Derpy's Bed Time Stories

by Derpy Fan 4eva

First published

Derpy tells Dinky and Sparkler bedtime stories.

Derpy is putting Dinky to sleep and proceeds to read her a story. I have always loved the stories written and illustrated by Eric Carle, so I decided to do a crossover. This story is based off of Eric Carle's Walter the Baker. After that it's episodic events when somepony reads a story to either Dinky and/or Sparkler.

Edit: So, a lot of my followers loved this story so much that they've talked me into ponifying more children's books. So, if you want me to ponify a book you liked as a child, give me the title and the author in the comments or on my blog and I'll see what I can do. <-- the request blog.

Dinky's favorite story

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Ditzy the Baker
By Derpy Fan 4eva
Inspired by Eric Carle

Derpy was very tired after a long day of delivering the mail to all of Ponyville. Her wings were so sore they dragged on the ground and her head was pounding relentlessly, most likely making her eyes go all ditzy. On top of that, some idiot didn't tie down the items in the delivery truck that day and a flower pot containing one full bloomed daisy, one wrought iron anvil, a two wheeled-cart containing four three-pound bales of hay, and finally, one very expensive, one-of-a-kind, priceless piano used by the Colten John in his world famous Tour De Trottingham concert. Her boss was livid to say the least. Derpy sighed as she trotted up her front porch and opened her door. “When I find out which moron didn't do his job right, I’ll-I’ll-!”

“You’ll what mommy?” Derpy caught herself and whiped her head to the couch to see her daughter Dinky staring at her all wide-eyed and every so adorable. She simultaneously scolded herself and praised Celestia that she had not cursed in front of Dinky. Luna only knew how many times she had been called to see Cheerilee because Dinky decided to teach her schoolmates “the new word mommy taught her.”

“I’ll…uh, give him a burnt muffin!” Derpy stomped her hoof in emphasis.

Dinky gasped. “What dark deed must this pony have done to deserve such horrible wrath from you mommy?”
For a second, Derpy was true to her name and had a brain derp. “Have you been reading Sparkler's comics again?” Dinky’s hoof-caught-in-the-muffin-tin expression was priceless. “No…”


“Yes mommy?” Derpy glared at her daughter, demanding the truth as her wings flared to full length. “Yes I did…” Dinky stared pitifully at the floor, expecting swift a merciless punishment.

Derpy’s complexion lightened dramatically. “You know Sparkler and I don't like it when you read those. There for older ponies.”

“But I am older mommy! I was five when you said I couldn't read it. And now I'm six!” Derpy laughed at the little filly’s nigh-unarguable logic.

Oh, if only Ditzy could see how bright our daughter has become. As much as that is true my little muffin, you'll have to wait a few more years.” It was then that a loud gurgling could be heard coming from the stomachs of the two grey mares. “How about we go get some dinner, how does that sound?” The young unicorn jumped with glee and raced to the kitchen to help her mother like a good little filly.

After the two had finished their wonderful meal of spaghetti and beet-balls with pesto sauce, it was time to put Dinky to bed. “Alright, my little muffin, which story do you want to read tonight?”

“Ditzy the Baker! Ditzy the Baker!” Derpy chuckled. It was Dinky’s favorite. She trotted over and carefully pulled out the well-used book from her daughter’s bookshelf. She had to remind herself to take it by the town library to see if Twilight could rebind it.

“Okay my little sweet roll, do you have Cinni?” Dinky held up her stuffed cinni-bon creature. “Have you brushed your teeth?” Dinky huffed into her mother’s snout, breath reeking of cinnamon. “Is your homework done?” A bundle of papers floated through the door and was placed into a little purple backpack that was hanging on the foot of the bed.
“Okay, Once upon a time…”


Long ago, in a magical land far away, there was a city built on the side of a mountain. It was filled with beautiful buildings with all the colors of the rainbow. And in this city on the mountain lived Ditzy Doo, the baker, his wife Derpy, and their daughter, Dinky.

