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I fooled you. I fooled you. I got horse stories. I got horse stories. I got alllllll horse stories.

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  • Thursday
    Starcrash (Preview 4)

    I mentioned in a previous blog how Far Out, the unicorn that saves Rainbow Dash and the alien early on, splintered into several characters as the story developed. I had Far Out pegged as a kind of comic relief character from the start, and realized fairly rapidly that unless he split into several more characters to do more serious stuff, he'd kind of just be tagging along and had the danger of causing a Jar Jar Binks scenario.

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  • 1 week
    Still got it.

    Hell yeah

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  • 1 week
    Starcrash (Preview 3)

    Probably one of the things I see most often in Human in Equestria stories are explanations for what the human is doing there, and how it relates back to the "real" world. Usually, but not always, it ties into how our world as we know it, not just the Dougworld of the EqG universe beyond the mirror. But what if the human's remained opaque, and not in the red-and-black alicorn OC way?

    Introducing: The Visitor.

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  • 1 week
    Starcrash (Preview 2)

    Generally, when writing horse stories, the path I take for writing characters are ones that I think would follow the logic of the show. While I don't know if I'm in the majority of this or not, I take a very mechanical view to the existence of characters, where they're kind of like tools you use to tell the story, and you craft new ones as necessary. I think this is necessary, if only because the alternative for anything that isn't really short is to start giving new traits to already

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  • 1 week
    Starcrash (Preview 1)

    Lord help me, I'm back on my bullcrap.

    It's been, what, three years since I posted anything? And now reinvigorated, I return to you with plans of a brand new fic.

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Bok #57 · Yesterday · · ·



I've read, like, half some of your shit; at this point, you're, like, my fourteenth second inspiration.

After reading some of your stories, I read your profile statement:

I own a keyboard.

It was inexplicably terrifying.

i like rice

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