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A man who seeks to conquor his writing demons while also enjoying a show about neon colored ponies.


Mad. That's what they call me. They say I'm an ill minded stallion. Why? Just because I wanted a little reprive from some inane babble? Ha! I'm not mad, and I can prove it. Please sit and allow me to tell you my side of the story. You'll understand.

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I loved the tale tell heart story

Pretty epic story, mate!

Spelling error in description.

3607730 oh. Thanks for pointing that out


No problem, mate :pinkiehappy:

3607581 I love The Tell-Tale Heart as well, along with Masque of the Red Death and the Black Cat

Do you planning on doing more based off of Poe's stories?

3608418 Perhaps...if the great spirit of Poe himself decides to take over my mind again. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::yay:

Did you receive the message I sent you?

I liked it, I rather did.

As soon as I read the title I knew this was a fic I had to read. I love The Tell-Tale Heart and I loved your fic as well. Definitely a more light hearted less complex version of the original. Great job :D

3618333 Yes indeed. It's less complex only because there's no ambiguousness in the relationship of murderer and victim

I cannot upvote this enough, it was fantastic. I'm honestly surprised at how little attention this has gotten.

Work on your formatting a bit though, it kind of felt like a giant wall of text to read and it's not good for the eyes.

3678137 ok, fair enough criticism. And thanks.

I think this is a way of Bronies saying that how they want strangle pinkie :twilightoops:

Hello! your story has been reviewed in this Thread
Mr. Flare

After they left, me and Pinkie bathed the twins, changed their diapers, fed them, and put them to bed.

It should be "Pinkie and I". You wouldn't say "After they left, me bathed the twins", would you?

I jumped across the table with a loud scream and wrapped my hands around her throat.

Hands? I thought these were ponies.

Don't get me wrong, other than these two things the story is fine.

Pruzah sul!

3778813 There's an anthro tag

3779645 I must have missed it, sorry.

3779668 honest mistake, no harm done

I enjoyed this, loved it really. Being a reader of many of Poe's pieces and similar. I hope you do one of that one story, The Cask of Amontillado.

3790061 Only when the spirit of Poe himself takes hold of my mind

Wow you're infinitely better than me at writing. Great ponification of a Poe poem by the way.

A few fruit vendors were there selling their wares

At least someone whom knows the difference between 'their', 'there', and 'they're'.

My personal favorites though were the strawberries. Strawberries were always a favorite fruit of mine

You're repeating yourself there. Reword that sentence.

She told me that they opened bright and early at 7 and that I’d start tomorrow.

In my experience bakeries usually open at 6am. But whatever. Also, it's worth noting that bakers usually get up at about 3am to begin cooking their sweets. Oh, you're missing 'am' after '7'.

She took me upstairs and showed me a spare room she and Mr. Cake used for guests and relatives and allowed me to use it until I found my own cozy dwelling.

Did He not bring any personal effects with him?

Pinkie Pie was her name and she made clear that baking and parties were her game.

Yes and no. Her special talent is parties, but the bakery is her job.

She was never rude

Pinkie is almost ALWAYS rude :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I carefully removed a few of the planks on the floor and gently placed her beneath the floor.

One, you can't do that without a hammer. Two, she'd stink up the place after about a week.

It was a pair of police mares who had come to investigate the scream.

Exactly how much time passed before the cops showed up? They must have been right around the corner.

Confident that they’d find nothing out of place, I gave them a pleasant tour of the bakery.

Why would you give them a tour?

After all that, I can easily see you based this story off of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart". :rainbowwild:

4826832 Gee, whatever gave you that impression? All sarcasm aside, thank you for pointing out the few errors I had. I'll fix them up in a jiff.

Comment posted by InkDreamer deleted Oct 26th, 2014

Not a bad Edgar Allen Poe parody. I like it.

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