Now Ditzy was known all throughout the land as the best baker who ever lived. His name was even known in the farthest town of Ponyville. Even the Rich family would eat his delicious baked goods.
Early every morning, while everypony still asleep and while Luna’s moon was still in the sky, Dinky began baking his goods. He baked all kinds of yummy breads and rolls, sweet cooties and tarts, and pies filled with every fruit and filling one could wish for.

When the Shoppe opened later when Celestia’s sun had fully risen, Dinky would sell the goods. No pony could walk by the open door and resist the warm, sweet smells drifting out of Ditzy’s Baked Goods. People came from near and far.
The two Princesses who ruled over all of Equstria loved Dinky’s sweet rolls. Every morning, Dinky would be a big filly and would carry a basket filled with warm sweet rolls and muffins, still fresh from the oven to the big castle where the princesses lived.

“Mm,” Luna would say, spreading apple marmalade on her roll.
“Ahh,” Celestia would say, coating hers in Zap Apple jam.
And so, each morning was the same as the day before-until one early morning…
“Dinky! Time for breakfast!” As Ditzy’s little muffin came running down the stairs, she accidently stepped on the pet cat who was napping on the stairs.

“MEERRROOWW!” went the cat

“AHHH!” went Dinky.

“SPLASH!” went the milk.

Ditzy rushed over to his beloved daughter to make sure she was all right. “I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to…’
“There, there my little honey-bun I know. But what am I to do?” cried Ditzy. “I cannot make the Princesses sweet rolls without fresh milk.”
In desperation, Ditzy levitated a pitcher of water. “I hope no one will notice the difference,” he said as he poured water into the flour to make the dough.

Now, you and I may not be able to tell the difference between a sweet roll made with milk and a sweet roll made with water, but the immortal princesses could.

“Ugh,” cried Luna after she took a bite.
“What is this!” roared Celestia. “Where is Ditzy the Baker? Bring him here at once!”
So Ditzy was brought before the royal court.
What do you call this retched thing?” roared Celestia, using the Royal Canterlot Voice. “This is not a roll, tis a lie.” And with that threw the half eaten roll at Ditzy’s feet.

“I am sorry your highnesses, but I had to use water instead of milk today.” Ditzy admitted, hanging his head in shame.
We do not wish to hear thine excuses! Thou knew more than any of our subjects how personally we take our breakfast. Tis the only thing we can share with our sister. For making a mockery of us, thou art banished from our city. Pack your things and leave Canterlot forever,” shouted Celestia. “We never want to see thee AGAIN!”
“My princess,” pleaded Ditzy, tears in his eyes, “this is my home. Where would I go? Please, I beg of you, give me one more chance.”

We must banish thee for the severity of thine crime,” said Celestia. But then she remembered Ditzy’s good rolls and how much she and Luna would miss them. “Well, Ditzy…” Celestia started to say, sounding much calmer. Then she thought some more. “Very well, you may stay if you can invent a roll through which my rising sun can shine through three times.” And to make things more difficult to justify his crime, she added, “It must be made from one piece of dough, and most of all, it must taste good. Now go home and bring me such a roll by tomorrow morning.”

Poor Ditzy! Worried and sad he rushed back to his bakery. Walter worked all day and well into the night. He made long rolls, short rolls, round rolls, twisted rolls. He made thin rolls, and fat rolls. And then he made some more. Ditzy beat, pilled, pushed, and pounded the dough. But it was all in vain.

He could not make a roll that would meet Celestia’s standards. By early morning Ditzy had only one long piece of dough left. “It is hopeless,” he cried. In a sudden fit of anger, he grabbed the last piece of dough and flung it against the ceiling.
“Stick there you thrice damned dough!” he yelled at the blob. But it didn’t. It fell, twisting itself as it dropped down and plopped into a pail of melted butter. Derpy and Dinky were awoke by Ditzy’s yell and rushed into the bakery just as Ditzy was about to dump out the useless butter and dough.

