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    Created by SweetAI Belle
    - October, 2014
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A class field trip gets the Cutie Mark Crusaders talking about their parents. And an off-hoof comment by Apple Bloom gets Scootaloo wondering about something. She goes to Applejack to commiserate.

Revolves around S9E12, The Last Crusade, though that's maybe a spoiler.

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Diamond Tiara is getting a bit of a reputation as a problem solver, ever since she began putting her cutie mark to good use.

In trying to help her new friend Scootaloo from leaving Ponyville forever though, she may well have met her match now.....

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Featured 3/3/2017!

Everypony knows about a Cute-ceañera, the traditional celebration of obtaining a Cutie Mark. But there's one other tradition that some do not know of: changing your name to match your Mark. The CMC just found out about this, and are hungry to learn more.

A simple 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' style story investigating a common fan idea that I'm in agreement on. Hope you enjoy it!

In face it's not clear, the title is a pun on Mark of Shame.

Also included are many Development Gags and Fandom Nods.

Commissioned by http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/ !

Preview image by http://dasprid.deviantart.com/!

MLP belongs to Hasbro!

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It was a bright sunny day when Princess Celestia was taken from us by three very familiar fillies... Or was she?

Idea from Rated Ponystar and Edited by Jumbled

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The Worst Possible Thing happens to Sweetie Belle. She falls asleep in class. Well, at least her friends can back her up. Right?

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When yet another unsuccessful attempt at getting Cutie Marks results in Apple Bloom having too much time on her hooves, she turns to books in the hope of hatching a plan that definitely cannot possibly fail. However, one book in particular—an inconspicuous little thing concerning old history and something called a "golem"—catches her attention and becomes the object for her boundless energy, much to her sister's concern.

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have their own problems to deal with, consisting of a fussy, overbearing older sister and an undeniably awesome yet slightly oblivious role model. On top of that, they soon have to contend with their best friend's zealous conviction that the answer to their troubles lies well beyond the safety of home.

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With the other Cutie Mark Crusaders caught up in family obligations, Scootaloo enlists the aid of her mentor, Rainbow Dash, to earn her cutie mark. But when Rainbow Dash's theatrics leave Scootaloo broken hearted, the elder pegasus has to look past her own definition of awesome to make ammends.

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A loose tooth has been bothering Apple Bloom for several weeks. Her sister says all she has to do is wait and it will fall out, but she tired of waiting. She wants it out now! And she will do anything to get it out.

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After a medical exam, Scootaloo was given the news that she only has a 20% chance of ever being able to fly. Her aunt may be willing to accept that diagnosis, but Scootaloo isn't willing to accept her fate, and is determined to fly by any means possible, no matter what risks it may bring.

Set in the same universe as "On a Rainy Day", though this story is self contained.

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It's been ages since the Cutie Mark Crusaders became friends, yet they still have not acquired their cutie marks. As they've been told, self-discovery comes at its own pace. However, when one of the crusaders discovers her special talent first, what does it mean for the trio of friends? Will there even still be a friendship?

A story of how the CMC finally acquire their cutie marks.

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