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A collection of letters from Ponyville's Old Mailmare.

A spinoff of Undeliverable by ocalhoun. Written for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest. I suggest that you keep a tab with the other story open, as this content relies heavily on it.

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Wow. Just... wow. I loved everything about this, from the simplicity of the plot, to the perfectly timed back-and-forth from letter to reality, to the sheer fact that it was interwoven so well with the first story. It has earned my like and favorite. Bravo, and I hope you place! :twilightsmile:

Well, that's just fantastic. I wanted to do something with this story. Now I'm really going to have to step up to the plate to measure up to this. Thanks a lot.

And no, not even I know if I'm being sarcastic or not. I really did enjoy the story, though.

Oh... I think I get it.

Basically, when Ditzy has her eyes aligned, it signals Harmonic Magic being released. In time, the Elements were found, and they had been used to stop numerous threats, draining the world of its Harmony Magic. Ditzy realized this, and knew that she had to do something to fix it. The only problem, was that in doing so, it would effectively rob her of her life. She re-energized the world's Harmony levels, but likely died doing so.

I'm probably wrong, though...

No I don't get it...

Have some more like though.

Wow, I really wasn't expecting something this good from the very first story!

Bravo, good author, bravo. You've kept the mystery and the tone of the original, but not only that, you built on it, making it better with your interspersal of narrative between the letters. Heh, and just like the original, it leaves a lot of questions in the reader's mind, not bothering to answer them.

Not only that, the whole thing is written skillfully! The only things I might be able to pick apart would be a tiny bit of awkward wording ("The path she was on wound up the side of") that took a couple read-throughs to make sense of -- though it does make sense, and perhaps Derpy's letters reading a bit too flat, without much personality showing through in the wording. But then again, maybe that's just your take on Derpy's personality. (I, for one, could never see her threatening a bartender...) And then there's the question of how she got and replied to these letters, but that's easy to let slide.

I thought this one would be good... I wasn't expecting it to be this good! I really am impressed.

A review for ocalhoun's big 250k contest.
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Alone in the cold, she smiled, all while holding back a sob.

This, right here, is perhaps one of the best uses of juxtaposition I have ever seen in fanfiction. It really does serve summarize the entirety of the story that precedes it, the fondness of all Ditzy's memories along with the sadness of departure meld neatly. Instaliked.

I'm a bit confused at what happened in this story, I see it involves Miss Doo going on some epic journey, but the specifics escape me. Still great story overall.

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