“Daddy, stop!” shouted Dinky. “Look!” And quick as lightning, Derpy grabbed the roll and popped into the ready oven. The cat even helped by dropping some salt on it when no one was looking. Soon it was golden brown and crisp. Derpy took out the roll and handed it to Ditzy. It hadn’t risen very high, but it had three holes.

Ditzy levitated the twisted roll up to the window and smiled. He saw Celestia’s sun shining though it three times. Ditzy put the roll into a basket and rushed to the palace as fast as he could, lickety-split. There he delivered his new invention to the waiting princesses. And they too were over joyed to see the sun shining three times. Then Celestia and Luna took a bite. Ditzy was afraid to watch.
“Huzza!” Said Celestia.
“The yum has been tripled!” shouted Luna.

Both princesses were glad Ditzy wouldn’t have to leave. And Ditzy was happy too. “Now, my little baker, pray tell us. What do you call this delicious roll?” asked Celestia.
“Uhh, yes, praytellus…” Ditzy stammered, horrified his blunder would cost him.
“What was that? Pra… pre.. Pretzel?” said Celestia. “Pretzel it shall be then. From now on,” she declared, “We will have sweet rolls in the morning…” “…And pretzels in the afternoon!” Exclaimed Luna.

Ditzy rushed home and spent all day and all night baking pretzels. And the next day there were baskets filled to the brim with piping hot pretzels with enough for everyone in the whole town. And Dinky got to deliver a special basket to Celestia and Luna. And a cheer went up through the whole town for Ditzy and his pretzels.


“The end.” Derpy closed the old book and looked at her beloved daughter. The poor dear had fallen asleep. Derpy carefully pulled her quilt nice and snug and gently kissed her daughters horn. “Goodnight my little muffin.” Derpy tip toed out of the room and trotted back to her bed. “Oh thank Luna this day is finally done.” She crawled into bed and looked out her window, looking at the constellation her Ditzy had once shown her, long ago. “Goodnight my stud muffin. We’ll see you again soon.” And with that she closed her eyes and dreamed her special baker was still with her and had made her special basket of pretzels, just like he used to.

“Mommy, mommy, wake up! The story came true, the story came true!” The poor pegasus was assaulted in the early morning hours as her daughter bounced up and down on her bed. “Mommy, get up! There are pretzels outside, just like the book said!” With that Derpy bolted up and quickly let her daughter drag her downstairs where, sure enough, there was a basket of pretzels and a jar of her favorite jam on the table. There was a not attached to the basket that read to my favorite pair of muffins. Derpy clutched the note and let tears of joy run down her cheeks as the two sat down for breakfast.

Downtown, a certain librarian and pink pony were enjoying sweet rolls at Sugar Cube Corner, when Pinkie’s tail twisted into the shape of a pretzel. Twilight Sparkle took “Oh sweet Celestia! The chandelier's falling!” Twilight quickly dove for cover. “Oh, stop being a silly filly Twi. My tail wasn’t all twitch-a-twitch. That’s just means somepony’s wish came true.” “Ohh,” said Twilight, sheepishly crawling out from under the table. “But why was it a pretzel shape?” “Guess somepony reeeeeeaaaally wanted a pretzel. Tee Hee!” The pink pony giggled and returned to work. She would have to remember to get that book back from Twilight before Derpy got home today. She wouldn’t want tto ruin the surprise.

Pancakes, Pancakes!

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Derpy was in a total panic. Time Turner had actually asked her on a date. Tonight. After the horrible relationship between her and Dinky's father, Derpy had vowed that she'd never let another block headed colt sweep her off her feet and use her again. But it was different this time. Time turner seemed to generally like her. So, she decided to give him a chance, or rather, she was going to go to the movies with him because Carrot Top decided to take matters into her own stinking hooves again and set the two up on a "blind date." As Derpy was trying to find her bestest dress, she decided that Carrot Top's fridge was in need of invading tomorrow.

