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(Second Person POV Story)

You wake up in the morning, not in you own bed but is someone else's with no memory of how you got there. But that isn't the biggest worry as sleeping next to you is Pinkie Pie. Thus starts a long adventure to retrace your steps and answer the most important question on your mind: Did We?

Rated Teen for Sexual Themes.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to The Girl Who Makes Your Heart Flutter

A couple of months have passed since the Mane 7 found their boyfriends and have planned and set up a big pool party at one of their houses to celebrate the good times they all had together. And to honor one particular couple who are going to be proud parents in just a few more months.

Chapters (1)

About a year ago, Rainbow Dash, one of the greatest athletes to ever attend Canterlot High, confessed her love to you, and even asked you out. You didn't know how to respond. At the time, rejection seemed like the best way to go. After she confessed, you ignored her; afraid of her trying to attract you, and also afraid of accidentally saying something to break her heart even more.

Now, Rainbow Dash has come to you with a question that has been on her mind for months.

Proofread by AngelDCS

This story now has a live reading by Naviskypegasus.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Confessions In The Sunset

Twilight and her friends have been married to their human husbands for years now, and decided to host a special dinner for her and friends near the gazebo as a way of celebrating their happiness, and the best part is having their children join the party, including a few royal friends

Chapters (1)

A young human called Alex is transported to Equestria without knowing how or why. After being discovered by Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike in the Everfree Forest, Alex soon learns that he is a very special case.
He now finds himself running for his life as everypony is out to get him.

Will Alex escape this ponified nightmare, or will he find himself as a prized catch?

This story was inspired by 'We will Catch You if we Can' by proto-alpha.

Chapters (27)

This story is a sequel to Anon-a-Miss

It's been almost half a year since the events that took place on Mystable.
Most of the students at CHS have learned from the incident, vowing to do whatever it takes to atone.
Meanwhile, there are others who refuse to let go, still consumed by thoughts of revenge.

Apart from these two groups, there is one student in particular who was changed entirely.

Preread by Hattafan2593 and Cerealkiller78

Disclaimer for readers who enjoyed the previous story:

The original was multiple chapters long, whereas this is only a one-shot.
And as such, this story won't carry as much weight as the original.
The purpose of this story is to give an idea of "What happened next".

Disclaimer for new people:

If you haven't read the previous story that this is a continuation of then you're going to be confused.

* Jan 27th, first feature. Thanks everyone!

Chapters (1)

In the EQG Holiday Special, Sunset figured out that Anon-a-Miss was actually Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom.
But what if things happened differently?
What if Sunset never figured out who Anon-a-Miss really was?
What if her friends refused to listen after her little chat with Twilight?
For those who haven't seen it, the comic can be read here:

Chapters (14)

Parody of Hamtaro Please Come Home, but my own twist.
Sunset Shimmer ran away from home after accused for being Anon-A-Miss and posting everyone's secret, her decision led her on an adventure. Meanwhile Anon-A-Miss reveal them self, and the main 5 along with the rest of the school are on the quest to find their friend and bring her home.
P.S: This is one of my earliest stories

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to Bitter Tears: An Anon-A-Miss Fanfic

"Bitter Tears" ended on a bittersweet note, with Sunset determined to heal and move on from the Anon-A-Miss incident, and her friendships with the Mane 5 as strained as ever.

This technical sequel is a series of oneshots, in no particular order, that shows the different P.O.Vs of the characters who were affected by the events in the previous fic - from Sunset to CMC, and even the Dazzlings, and how they're adjusting to their now-human life after their defeat.

Chapters (7)

Sunset was very hurt and betrayed by her so-called friends after they callously dumped her during the Anon-A-Miss incident. However, she can't bring herself to leave; she can't go back to being the person she was - aloof, cold, and alone.

And so she buries it. Tries to forget it. Easier said than done.

Chapters (16)
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