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Princess Celestia attempts to hunt the most dangerous game: man. Her assistant wants more than anything for her to get back to work.

Artist is lovelyneckbeard

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Everyone has their circle of friends in college. Mine is relatively small. There's me, Noah, an Astronomy major. There's Klaus, a griffon, and a Game Design major. There's Maud, an earth pony, and a Geology major...

and then there's Nightshade.

She's a transfer student from Equestria, and the most recent member of our circle. Klaus, Maud and I have known her for three months, and she's adjusted nicely to life in Florida. We all consider her to be a close friend, and she seems to feel the same way about us.

But as much as we'd all like to think that we know everything about our best friends, sometimes that isn't the case.

This is an HiE/Anthro story where humans and ponies have been in contact for fifteen years, and takes place after Season 3, but in an alternate timeline from Season 4. The story takes place on Earth, and because I know someone will ask: THIS IS NOT RELATED TO ANY OF MY PREVIOUS STORIES.

Cover Art: Me
Editor: danail24
Creative Consultant: Dewybmt

Featured on 7/12/14!

Chapters (20)

Anon waits for Princess Celestia on his last day on Equestria.

Written in second person. And for kicks. And for fluff practice. And for Celestia practice.

Rated T for implied nudity and sex tag because why not.

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Granny Smith insists that Applejack has to go to the dentist.

But she doesn't have to like it.

At all.

Reviewed by Seattle's Angels on March 16th, 2015.

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A collection of letters to Ponyville's Mailmare.

Cover image by huussii.
Proofreading by RaylanKrios.

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Redeliverable | Rerouted | Unimaginable | An Impossible Letter

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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia is in your bed.

It's hard to get rid of a sun goddess when she doesn't want to be gotten rid of.

Reading the prequel is highly recommended. Find Chapter 3 here!
Rated teen for mild language.
Now with audio reading by MelancholyIguana
Cover art by SilFoe.

Chapters (2)

Dusk Shine and Princess Celestia have been dating for nearly two years now. But after countless failed attempts at having foals, Dusk Shine seeks the help of medical staff. The result leaves the stallion devastated.

Just a short story I threw together

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Down a well-traveled side street off the lower Las Pegasus market, stands a proud building with a dignified brass plaque on the door that simply says "The Sex Shop." Everypony's heard rumors of what's inside.

Trigger warning: Not a clopfic

Audio reading by AShadowOfCygnus

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Princess Celestia is in your bed, and you don't know why: what do?

Cute, funny, and short. Have fun reading!

Proofreading by RaylanKrios.
Now with audio reading by CaptainBron3y
Second audio reading by MeloncholyIguana.

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This story is a sequel to Broken Vinyl, A Sorrow Filled Melody

Caught for smuggling drugs into Canterlot, Vinyl is put in prison. Tavi comes to visit her, and she isn't in any mood to forgive and forget.

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