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With the other Cutie Mark Crusaders caught up in family obligations, Scootaloo enlists the aid of her mentor, Rainbow Dash, to earn her cutie mark. But when Rainbow Dash's theatrics leave Scootaloo broken hearted, the elder pegasus has to look past her own definition of awesome to make ammends.

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i liked this, it warmed my heart. and i felt rainbows personality was pretty close to how she would act.

That gave me feels. Too many feels.

Hehe! Freakin' Dashie, man :ajbemused:

It was all trying to be nice but dashie was ignorant . I was hoping dash would relate to scoots and that's how'd play out this is good too.

Fricken' Adorable man :pinkiehappy:

3042835 You are very very welcome!

Author Interviewer

"quadestrian" bothered me the whole time I was reading this story c.c

Because "pedestrian" is derived from the word for foot, not from anything about walking stance, so a "proper" ponification would require using "ungulae" as the root word, which likely would result in something so convoluted as to be unrecognizable, so it might be worth just sticking to familiar English. :B Sorry, I'm being pedantic about pedestrians, but like I said, it was distracting. D:

OMG that was really emotional despite it was quick. Still sweet :pinkiesmile:

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