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While visiting Earth, Flurry Heart gets invited to a birthday party. Oops.

Sequel: The Disney Princess.


Flurry art is https://derpibooru.org/2059854

Thanks to the folks at the site Discord for idea bouncing and brainstorming.

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Sunset Shimmer's been informed of the Cozy Glow debacle, and now she's worried about Cozy’s human counterpart. Is it wrong to suspect someone based on their parallel self’s sins? Snappy character vignette that gives equal POV time to Sunset and human Cozy trying to figure out just what the other’s deal is.

Teen rating for depictions of mental illness and Cozy’s casual use of crass language. Cover image made by me slapping some EG vectors on top of each other in Microsoft Powerpoint.

:pinkiegasp:Written reccomendation by a very reputable user:pinkiegasp:

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This story is a sequel to Innocent Until Proven Cozy

Sunset Shimmer knows the risks of blabbing about Equestria. Especially to people whose counterparts are... unsavory. The human counterpart of Cozy Glow was a gamble, but so far she's paid off. A troubled girl struggling to stay good. All Sunset has to do is keep her trust.

Something very hard to do after a nosy native Equestrian shows up.

:pinkiegasp: First Place Winner :pinkiegasp:

of the 4th Annual Cozy Glow Story Contest, using the prompt "Cozy's got a secret!"

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After seeking refuge in Equestria during the Anon-A-Miss fiasco, Sunset Shimmer is stranded in Equestria. Convinced that she's just not cut out for friendship, Sunset throws herself back into her studies. Unfortunately for her, all the magic around CHS has attracted the attention of a certain spectacled scientist. When her device accidentally pulls the mysterious energy from the statue in front of the school, she is shocked when an amber unicorn was pulled out with it. With the portal not working, the two must work together to gather the energy needed to send Sunset home from the only magical source left to tap: Sunset's former friends, all while dealing with the overbearing principal of Crystal Prep as the Friendship Games approach.

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When deafness stole away her music, Octavia Melody became the greatest composer in Equestria. Her Tenth Symphony lies finished before her, the pinnacle of all her work, done against all odds at the very end of her life.

Yet the clock ticks, and she finds herself under the gaze of gods and devils. With only Discord's mocking aid, Octavia must journey through her past to save her very soul.

Cover art by JowyB!

(A ponified take on "Beethoven's Last Night" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.)

(AU-tagged because the quasi-godly figures such as Celestia, Tirek, and Discord occupy a pantheon with rules and limits instead of simply being protagonists and villains.)

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Six years ago, Flash Sentry met Wallflower Blush, the awkward new girl moving to a room almost opposite his own, for the first time.

Today, Flash Sentry is meeting Wallflower Blush, a mournful, broken soul reeling from the aftereffects of a year of causing so much hurt to others, for the first time.

He doesn't remember her. Wallflower remembers him.

Yet she wonders if he understands her better than she does herself.

Written for Bicyclette's Flash Sentry Contest. See the other entries here! Pre-read by The Sleepless Beholder and FanOfMostEverything.

Cover art edited by myself using a still from the first Equestria Girls movie.

Depending on the time period, some sections are written in first-person present-tense, others in second-person past tense. In all cases, the POV is that of Wallflower. Not in continuity with any of my other stories.

Featured on 1/25/23-1/26/23!

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The waiter has just made a very funny mistake. See, he thinks Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Rarity are all dating, when it's actually just Twilight and Dash. Rarity thinks it's very funny not to correct him. Now how far can she take the joke?

A spiritual sequel to Flimsy Pretexts, written as a response to the effervescent Monochromatic. An effort to close our loop of RariTwi x Dash, then RariDash x Twi - naturally there needed to be a TwiDash x Rarity for balance.

Preread by Pearple Prose and Undome Tinwe

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Pinkamena just wants to stay in her own lane. If Pinkie has a problem that needs yelled at, kicked at, or jeeringly tolerated until it goes away, she can handle it. But what’s a sourfaced split personality to do when her agreeable half vanishes overnight like a fart in the wind?

Pinkamena is not a sleuth. Nor a convincing actress. But she’ll need to be both to guise as Pinkie and solve the mystery of where her better half went.

What a pain in the flank.

(Teen rating for Pinkamena’s crassness and comically short temper.)

Its National Novel Writing Month! I'm breaking my regular short story conventions for a multi-chapter tale of fumbling comedy, uneasy mystery, and (most frightful of all) first-person narration.

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One week after the Fall Formal, an expulsion trial is held to determine if Sunset Shimmer should be allowed to continue enrollment at Canterlot High. Unfortunately, her fate rests in the hands of a few select members of the Canterlot High School Board of Education, as well as a rookie police officer and the new school psychologist. And some of them are quite tired of cleaning up her mess.

Here follows the completely normal deliberations between an egotistical nephew of the principal, a worn-out gentleman, a cheap businessman, a cranky grandmother, a seemingly unaffiliated cop from across town, and a man who is totally not a reality-bending ancient draconequus in disguise.

One of them isn’t going to make things easy.

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In this story, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll ponder. You’ll ask why as Spike and company try to figure out the secrets of his origins. However, it is the love between Spike and Rarity that will provide the key to finding his parents. Spike X Rarity (Of course). Contains Romance, Drama, Mystery, and Humor.

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