"Okay Sparkler, let's see, the emergancey contacts are by the phone, I have some pasta for you already in the oven to keep warm. Oh, and don't forget to give Dinky a bath and put her to bed. Ooh, does my mane look okay? Oh no! do I have garlic breath?" AT this Derpy proceeded to huff into her babysitter's face. Now, most young mares would have been offended. Not Sparkler. She had grown quite close to the Hooves family over the years and just wrote it off as Derpy being derpy.

"Derpy, calm down. Relax, you'll be fine! You look great, your breath smells like those seven mints you just ate, and your mane looks beautiful. Don't worry. I'm sure the good doctor won't judge the whole night based on your looks alone." The grey pegasus was finally able to calm down slightly, as she tried to put on her lipstick. And, of course, when Dr. Time Turner showed up at exactly 5:00, he told her surrogate mother that she looked absolutely stunning. "Okay, have fun you two." She giggled as Derpy glared at her in mock anger.

Sparkler and Dinky had a relatively calm night playing board games and doing homework. They had a delicious dinner of pasta and garlic crumble muffins, and now came the hardest part of the night. It was time to give Dinky a bath. "Okay Dinky, now I know you don't like baths, but please, just this once can you just- Dinky?" Dinky was no where to be seen, the only evidence that she had even existed was her empty bowl that was spinning comically on the table. "Dinky!" Sparkler groaned, her voice reeking of exasperation. "I don't want to play Hide-n-seek tonight! Can't you just take your bath like a good little filly?" Silence.

"Gwah! That does it young lady, if you don't come out right now, there won't be a bedtime story!" At this, the bathroom door opened and Sparkler could hear running water.

"Sparkler, who are you yelling at?" Dinky was standing in the doorway with a worried expression. Her mane was soaked and bubbles covered most of her body. Sparkler could only stare at the little filly, completely dumb founded that Dinky had been taking a bath all by herself. "Can I go back in now? The water's getting cold." Sparkler could only nod her head. "Great. Oh, and can you get my jammies? Momma put them in the dryer for after my bath." Again, Sparkler could only nod.

Once Dinky had finished her bath and had gotten all snug under her blankets, it was time to read the bedtime story. "Okay Dinky, which story do you want me to read tonight?"

"Uh, that one!" Dinky scrunched up her face and her horn started to glow slightly, a grey aura surrounded the book she wanted, but that was pretty much it, the weight and distance being too much for the poor filly unicorn. Sparkler chuckled to herself at the adorableness of young minds trying to do magic. She focused her own magic and brought the book over in her own purple aura.


Kee-ke-ri-kee crowed the rooster. It was the start of another beautiful morning on the farm. Dinky woke up, looked out the window, and thought, "I'd like to have a big pancake for breakfast."

Dinky's mother was already up and busy. "Momma," said Dinky, "I'd like to have a big pancake for breakfast."

"I am busy so you will have to help me," she said.

"How can I help?" asked Dinky.

"We'll need some flour," Derpy replied. "Take a sickle and cut as much wheat as the your cart can carry. Then take it to the Big Macintosh. He will grind it into flour for us."

When Dinky had cut enough wheat, she put into her little cart and totted off to Sweet Apple Acres to see if Big Mac could make some flour for her big pancake.

When Dinky arrived, she quickly found Big Mac. "Can you grind this wheat for me please?" she asked, "I need it for a big pancake."

"Eeyup." said Big Mac. "But first we must separate the grain from the chaff."

He gave Dinky a little flail and spread the wheat on the ground. Then Big Mac took another flail and began to beat the wheat with it. Dinky helped with the threshing, and soon there was a big pile of straw and chaff-and a small pile of grain.

Big Mac then poured the grain on a large flat stone. On top of it was a round millstone connected to the water wheel outside. The water wheel was turned around and around, turning the millstone round and round, too, to grind the grain into flour. At last Big Mac handed Dinky a bag of flour. Dinky rushed home to show her mom.

