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After so many attempts and failures at getting her cutie mark through flying, Scootaloo considers giving up. Defeated, the filly returns to her training grounds to reflect on her trials, where she is joined by a dragon who is willing to offer a solution. (Or at least some comfort)

Cover art is Spike and Scootaloo Being Awesome by nickman983

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All I can say about this fic is

You wound me sir with all the feels.....

Also spikaloo otp

Feel have been here today, and will be here for many days to come.

Congratulations on your achievement soldier static.allmystery.de/upics/fb2f6a_rainbow_dash_salute_by_atomicgreymon-d3b.png

5165994 that's insanely high res. And thank you.


My god man, this was a great read, thank you.

>explicative statement
>"great read"

:pinkiehappy: You spoil me :coolphoto:

Go big or go home, as they saying goes :raritywink:

And nah, I think their right. I certainly agree anyway, as does your likes/dislikes ratio. This was mathematically a proven good read! :twilightsmile:

Or math is wrong and the website is spoiling you. Who knows :pinkiecrazy:

5167485 Well then you either way. This actually took the longest to write from concept to publication. I initially wanted it to be a Scootaloo fic featuring her parents, and emphasizing the fact that she had them and had a good relationship with them, but it seriously lacked plot. It would be an easier concept (and better in my opinion) to feature the situation in another longer story which can have multiple focuses.
I didn't necessarily want it to be a shipfic either, because the premise I was dying to use was far too cheesy. Hopefully I'll get to use both ideas later, in an idea I've already been discussing with a few other writers.

As for the numbers, I'm still secretly dreading the '9 dislikes' curse that befell my other two stories.

I'm not spoiling you. This was really well written. Plus, it works ending there, or you could easily continue it into a much longer story. I really like it. Great job!

Chapter 1-Complete? Is there more or have you not said any name for it

5168582 I used the auto-name thing. I haven't thought of a chapter name and haven't bothered to change it yet lol.

Meh, the nine will be nine. Focus on the green! :raritywink:

And more importantly these comments. I'd totally put a comment equivalent to like..3 thumbs up :moustache:

5168891 KK :rainbowdetermined2: If it was me id end up with calling it flight united but thats me yee it is derpy :derpyderp1: and cliché

That was real cute, Scootaloo:scootangel: meet Mr. Bell HUEY. Huey will give you vertical mobility . The Kentucky Fried Air Force moves on !:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::yay::moustache::raritywink::ajsmug::facehoof::ajbemused:

This perspective on cutie marks is interesting....

5175633 *screaming internally* Thank you! :yay:
I had that idea for so long and wondered why I hadn't seen a fic about it earlier. I may even revisit it later in another story.

Yeah, you know, I was actually wondering some of this kind of stuff myself, even thought about making a fic about it, though a little different, adventure-ish , and such....

Cute and supportive!:moustache::scootangel:

cooo! SO KAWAII! im dying.:derpytongue2: And completely missing the point. I know that the romance is hidden (sort of) This is a very cute fic and it's very supportive:pinkiesmile:

5680639 The point was simply to illustrate that Scootaloo and the crusaders were taking something they had for granted. They would eventually find what they were good at and love it, wheras Spike would never know for sure what his destiny was. It also should have been noted (I can't really remember at this point) that that gave both Spike and Scootaloo the opportunity to grow and choose what they wanted to do. I'm glad you liked the story! :pinkiehappy:
Thank you for reading.

Though SpikeBelle is my second favorite ship I'm a big fan of this pairing next of the three C.M.C, nothing against Apple Bloom and I still love her, she's funny as hell but with these two it just...clicks, Scoot is not a rebound like Sweetie might be and she has her own flare that none of her friends do, a complete smart ass, I love that about her and I'm honestly hoping for a much longer view of this pairing my friend, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

SpikexSonata in the five score universe
SpikexCheerilee in the canon universe

I just really like shipping Spike. I know those are bad, but I'm just having fun. And in this one, it was a friend ship instead of a relation ship, which I think I'll probably handle again in other stories.

Thank you again for being so supportive, I've loved reading your comments.

6019887 Who? And ha! I love Cheerlie!

I completely understand, I'm a very big fan of Spike myself, though I enjoy making him older in my stories, personally, the way he is now is basically a doormat and a wimp which pisses me off cause he's a bucking dragon!

Anyway, like I said I love Spikealoo and can't wait to see how'll create such a romance if at all, all I can think of is Scoots having a mouth on her....this should be fun, and I'm honored and hoping if you have the time you may look over my own work, my only regret is that many of my old fics have the creatures really OOC, I never meant for such to happen, honest but since it's mature I'd thought it needed to be more serious.

I'm trying to keep them true to who they are but since Spike is in a lot of my stories and older it sometimes has an AU tag.

6019904 40.media.tumblr.com/490651378f4d111f745402eafc586a95/tumblr_notqq3YKZe1qh0crdo1_1280.png

This cute, totally-not-a-pony hippocampois with musical skills who's been lingering on Earth for around a thousand years.

This was a sweet story, but the ending felt a little... off...
It isn't that it ruined the story, nor that I'm not supportive of the SpikeXScootaloo pairing (even though the only other story that I've read with that particular pairing was Three Magics, and I personally prefer ScootalooXRumble and SpikeXRarity).
I just can't quite explain it...

I'll still favorite the story, though.

6440199 could you be more specific please? I feel perhaps it might have been off because it wasn't intended to be an actual 'pairing' so much as a bonding point in their friendship. Although I can see from the comments that may not be how it came out.

Either way, thank you for your input and the favorite. It is much appreciated!

6440600 Actually, yeah, that explains it.
If it had either been just a simple friendly hug, or a kiss that was meant to be romantic, it would have felt more natural, especially on Scootaloo's end.

6440684 Okay. I can't really argue or complain on that end. I'll try to improve it in the stories that I write in the future, but in this one I wanted it to feel more 'real' than natural. I see Spike as a go-getter, so getting up and taking off before everything is settled is something that would be in character for him, especially since he rarely considers himself over others. In this case, I think Scootaloo's reaction was more out of shyness than infatuation, but I know I probably didn't do it that well.
Again, thanks for your feedback!

6440959 That makes more sense.
And you're welcome

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