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I fooled you. I fooled you. I got horse stories. I got horse stories. I got alllllll horse stories.


So, today's ep. · 8:03pm Jun 13th, 2015

I think this might spawn more fanfics than every other episode combined.

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After reading some of your stories, I read your profile statement:

I own a keyboard.

It was inexplicably terrifying.

i like rice



1298349 Don't mind me. I just like saying hi to random ponies! As for how I got here, well, I'm doing research for a Smooze story I'm going to write, and I stumbled onto your Tale of the Smooze B-movie, which I liked and favorited sometime ago, and I was like, hey, it's the guy who wrote the Twilightning story that's been on my read later list since it came out. Congrats on the EQD feaurure by the way!

So in conclusion, have a great day!:twilightsmile:

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