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Arya Stark

"Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.”.......... I am Arya Stark. 'Nuff said. ;D


Bran Stark is a cripple, doomed to never walk or run again. But with a special pony, he may just get that chance again...

Thrown from the wall, Bran Stark became cripple at a failed attempt of murder. But the young lordling wouldn't settle for staying in bed the rest of his life - with the help of a friendly dwarf, he was gifted a pony just for him, trained for him and his disability.

Littlecloud was once just a normal pony of Equestria, but after a twist of fate, she was captured and brought to earth, and became that one special mount of Bran, learning to work together as rider and steed, forging a bond tighter than sailor knots.

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That was a very good story. :twilightsmile:

*I need a cast of hooves; who here would be interested in seeing more adventures between Littlecloud and Bran? I was thinking there was potential of making it a short series of episodes*

This would be a very good I idea. I think in one of the episodes you she make it where Merri get her voice and talks. I think that would be a heart filled story.

4770175 Thanks for the read!
Yeah, I think it could be an emotional uplifter (or vise versa) too, little 'episodes' here and there....

4770546 keep up the great work. I cant wait for the next one:twilightsmile:

4775191 Right, right. Ha.

An interesting and entertaining story I must say. This was short and sweet, though going into a little more explanation would have helped the readers understand how Littlecloud had gotten to Earth. Doing that would give depth for the story and add a little more words giving a little more accomplishment to your writing ability. Also I was slightly confused with Littlecloud's mother and humans, I thought that she was in the human world not the other way around. And why are they afraid of humans. Try to explain this and not just go into random scene transitions that seem to be trying to explain Littlecloud's life.

Plus, try to give a little more backstory for Bran. Explaining him for the readers that read it for the summery and plot, not for the crossover. Give him the backstory from facts of the show/book crossover, giving hints to what the crossover is with. Because I'm just going off your summery and blog posts. And having episodic shorts would be a good idea, doing that would give recognition for this story and if you ever do that then give a link in the summery of the next story to let people read this one too and not have to go to check out your user page. If you wold like any help with future stories or anything else just send me a PM.

Till the next one


4815604 Wow, your review was GREAT, thanks! I will definitely take into consideration what you said. I definitely could have used more background bits, I was a bit presumptuous, assuming the audience would know Bran Stark and his fall from Game of Thones. >.<
Anyways, thanks for reading it over, I will probably revise it soon, and then, given time, add another 'episode' or something - do you think this is a good idea? Tell me what you think.

Thanks for the review, feel free to read my others!!



Doing episodes would be a great idea, using this story as a prologue to anymore "episodes". I think it would give this one more recognition too. And if you link this story in the description of the new story it'll give people an easier chance to see this one.

I think you've got a great start to a mini-series here, all you have to do is write it. I'd be happy to give you some help with it.

Till the next one

- R

4819388 YES, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

What would you like to see happen, in the next 'episode'?


Okay, I'll be honest I haven't read nor watched the show. Though I am thinking of reading it sometime, it was recommended to me awhile ago. But I do have to do something incase any of this conversation is going to contain spoilers (which it most likely will).

4819479 Well...wait, what?
So, no spoilers for you?


Sorry I'm doing two things at once right now so I'll get to it when I can (PMing you)

:facehoof: I'll PM you as soon as I can, if not earlier.

Okey day

4819562 Fine by me, look forward to hearing from you.

Yup, btw where you trying to say Okie Dokie!

4819612 Nope. My version of okey doeky is 'Okey day.' :p

4849781 Wow, that is the best comment I have received yet! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. But tell me - to continue it as 'episodes' or not?

Also, LOVED C.S. Lewis' The Horse and His Boy! Read it years ago...

4849811 Hmm.....I may have to make up some stories between now and before Bran leaves, and then while he is on the run, I was thinking of starting 'Season Two; His Legs Left Behind', a series of Little Cloud's adventures as she tries to go after Bran and find him......

Yay for a Game of Thrones crossover. I'm genuinely surprised there aren't more considering how popular it is. I like the idea that his horse is an equestrian pony. Is better than other fics I've read, *cough* *hack* Links horse (zelda) *cough*, pardon me.

5005739 Lol poor Zelda, we can't all be great.

Glad ya liked it :twilightsmile:

Sorry for the really late comment (had to run an errand) but this story has so much feels. It was wonderful seeing the connection between your OC and her rider and how she felt about him throughout the story.

It's a pity you've been inactive for about 2 years. Not only would I like to see more, I'm kinda curious about the backstory-for starters, why do any humans in westros think that risking the wrath of Equestria is a remotely good idea? It's not even the magic of unicorns or earth pony superstrength, or even the superweapons or the resident tamed Greater Daemon of Tzeentch...no, it's not even the alicorns! What makes it a horrible, horrible idea is the ludicrous air superiority courtesy of pegasi and their insane levels of weather control.

So...what's with these humans making a raid on an equestrian town? What am I, the reader, missing about the world you've created? Is something crippling this instance of Equestria? Did the military implications of Equestria's casual use of magic simply never occur to you?

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