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Arya Stark

"Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.”.......... I am Arya Stark. 'Nuff said. ;D

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Seabun is an ordinary everyday pony whose number one idol is the infamous racing horse Seabiscuit. He wants nothing more than to become the next biggest racer, and when the race horse suffers from a tragic accident, Seabun might just get his chance....


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Angel the rabbit has been part of a killer cult on Mission Dom, determined to dominate the world, starting with the Mane 6. But when the time comes to kill Fluttershy, can the rabbit go through with it?

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Bran Stark is a cripple, doomed to never walk or run again. But with a special pony, he may just get that chance again...

Thrown from the wall, Bran Stark became cripple at a failed attempt of murder. But the young lordling wouldn't settle for staying in bed the rest of his life - with the help of a friendly dwarf, he was gifted a pony just for him, trained for him and his disability.

Littlecloud was once just a normal pony of Equestria, but after a twist of fate, she was captured and brought to earth, and became that one special mount of Bran, learning to work together as rider and steed, forging a bond tighter than sailor knots.

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Not only was she a stranger to others, but to herself. With an alien body and no memory, she suddenly wanted nothing more than to retreat...
Appearing on an abandoned beach with no memory and weird combat skills, Lightning Hoof knows that she is in trouble. With a secret society chasing after her, if she doesn't recover her memory fast, she may just end up dead -along with anyone she meets.

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Back when Equestria was young, two little fillies were growing up into the part of princesses.

Celestia and Luna weren't always old, wise princesses. They once were fillies themselves, troublemakers, misunderstood, and most of all, struggling to find themselves as they grow. Through the battle of adolescence, romance, heartbreak and horror, one thing remains with the two fledgling princesses; the bond of sistership will never break.

Or, will it?



King Black Knight
-His mate; Queen Sun Burn
- The daughters
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna


Lord Night Light
-His mate; Lady Twilight Velvet
-Their children
Shining Armor
Twilight Sparkle


Commander Of The Royal Guard;
Sir Clydesdale

The Guards;
Sir Black Cloak
Sir Sea Sand

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