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Sunset had a friend, once.

She didn't know his parents, didn't know where he lived, and didn't even know his name. But he was willing to talk to her when others simply ignored or ridiculed.

Then she got her cutie mark.

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This... this is an interesting premise. Quite well executed, too.

Sunburst really gets around, huh?

I have nothing to say. This was really good.:scootangel:

I came up with the premise for two reasons:
1) Oh, the Irony.
2) I wanted to do a story with Starburst in it.


You mean the irony that he broke the hearts of two little fillies by not being their friend?:ajbemused:

The Irony is dramatic irony. This is when the characters don't know something that the readers know - In this case, who Sunburst is.

Did she get even with the Bullies?


She had given them what they deserved.

So yes.

6728732 Now I want to see a sequel where Moon Dancer almost got out of her funk when she made friends with this young stallion at the library, but at a key moment he ditched her and she got more turned off friendship than ever before.


I agree. This has to happen.

6735285 Trixie was a humble unicorn until her brief friend Sunburst stopped paying attention to her because another mare was louder and better at drawing attention to herself, so Trixie vowed she would never be ignored again.


Have him destroy the trust of a pair of twin colts, turning them into crooked swindlers, and we have one orange unicorn who is secretly a main source of conflict in the show. Huzzah!

6735341 I love it, he's not even aware he does it either.

"I sure have made a lot of friends in my travels. My favorite experience was that time I traveled back in time to the Crystal Empire and told a humble guardspony he should stand up for himself more and support the mining and stairs-construction industry. I wonder whatever happened to him?"


The problem is, after a while they would get really stale unless I converted it over to a comedy - which I am abysmal at writing. I'll put the Moondancer one on my prompt pile, though.


So, is Sunburst just going to become the MLP Jar Jar Binks? Every bad thing in the universe that has ever happened ends up being his fault?

Because I am so down with that.

6759051 That's actually a pretty good idea. Sunburst is pretty awkward a bit goofy, or at least he was until Starlight reconnected with him and helped him save the Crystal Empire.

Very interesting and genuinely dramatic. The dialogue was believable and I'll remember the ending for some time. Is the 'balance' at the end that Sunset balances out the world by giving ponies what she thinks they deserve?

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