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When Sweetie Belle got zapped during the Zap Apple Harvest, no one thought much of the filly's light electrocution. However, the zapping has given her a most unusual ability... the ability to change the color of objects, temporarily, into the colors of the rainbow. This is surprising to the little filly, as she has yet to achieve mastery of most magical arts beyond a novice.

Naturally, her adventurous streak gives her an idea. Sweetie Belle will become a superhero. She is the vibrant guardian, the watcher of the palette. She is...


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Amazing new cover art drawn by Droll3 on Deviantart.com! Drop him a favorite and a comment!

Four days after the marriage of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, as well as the defeat of Queen Chrysalis, Fluttershy receives a visit by Twilight. Twilight tells her that if she sees any changelings, she needs to tell her immediately, on Celestia's orders. Fluttershy, not wishing to do so, begins thinking about it, and the things she thinks of makes her anxious and uneasy. In doing so, she decides to take a walk into the Everfree Forest to calm her mind and enjoy the view. While admiring the scenery, she trips on something. Looking back, she finds something she feared having to find, for the risk of being shunned by her society-a hurt changeling. Because of the nature of Celestia's instructions, Fluttershy must make a tough decision: Whether to turn this changeling in or to bring it into her home to make it better.

The real question is will Fluttershy fall to the peer pressure of society, or will she do what her heart tells her is right?

I do not own the cover image, nor any of the characters displayed in this story (except for the changeling.)

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Let's see... how does this work again? Oh, it's already logging? Um... yeah, okay, hi there, whoever you are that's reading this! I'm Gadget, and I live with an old scientist dude who got fired from his job. Also, I'm a small unicorn that has an eerie resemblance to Smurfette.

One day, I hope I can figure out why the heck I look like I came straight out of My Little Pony.

Now, about that. You see, it's kind of a funny story...

Cover art made using Mutter_Butter's rendition of pony Gadget and Momoruuu's drawing of human Gadget/Zoey.
Preread by tsaukpaetra.

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Scootaloo has been without a place to call home for a long time, and up until now, she's been relatively fine. But the winter is only getting colder, and her Crusader's cape isn't doing much to keep her warm at night in the unheated clubhouse, and she just hopes for a better life maybe, with a certain filly with a pastel pink and violet mane, but right now she just wants a home..

Edited by Sleepy Panda
Proofread by Rainbow FlutterDash and Sky Melody

Thanks to Sollace for help with the title and temporary cover art

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Twilight Sparkle's coronation was just over a month ago. Organizing Winter Wrap-Up back in Ponyville kept the longing questions of what she was to do next at the back of her mind for a while, but now that's passed as well. Spring is here, and everything seems the same...

Princess Celestia knows that they could be facing a big problem if they cannot figure out how to create more of Snowdrop's special stars. She devises a plan which seems somewhat absurd -- go back in time and retrieve the little filly, then bring her back to the present time, over a thousand years past where she belonged. Her faithful student and newest princess, Twilight Sparkle, seems like just the pony for the job. If she keeps Twilight and Snowdrop together, the new alicorn might just learn a thing or two.

The magic required to pull off the feat will be difficult, but it's their only chance. Celestia begins to write a letter to call her old student to Canterlot, hoping she will be up to the task.

This story is inspired by and based around the tale of Snowdrop, a blind filly who changed how everypony thought of winter on the centennial anniversary of the Princess' rule over Equestria, at the 100th Spring Sunrise. The idea of Snowdrop was taken from Silly Filly Studios' fantastic fan animation of the same name, which can be found here.

Some parts of Chapter 3 are somewhat sad, but I intend for most of this story to be fun and happy, and will not be tagging it as a sad fic. The scenario in which the majority of the story (which begins in Chapter 4) kind of required this sad portion to be put in. Some of the recollection of Snowdrop's tale in Chapter 2 is purposely inaccurate (This is partially explained in Chapter 3).

This is the first time I've ever ventured down the path of writing fanfiction, so I apologize if it's not up to snuff. I feel like I write too much. Do I write too much? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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