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A class field trip gets the Cutie Mark Crusaders talking about their parents. And an off-hoof comment by Apple Bloom gets Scootaloo wondering about something. She goes to Applejack to commiserate.

Revolves around S9E12, The Last Crusade, though that's maybe a spoiler.

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Rainbow Dash didn’t know she’d be on the precipice of the biggest change in her life when she nonchalantly agreed to help Pinkie Pie. Throw a party, make a lot of foals happy, go home. That was the plan.

So…why does she keep going back? Why does home…feel so empty?

Unable to shake the one foal that refuses to leave her head, Rainbow Dash is ready to jump into the greatest change—and greatest challenge—of her life.

And that, my friends, is only the beginning.

Chinese translation by luhcow:
无光,无声 Unseen, Unheard - FimTale

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Diamond Tiara is getting a bit of a reputation as a problem solver, ever since she began putting her cutie mark to good use.

In trying to help her new friend Scootaloo from leaving Ponyville forever though, she may well have met her match now.....

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Twilight's in a bit of a pickle. On one hand, two years of marriage with Rainbow Dash have been absolutely wonderful. On the other, well... two years of marriage have passed without a single thing happening in the bedroom.

Why? Well, that's one mystery even she can't seem to solve.

Then Scootaloo comes home from school and asks Rainbow a question that makes everything crystal clear.

Rainbow has no idea what she's talking about.

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Comments may contain spoilers. Scroll down at your own risk.

Scootaloo never had an easy life. Not only was she orphaned at a very young age, but she is also a pegasus doomed to never attain flight.

But her life changes forever when she meets Fang, an eccentric magician who is not what she seems. Fang keeps many secrets, but Scootaloo will soon discover that she too carries one – a dark and terrible secret, hidden away in her own heart. One that even she herself was not aware of.

As the two grow closer and more secrets are revealed, Scootaloo must find the courage to open her heart, learn the mysteries of magic, and discover what it means to be a familiar.

Act 1 completed. The story is on hiatus for the time being until I have more chapters written.

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Scootaloo is the last pony Rarity ever thought would want to be more 'Rarity', but that's exactly what the filly claims. Sadly, Scootaloo's understanding of generosity is disastrously flawed.

Rarity's not about to let that stand.

"I hate Rarity. Somehow, this story made me like her. ...a fun, engaging, intriguing fic." – kalash93, Reviewer's Cafe

The Generosity Series
Chronological from Top to Bottom:
Lessons in Generosity
Study of Generosity
Friend of Generosity
Allure of Generosity
Heir of Generosity?
Triangle of Generosity

A little one shot written for The Barcast's Make Rarity Not Garbage contest.

Cover art by the amazing Koveliana.

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Dreams are such delicate things, and Scootaloo’s are more fragile than most.

But in Equestria, dreams are protected. Sometimes a filly just needs a helping hoof to learn how to hope again.

Edited by Knight of Cerebus

Cover art by Joemasterpencil. Go check him out!

This story has a reading! Slightly older version of the story, but the reading is very well done. It can be found here.

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Trapped in Apple Bloom's wardrobe in order to cover her, Scootaloo is forced to entertain herself as quietly as possible.

It goes about as well as you can expect.

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Scootaloo doesn't get to see her mother as often as she would like. So when Celestia announces a contest where the prize is the chance to be a Princess for a Day, Scootaloo sees it as an opportunity to make her mother notice her.

The idea for this fic was originally done by Matt11 (you can read his version Here), I asked if I could try my hand at his premise and he agreed, so here's what I came up with.

Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2 edited by RandomSomepony4357 and Nuki Mouse

Chapter 4 edited by This guy

Chapter 5, 6 and 7 edited by Notapony (Yes I know that this story has a lot of different editors)

Chapter 8 and 9 edited by TheGreatEater (The list keeps growing)

Cover art done by choedan-kal and posted with permission.

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After so many attempts and failures at getting her cutie mark through flying, Scootaloo considers giving up. Defeated, the filly returns to her training grounds to reflect on her trials, where she is joined by a dragon who is willing to offer a solution. (Or at least some comfort)

Cover art is Spike and Scootaloo Being Awesome by nickman983

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