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Luna and Sunset talk on the roof of Canterlot High School.

Sunset has no desire to kill herself; what concerns Luna is that that isn't the same as wanting to be alive. In fact, it's not even close.

Note about the content:
The "Suicide / Self Harm" tag is only for stories that actually contain those things. There's no warning tag (or any kind of tag) for stories that contain discussion of those things, or related things, without actually featuring them. So I'm warning you here.

This is about a specific kind of deep depression: the kind where you don't particularly want to live. At one point Sunset talks about possible ways she could die, and how none of them would bother her. So if you're not up for reading things suicide related and suicide adjacent, steer clear.

Now that I've spoiled almost every aspect of the story, let me ruin the rest. I didn't tag this as "Sad" because I don't think it's sad. It's definitely heavy, but that's not the same thing.

You might disagree about whether it's sad, though, so take that into account when deciding whether or not you want to read it. If you do read, and you think it should be tagged as "Sad", please tell me in the comments. (The last thing I want to do is bring people down when they're not prepared for it.)

Chapters (1)

Sometimes, life goes on. Even when it doesn't.

In which everyone must learn to cope.

Cover art created by the wonderful Scampy. Many thanks, friend.

Chapters (10)

It was supposed to be a normal weekend sleepover at Rainbow’s house, not like the one three weeks ago when they summoned a demon by accident, but the night of fun for the girls got interrupted by a sudden blackout, and if that wasn’t enough, Sunset’s powers went out of control, giving her an insatiable desire to snuggle her friends.

Inspired by the adorable cover art done by DrakeyC

Featured a few hours after release :yay:

Generously edited by Night-Quill

Chapters (1)

Starlight writes her final farewell to Twilight.

She didn't expect this to be this hard.

But it's for the best.

She only hopes Twilight sees it this way too.

Inspired by Thought I'd Let You Know

Chapters (1)

Scything can be hard, especially if you don't have two spare appendages for holding things. And although the Grim Reaper is bipedal, he knows enough about scythes to teach filly Applejack on its proper usage.

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio now available!

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This story is a sequel to Divine Labor

After the Equestrian Fluttershy offered her human counterpart some emotional support, the others asking questions about their own pony analogues was all but inevitable. But some are bound to obsess over their equine achievements more than others.

And at least one is going to do something about that obsession.

Part of the Oversaturated World.

Chapters (1)

It all started with a simple question. "Can the portal go to other places besides Equestria?

The answer turned out to be "No, but we might be able to make one that can."

When their research is complete, Sunset and Twilight are pulled into an adventure in another world, where they meet even more doppelgängers of themselves. But their alternate counterparts may reveal some things about themselves they never knew.

Chapters (1)

Luna is the small-chested princess. The petite princess. Celestia's big, beautiful chest floof drives everyone wild, but Luna plans to overtake her sister at last. All she needs is a discreet clinic capable of a simple procedure:

A floof job.

Now with a dramatic reading!

Chapters (1)

We, the ponies of New Canterlot, do hereby dissolve the position of Monarch of Equestria, stripping it of all rights and privileges, effective immediately.

Second place in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Event 100 contest. The prompt was "A Worthy End."

Cover art by the delightful Snow Quill.

Chapters (1)

There's a tension in Twilight and Rarity's relationship, one that they've danced around and only now are brave enough to address head on.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event! Sorry I'm late.

Consider giving something to those who need it most.

Chapters (4)
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