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Derpy's Bed Time Stories - Derpy Fan 4eva

Derpy tells Dinky and Sparkler bedtime stories.

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Feathers the Dinosaur

Feathers The Dinosaur

A lesson about all kinds of love

roughly based off of Elmer by David McKee

The Doo family solemnly trots in the front door. Derpy, Dinky, and Sparkler had just spent the better part of the night at the old school house with Mrs. Cheerilee and the parents of another student. A student Dinky and got in a fight with. After a little digging, the adults had discovered that the other student had been mocking Dinky's Aunt Lyra and Aunt Bon Bon because they were weird. And so Cheerilee decided Derpy and the parents of the other foal needed to have a talk with their fillies and explain to them what was going on. Derpy couldn't think of any better way than to tell her filly a story to help her explain her lesbian Aunts.

"Dinky, I know you were only standing up for your Aunts, but that is no reason to hit another pony. You should know better."

Dinky whimpered, looking crestfallen. "I'm sorry momma, but Bee Bop said Auntie Bon Bon was weird and should be sent to the moon with her weird lover."

Derpy sighed, at a loss at what to do, so she shot her eldest a plea for help. Sparkler, always the caretaker, got the message and laid down next to Dinky. "Dinky, do you know why Auntie Lyra and Auntie Bon Bon are made fun of?" Dinky just sniffles and shakes her head. Sparkler smiles at the poor dears innocence. "it's because Auntie Lyra loves Auntie Bon Bon like a mommy loves a daddy and Auntie Bon Bon loves Auntie Lyra in the same way. But some ponies don't like it. They think it's wrong for a mare to love another mare."

"So... do people think it's wrong for mommy to love me?" Dinky looked up at her older sister with worry and confusion.

"No Dinky. They just think a foal should have one mommy and one daddy. Not two mommies or two daddies. Here, why don't we read a story, okay?" Sparkler goes and gets a new book Dinky had never seen before and reads it to her little sister. After she is done, DInky just remains silent.

"Sparkler? Can I take this book to show and tell tomorrow?" The two older mares just smile and agree, knowing where the smart little filly was headed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Miss Cheerilee clears her throat, trying to get her student's attention. "Class, I know you're all excited about show and tell but please settle down. Dinky has asked to go first and we must listen to her and her show and tell just as we want others to listen when you tell about what you brought. Dinky, what have you brought for us today?"

Dinky slowly walked to the front, two familiar mares in tow behind her. "Hi everypony. Today I brought my two Aunts, Lyra and Bon Bon. They love each other just like a mommy and daddy love each other. They brought something for show and tell too."

Lyra giggled as her niece fanned her ego just a bit. "Hello fillies and colts. Me and Bon Bon-"

"Bon Bon and I." Miss Cheerilee corrected.

"... yes, Bon Bon and I have brought a story for you all today. Its about a Dinosaur named Feathers. Would you all like to hear it?"

The resounding cheer made it obvious they did.

There was once a herd of dinosaurs. Young dinosaurs, old dinosaurs, dinosaurs that were tall and short, fat and thin. All were different, but all were happy and almost all were the same color.

All except Feathers. Feathers was different from her family because she wasn't dinosaur color. She had all kinds of colorful feathers along her belly. There were yellow feathers and orange feathers and red feathers and pink feathers and purple feathers and blue feathers and green feather and black feathers and white feathers.

It was Feathers who kept the other dinosaurs happy. Their games and jokes were always her idea. If a dinosaur was laughing, the cause was usually Feathers.

But Feathers herself wasn't happy. "Who ever heard of a feathered dinosaur?" she thought. "No wonder they laugh at me!" And so one morning, just before the others woke up, Feathers slinked away.

As she walked through the jungle, Feathers met other animals like gryphons and dragons, zebra folk and ponies. "Good morning Feathers!" they said.

After a long walk, Feathers found what she was looking for- a large bush covered with dinosaur-colored berries. Feathers grabbed hold of the bush with her long next and shook the bush until all the berries fell off onto the ground.

Then Feathers laid upon the ground and rolled over on top of the berries, this way and that. She picked up bunches of berries and rubbed herself all over till she was covered with the juice. The sticky juice of the berries caused her feathers to stick to her side and also dyed them a dino gray. Once she was done, there wasn't a sign of any yellow, or orange, or red, or purple, or pink, or blue, or green, or black, or white. Feathers looked like any other dinosaur.

On her way back through the jungle, Feathers passed the other animals. "Good morning, dinosaur," they said, for they did not realise it was really their friend feathers.

When Feathers rejoined her herd, none of the other dinosaurs noticed her.As she stood there, Feathers felt that something was off. But what could it be? She looked around: same old jungle, same old blue sky, same old rain clouds, same old dinosaurs.

The other dinosaurs were standing absolutely still, silent and serious. Feathers had never seen them so serious before, and she wondered why. It made her want to laugh out loud. Finally she could bear it no longer. She lifted her long neck and, at the top of her lungs, shouted-


The other Dinosaurs jumped in surprise. Feathers was helpless with laughter. Then the other dinos began to laugh as well. "Too bad Feathers isn't here to share in the fun." they said, laughing harder and harder till tears streamed down their faces.
And then a pegasus burst the raincloud above the dinosaurs, sending down a large shower of water. When the rain fell on Feathers, the berry juice washed off, revealing her colourful feathers. "Oh, Feathers," gasped an older dinosaur as Feathers was washed normal. "You've played some good jokes before, but this was the biggest and the best of all. What would we do without you?"

Feathers looked shocked. "You mean you don't hate me because I'm different?" The older dinosaur smiled.

"Of course not Feathers." explained the elder of the herd. "All of us are different, with no dinosaur being exactly like his neighbor. We have dinos that stand on four legs and dinos that stand on two. There are girl dinosaurs and boy dinosaurs. Some girl dinosaurs love boy dinosaurs and some like other girl dinosaurs. Some boy dinosaurs like girl dinosaurs and some like other boy dinosaurs. Some eat berries and some eat leaves. some are tall and some are short. Everyone is different Feathers, and that makes me glad."

Feathers was confused. "It does? But why is being different a good thing?"

The elder laughed. "Because, my little dino, if everyone was the same, life would be really boring and serious. Everyone, we must celebrate this day every year," The elder exclaimed. "The day of Feathers bestest joke."

"A day where we celebrate being different. All of us dinosaurs will decorate ourselves in her honor," said a third. "And Feathers will decorate herself dinosaur colored."

And so it was. On that day each year, all the dinosaurs would colour themselves yellow, or orange, or red, or pink, or purple, or blue, or green, or black, or white and have a parade. Some put on leaves, some put on feathers, some played instruments, and some sang. And if you were to go and you were to see one dinosaur who was an ordinary dinosaur color, you will know that she had to be Feathers.


Lyra closed the book at looked at the faces of the foals around, all of them mesmerized by the story. "You see children," Bon Bon said. "Being different should never be a bad thing. Just like there are different kinds of candies, there are different kinds of ponies."

"Thank you Bon Bon, you've given me a great idea." said Cheerilee. "Class, I want all of us to share what makes them different or special today."

The class agreed that this was the best show and tell they ever had.

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It's not every day that I see a story of this caliber anywhere other than the top of the feature box. If you keep writing this much d'aww food, you'll end up going somewhere. Also, Feather is best Dinosaur.

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