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What if your sense of reality fails you from the very beginning?


Rated T for [Mentions of Blood] [Mildly Dark]
Set during season 4.

With this work, I've tried different approaches of exposition and narration. Namely: alternating between third and first person, a section where only dialogue is present, and tailored paragraphs.

Chapters (1)

When Twilight plays with magic beyond her control, she finds herself and Rainbow stuck in a strange, horrible world. When they find out what happened, will they be able to get home? Will they even want to?

Chapters (23)

Every rising star must eventually fall. Rainbow Dash is locked in a struggle against her own past, and with the help of Twilight is about to make a discovery that will change the way she flies forever. But what will she lose in the process?

Massive thanks to Furor1 and Nyuuchandiannepie for the ridiculously awesome artwork, you should really check them out on DeviantArt if you've not already.

Dedicated to Donald Campbell and his Bluebird, for chasing his horizons for no other reason than the fact that they were there. Also to Steve Hogarth and Marillion for writing Out Of This World, the song that inspired this story.

Chapters (45)

Rainbow Dash, best pony, fastest flier in Equestria, all around awesome mare, was called upon to help with the wedding of her friend's big brother. And hey, she never leaves her friends hanging! Of course, when it turned out some kind of bug thing had replaced the bride, Rainbow was more then ready to fight. Heck, even after it seemed all hope was lost, the pegasus refused to give up.

So when she saw Shining Armor charge up a final spell, she smirked.

But when that spell reached her and flung her against the wall, her smirk devolved into shock...

Cover art is a combination of Deception is Magic vector by Helios and Sonic Rainboom Version One by SkyRings.

Chapters (18)

The thing about loyalty... the thing about loyalty is that sometimes you don't know where your loyalties lie.
Have I always been loyal to my friends? No. There are things that they didn't know about me. Lots of secrets from the past that I've kept from everypony. I had a past full of disgrace, shame, and loneliness. Things that I wish had never happened. Only a few ponies know the truth. But I could only keep my past away for so long...

Chapters (10)

Partially mirrored from The NP FanFiction Archive.

[Currently attempting a possible revival of this story after five years. Since I think I finally have an idea of where I want it to go. I'd like to issue a personal apology for taking so bloody long.]

After a terrible crisis is repaired that brought Equestria to the brink of armageddon, Twilight experiences a terrible loss, and the only one who can help her is Rainbow Dash. But in order to do that, she'll need to reveal an ancient family secret that can change the world.

She is part of a long line of ponies called 'Rainbows,' all with multicoloured hair. And they all have a special ability: They can communicate with the dead.

Inspired by Through Violet Eyes.

The setting, as well as most of the characters and original concepts, are the property of either Stephen Woodworth or Hasbro.

Suicide tag for one scene and one character in a minor flashback scene.

[CC BY-NC-SA] With Rainbow Hair is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Chapters (8)

Rainbow Dash usually had her head in the clouds, but she always thought she knew up from down. When an incredible revelation sends her life into a tailspin, she finds herself at the mercy of emotions she never thought she had, faced with hard questions and impossible choices.

Life is full of changes, but none of them are quite as disturbing as having a horn pop out of your skull…

Original Lauren Faust canon; non-alicorn Twilight, non-alicorn Cadance, no ascension. Diverges from the cartoon after season 3, with nods to later continuity wherever possible. Contains mature themes.

Chapters (12)

Twilight Sparkle found a new spell but didn't know who to test it on. She asked Rainbow Dash if she could test the spell on her. Rainbow agrees. However, Twilight accidentally does the spell wrong and bad things start to happen.

This picture is the best I could find to match the story.

I'm afraid this story might be worse than my first one...

Chapters (7)

When ponies go missing after Nightmare Night, and a group of shady investigators show up and practically take over Ponyville, Rainbow Dash considers herself lucky. But then strange things begin to happen to her anyway. Why does she feel so sick all of a sudden? Who is this mare speaking to her in her mind? Why do bright lights hurt so much?

Chapters (10)

A jewel that had long been hidden within the depths of the Castle of the Two Sisters, has been recovered by Twilight and Starlight because of their eagerness to study and learn all about it and the strange energies it gives off every now and again. While gathering the last of a few things to study the markings on the strange jewel, they unknowingly get a visit from Rainbow Dash who is then dragged into a strange world by the jewel. When Twilight and Starlight return to continue the studies, they soon learn of what has transpired in their absence. As the two of them gather all the help they can to try and bring Rainbow back into their world, Rainbow Dash soon learns that survival is much harder than Daring Do makes it out to be.

Chapters (9)
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