"Here's the flour," shouted Dinky. "Let's make a pancake."

But her mother said, "Now we need an egg."

Dinky went outside to find the orange hen. When she did, Dinky gave the hen some extra grain that had fallen into her saddle bag when she had been threshing the wheat. "Cluck, cluck," said the orange hen and went into the chicken coop. The she said "Cluck, cluck," once more and laid an egg.

Dinky quickly picked up the egg and rushed back inside. "Here's an egg," shouted Dinky. "Let's make a pancake."

But her mother said, "Now we need some milk."

Jack then went to Matilda the Cow and asked her if she could have some milk. "I wanna make a big pancake."

"Mooo-*ahem* Well of course you can have some milk Dinky. Such a nice and polite little filly," Matilda went into her barn and fetched Dinky a large bucket of milk. "Here's some fresh milk. Good luck with that pancake deary."

"Thank you Miss Matilda," said Dinky, and she hurried back home. "Here's the milk," shouted Dinky. "Let's make a pancake."

But her mother said, "We need to build a fire."

So Dinky went outside and collected some fire wood from their wood shed.

"Here's the firewood momma," shouted Dinky. "Now can we make a pancake."

But her mother said. "Wouldn't you like something sweet on your pancake?"

So Dinky went down to the cool cellar and pulled a jar of sweet apple marmalade from one of the shelves.

"Here's the marmalade," shouted Dinky. "Lets make a big ol pancake." In the kitchen, Derpy and Dinky had filled the table with the flour, the egg, the milk, and some butter. There was also a mixing bowl, a cup, a wooden spoon, a ladle, a frying pan, a plate, a knife, fork, and spoon. And last but not least, the jar of sweet apple acres marmalade.

And Dinky's mom said, "put a cup full of flour into the bowl. Then, break an egg into the flour and stir. Next, pour a cupful of milk over the egg and flour and stir again until the batter is smooth and without lumps." Derpy took the frying pan and heated it on the stove and added a piece of butter. The butter melted fast. Then she said to Dinky, "Okay, now pour a ladle full of batter into the hot pan."

After a minute or two Derpy looked at the underside of the pancake. It was golden brown. "now watch," Derpy said, "I'll turn the pancake over. Ready?"

"Ready!" squealed Dinky.

"Flip," said Derpy. Up and over went the pancake high into the air and landed right in the pan. In another minute the pancake was crisp on that side as well.

Then Derpy slipped the pancake from the frying pan onto the plate and spread some apple marmalade on it. "And now Dinky," her mother started to say, but Dinky yelled...

"Oh Momma, I know what to do now!" and she took a big bite.


"... and it was the best pancake she ever had. The end." Sparkler closed the book at looked up at her surrogate sister. Dinky was fast asleep, clutching her stuffed octopus. It melted Sparkler's heart to see such an adorable filly sleeping. SHe carefully put the book away and quietly trotted out the door and back down stairs. As soon as she plopped down onto the couch, Derpy and Time Turner walked through the door, laughing at something.

"Hey you two. Looks like you both had a good time," said Sparkler.

Derpy just laughed. "Oh deary, we had a wonderful time, but the restaurant was closed down because a trio of fillies tried to get cooking cutie marks and burned half the building down. They then burned the other half trying to get their fire fighting cutie marks. Long story short, we're both very hungry."

At this moment Sparkler's stomach grumbled. "Oh no! the pasta is still in the oven!" Sparkler ran into the kitchen in time to see black smoke rising from the stove and going out the window. The pasta was little better than charcoal now. "Oh no! What are we going to eat now?"

At this Time Turner spoke up. "I don't know about you two, but I have the strangest craving for a big pancake."

