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Twilight Sparkle has just been crowned as Equestria's newest princess. While the masses rejoiced, the Princess of the Sun must prepare her pupil for an ancient rite that all members of Equestria's elite royalty must face. Many have failed in this trial while few have succeeded. Will Twilight be one who succeeds? Or will she fail as have countless others before her?

Cover art belongs to kevcrossley

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Mad. That's what they call me. They say I'm an ill minded stallion. Why? Just because I wanted a little reprive from some inane babble? Ha! I'm not mad, and I can prove it. Please sit and allow me to tell you my side of the story. You'll understand.

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A great evil has awoken in Equestria and not even the Elements of Harmony are a match for what is to come. Eragon will learn secrets that has long been forgotten and some new friends will be made along the way.
Can the Dragon Rider stand up to the evil that threatens to cover all of Equestria in darkness?

Editor: SoniContinuum
Grammar Nazi: Mythic Spell

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The world is a much different place than it was a thousand years ago. Pegasi played a huge role in the world and way of life around the country, as well as formed of the most popular past times. Unicorns were still as noble and deceiving as ever depending on their up bringing, but the amount of scholars in there midst have dwindled alarmingly. And Earth Ponies....they were no longer dirt on the hooves of those higher than them. They were nobles, busniess ponies, preformers, or critically acclaimed engineers that helped run today's transportation.

Being intrested in the Earth Pony's rise from poverty and into an equal light, Luna removes herself from duty temporarly and places herself in the care the one of the most trustworthy earth ponies she knows for the length of a year to help her learn the ways of the earth pony to help better understand them. Poor Applejack isn't quite sure what she is getting herself into when she agrees...

Thanks to MasterFrasca99 for editing

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I'm in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of orifices I didn't know I had. Why am I there? Why is Rainbow Dash sitting in the corner?

Why is she crying?

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Blank Slate is the greatest thief of his generation. He has robbed countless nigh-impossible marks, and his talents as a master of disguise are beyond par - truly, nopony knows who he is.

And now he's preparing the greatest heist in mortal memory: the treasure vaults of the Princesses themselves.

But you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one past the pony who defines when ‘early in the morning’ is…

Spoilers in the comments! Beware! Beware...

Audio Reading available - thank you ABagOVicodin
Czech Translation available - Thank you Keranis

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One Shot story. For real this time.

An AC-130 appears and unleashes hell on some changelings, varying from 25mm to 105mm! What else did you expect? A rainbow beam would wipe them out? HA. Sit back, shut up, and read it.

It's damn AC-130, why would you not?

The Re-Made chapter takes a more serious tone to the situation. Whether you think it was an improvement to the first is upon you to decide.

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Now completed! (Comments may contain unmarked spoilers.)

A decade after Princess Celestia dies and names Twilight Sparkle her successor, Equestria splits along racial and partisan lines. Equestria's cities have declared independence and are at war.

The conflict engulfs Ponyville. Teenage Pound and Pumpkin Cake team up, using their talents of flight and magic to protect their loved ones. But the twins later join polar opposite factions of the war, and now their rivalry risks plunging all of Equestria into ruin...

The story complies with season 1-3 canon, but differs from the comics and season 4 onward.

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Hear ye, hear ye, ponies of Equestria! Our benevolent Princess Luna hath taken it upon Herself to begin a column, in which She shall administer Her wisdom to anypony who so desires it!

Behold, the origin of the questions: Here and here.

All art used in this work was found at Royal-Exo's deviantart page—Luna suggests you check it out.

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