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Pinkie Pie has been known to be the cheery, random pony that can make everyone laugh. She's the one who brought smiles to faces of anybody feeling down. Deep inside, she has a secret that has prevented her from laughing or even smiling when it surfaces to her mind.

It was April 14th when the tragedy struck. The tragedy that changed her and her sister's lives forever.

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Continuing from Little Big Pony's Just Another Mare... Celestia discusses the blessing and curse of being with Marcus. She expresses how he has touched her, changed her, and now is in the twilight years of his life.

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Pinkamina may have been a guilt-free killer for some time, but the funny thing about death is that it's permanent. Those you kill will never be around again, will never see the light of day once more, will never share another smile with you. Now, thanks to her, Rainbow Dash, along with many others, are among those numbers. As this reality begins to settle in, she regrets her actions more and more. We are here, not to see her suffer against her own thoughts, but to see the moment in which she was finally freed of her torment, the moment she finds the answer to her sorrows.

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Luna has finally decided it is time to take an assistant. Just somepony to assist with paperwork, meetings, and a few other miscellaneous tasks. Soon after this decision is made she highers a shy stallion named Star Dasher. To Luna he was somewhat unique: he was like a male Fluttershy (without the soft animal-loving heart), he has a record of solving problems with ease, and in the opinion of previous employers is a "Spectacular friend, once past the shyness". She hires him and quickly takes a liking to him, even if he doesn't return return the feeling. Will he resist her or will he embrace her?

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