I'll Love You Foreva

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I'll Love You Foreva
written by Derpy Fan 4eva
adapted from Love You Forever by Robert Munsch


Derpy Hooves slowly trotted up to her front door, carrying her little bundle of joy on her back. Sparkler trotted just behind them, swaying groggily as if she had been into her mother's secret stash of cider. All three of them had had a long day at the county fair today and all party members were tired. Derpy fix a quick light dinner which they ate in near scilence, made sure both of her fillys were bathed and tucked Dinky into bed. The poor child was too worn out even for a bed time story and was snoozing before Derpy could drape Favorite over her. After kissing her youngest goodnight, she helped lead Sparkler to her bed, who and dozed slightly against the wall.

The two mares walked into Sparkler's new room. After Sparkler had graduated from Cheerilee's school, she decided she wanted her own room, since she was an adult now. And as much as it broke her heart, Sparkler was right. Derpy's little filly was almost all grown up and would soon be moving out to live her own life and start her own family. But for now, her baby was still here, so Derpy was going to take advantage of every year, month, week, hour, and minute she could with her eldest daughter. "Good night Sparkler. Pleasant dreams."

"Mom?" Derpy paused in the door frame, her right eye staring at her daughter. Her left eye... well, when it acted up, she couldn't see out of it anyways, so she could never be sure where it was looking. "Umm... I was wondering... I mean, I know I'm almost an adult now, but could you-could you read me a bedtime story please?"

Derpy's heart ached with love for her child. "Of course baby. Which you did you want tonight?"

"Do you still have our special one?" Derpy almost started crying. She nodded and quickly went over and grabbed the book.

"Okay baby. Our favorite story. And even now, the title is true my dear Sparkler." She quickly grabbed the book from Sparkler's shelf. "I'll Love you Foreva..."


There was a mother who had a new foal. A little grey pegasus filly. She picked up this filly and rocked it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while she rocked it, she sang, "I'll love you for ever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Well, that baby grew. It grew and it grew and it grew. It grew until it was 2 years old. And it would run and fly all around the house. It knocked over book cases, took things off the walls, and took its mother's watch and flushed it down the toilet. Sometimes the mother would say, "This foal is driving me crazy!" But at night time, when that two year old was asleep, she'd creak open the door, crawl across the floor, and peak up at the little foal. And if it was truly asleep, she's pick it up and rock it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And she would sing to this two year old, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

Well, that 2 year old grew. It grew and it grew and it grew, until it was 9 years old. And it never wanted to come in for dinner. And when it did, it wouldn't eat the good food the mother made and would even track mud all over the newly washed floor. Sometimes the mother would exclaim "This filly is driving me mad!" But at night, when that 9 year old filly was asleep, the mother would creak open the door, crawl across the room, peak over the edge of the bed, and if that 9 year old was truly asleep, she'd pick it up and rock it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and sing, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Well, that 9 year old grew. It grew and it grew, and it grew, and it grew. It grew until it was a teenager. And that teenager had strange friends. She wore strange clothes and make-up. She listened to strange music, and she liked strange colts. It was enough to make the mother exclaim, "That foal belongs in a zoo!" But every night, when that unruly teenager was fast asleep,the mother would creak open the door, crawl across the room, peak over the edge of the bed, and if that teenager was truly asleep, she'd pick it up and rock it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and sing, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Well, that teenager grew. It grew and it grew and it grew until it was a young mare. And that young mare moved out of the house and moved all the way across town. But, some times on dark nights, the mother would fly all the way across town. And if the lights were all out in her daughter's house, she'd put up a ladder, peak over the window sill, crawl across the floor, and peak at her over her bed frame. And if that big young mare was truly asleep, she'd pick her up and rock her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and sing, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Well that mother, she got older and older and older. Until one day the daughter got a message from her mother and it said,
my dearest daughter, you need to come see me. I am very old and sick
And so the full grown mare hurried over to her mother's house, and when she walked in, the mother tried to sing the song, but she was too sick to sing. The daughter walked over to the mother. She picked her up and rocked her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while the daughter rocked her mother back and forth, she sang "I'll love you foreva, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living your baby I'll be."

