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