And when the daughter got home that night, it was very late. And she stayed on the stairs for a long time. And when she felt it was time, she creaked open a door, crawled across the floor, and peered into her daughter's crib. and when she was sure she was fast asleep, she picked her up and rocked her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and sang, "I'll love you foreva, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my Sparkler you'll be."


Derpy closed the book. A few tears dropping. She looked down at her daughter. She carefully put the book back on the shelf, then she crawled over to the bedside, and peered at her beloved filly. And when she was sure her daughter was fast asleep, she picked her up and rocked her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and sang, "I'll love you foreva, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." She kissed her daughter as tears of joy flowed down her cheeks. She carefully trotted out and closed the door. Before she went into her own room, she looked over at an old picture of a young mare and a googly eyed little filly. "Good night mommy. Thank you for the lullaby."

Feathers the Dinosaur

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Feathers The Dinosaur

A lesson about all kinds of love

roughly based off of Elmer by David McKee

The Doo family solemnly trots in the front door. Derpy, Dinky, and Sparkler had just spent the better part of the night at the old school house with Mrs. Cheerilee and the parents of another student. A student Dinky and got in a fight with. After a little digging, the adults had discovered that the other student had been mocking Dinky's Aunt Lyra and Aunt Bon Bon because they were weird. And so Cheerilee decided Derpy and the parents of the other foal needed to have a talk with their fillies and explain to them what was going on. Derpy couldn't think of any better way than to tell her filly a story to help her explain her lesbian Aunts.

"Dinky, I know you were only standing up for your Aunts, but that is no reason to hit another pony. You should know better."

Dinky whimpered, looking crestfallen. "I'm sorry momma, but Bee Bop said Auntie Bon Bon was weird and should be sent to the moon with her weird lover."

Derpy sighed, at a loss at what to do, so she shot her eldest a plea for help. Sparkler, always the caretaker, got the message and laid down next to Dinky. "Dinky, do you know why Auntie Lyra and Auntie Bon Bon are made fun of?" Dinky just sniffles and shakes her head. Sparkler smiles at the poor dears innocence. "it's because Auntie Lyra loves Auntie Bon Bon like a mommy loves a daddy and Auntie Bon Bon loves Auntie Lyra in the same way. But some ponies don't like it. They think it's wrong for a mare to love another mare."

"So... do people think it's wrong for mommy to love me?" Dinky looked up at her older sister with worry and confusion.

"No Dinky. They just think a foal should have one mommy and one daddy. Not two mommies or two daddies. Here, why don't we read a story, okay?" Sparkler goes and gets a new book Dinky had never seen before and reads it to her little sister. After she is done, DInky just remains silent.

"Sparkler? Can I take this book to show and tell tomorrow?" The two older mares just smile and agree, knowing where the smart little filly was headed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Miss Cheerilee clears her throat, trying to get her student's attention. "Class, I know you're all excited about show and tell but please settle down. Dinky has asked to go first and we must listen to her and her show and tell just as we want others to listen when you tell about what you brought. Dinky, what have you brought for us today?"

Dinky slowly walked to the front, two familiar mares in tow behind her. "Hi everypony. Today I brought my two Aunts, Lyra and Bon Bon. They love each other just like a mommy and daddy love each other. They brought something for show and tell too."

Lyra giggled as her niece fanned her ego just a bit. "Hello fillies and colts. Me and Bon Bon-"

"Bon Bon and I." Miss Cheerilee corrected.

"... yes, Bon Bon and I have brought a story for you all today. Its about a Dinosaur named Feathers. Would you all like to hear it?"

The resounding cheer made it obvious they did.

There was once a herd of dinosaurs. Young dinosaurs, old dinosaurs, dinosaurs that were tall and short, fat and thin. All were different, but all were happy and almost all were the same color.

All except Feathers. Feathers was different from her family because she wasn't dinosaur color. She had all kinds of colorful feathers along her belly. There were yellow feathers and orange feathers and red feathers and pink feathers and purple feathers and blue feathers and green feather and black feathers and white feathers.

It was Feathers who kept the other dinosaurs happy. Their games and jokes were always her idea. If a dinosaur was laughing, the cause was usually Feathers.

But Feathers herself wasn't happy. "Who ever heard of a feathered dinosaur?" she thought. "No wonder they laugh at me!" And so one morning, just before the others woke up, Feathers slinked away.

As she walked through the jungle, Feathers met other animals like gryphons and dragons, zebra folk and ponies. "Good morning Feathers!" they said.

After a long walk, Feathers found what she was looking for- a large bush covered with dinosaur-colored berries. Feathers grabbed hold of the bush with her long next and shook the bush until all the berries fell off onto the ground.

Then Feathers laid upon the ground and rolled over on top of the berries, this way and that. She picked up bunches of berries and rubbed herself all over till she was covered with the juice. The sticky juice of the berries caused her feathers to stick to her side and also dyed them a dino gray. Once she was done, there wasn't a sign of any yellow, or orange, or red, or purple, or pink, or blue, or green, or black, or white. Feathers looked like any other dinosaur.

On her way back through the jungle, Feathers passed the other animals. "Good morning, dinosaur," they said, for they did not realise it was really their friend feathers.

When Feathers rejoined her herd, none of the other dinosaurs noticed her.As she stood there, Feathers felt that something was off. But what could it be? She looked around: same old jungle, same old blue sky, same old rain clouds, same old dinosaurs.

The other dinosaurs were standing absolutely still, silent and serious. Feathers had never seen them so serious before, and she wondered why. It made her want to laugh out loud. Finally she could bear it no longer. She lifted her long neck and, at the top of her lungs, shouted-


The other Dinosaurs jumped in surprise. Feathers was helpless with laughter. Then the other dinos began to laugh as well. "Too bad Feathers isn't here to share in the fun." they said, laughing harder and harder till tears streamed down their faces.
And then a pegasus burst the raincloud above the dinosaurs, sending down a large shower of water. When the rain fell on Feathers, the berry juice washed off, revealing her colourful feathers. "Oh, Feathers," gasped an older dinosaur as Feathers was washed normal. "You've played some good jokes before, but this was the biggest and the best of all. What would we do without you?"

Feathers looked shocked. "You mean you don't hate me because I'm different?" The older dinosaur smiled.

"Of course not Feathers." explained the elder of the herd. "All of us are different, with no dinosaur being exactly like his neighbor. We have dinos that stand on four legs and dinos that stand on two. There are girl dinosaurs and boy dinosaurs. Some girl dinosaurs love boy dinosaurs and some like other girl dinosaurs. Some boy dinosaurs like girl dinosaurs and some like other boy dinosaurs. Some eat berries and some eat leaves. some are tall and some are short. Everyone is different Feathers, and that makes me glad."

Feathers was confused. "It does? But why is being different a good thing?"

The elder laughed. "Because, my little dino, if everyone was the same, life would be really boring and serious. Everyone, we must celebrate this day every year," The elder exclaimed. "The day of Feathers bestest joke."

"A day where we celebrate being different. All of us dinosaurs will decorate ourselves in her honor," said a third. "And Feathers will decorate herself dinosaur colored."

And so it was. On that day each year, all the dinosaurs would colour themselves yellow, or orange, or red, or pink, or purple, or blue, or green, or black, or white and have a parade. Some put on leaves, some put on feathers, some played instruments, and some sang. And if you were to go and you were to see one dinosaur who was an ordinary dinosaur color, you will know that she had to be Feathers.


Lyra closed the book at looked at the faces of the foals around, all of them mesmerized by the story. "You see children," Bon Bon said. "Being different should never be a bad thing. Just like there are different kinds of candies, there are different kinds of ponies."

"Thank you Bon Bon, you've given me a great idea." said Cheerilee. "Class, I want all of us to share what makes them different or special today."

The class agreed that this was the best show and tell they ever had.