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Huge fan of dark fics, has a form of autism, has a YouTube channel, a fan of fnaf, a very good singer, and my profile pic is of my own custom OC toy

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Rainbow Dash's world is quickly crumbling around her. She was not accepted into the prestigious Wonderbolts team, and swears to become the best. Fluttershy helps her recover as best as she can, and develops feelings for her as well.

(This is my first fanfic. I do not mind constructive criticism.)

Chapters (1)

Rainbow loves all her friends, but when they all want to be with her romantically she must find a way to cope with her feelings and choose which of her friends to be with, but a crazy idea that just might work may let all her friends be with her.
This is my first fanfic story so I hope you all like it, and feel free to comment on what I should do better.

Chapters (1)

Twilight finds a strange spell in a book in her library, She reads it, and the next thing she knows she's in a world where everything's turned upside down... literally! She seeks the help of her friends only to find that they're corrupted!

Meanwhile, Twilight's alternate and corrupted version, Twilight Sorrow, finds herself in the bright and wondrous real world - or alternate world in her case - where all of her so-called "friends" are... happy?

Chapters (5)

After a long fight against another villian, the Mane 6 take a little celebration in Twilights castle. But what happens when Rainbow's mind is invaded by another evil pony? Will he succeed to take Rainbow Dash with him, or will Rainbow fight until she is reunited with her friends?

Oh and that picture is my art.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Loyalty to the King

Slight gore in chapter 2.

Sombra and Rainbow Dash took over the Crystal Empire, Equestria now finds itself at war. Then after the first major battle Sombra makes an unexpected move, a peace treaty. But what will it mean for the future of both nations.

Cover art by SpectrumBlaze on DeviantArt.
Tags may be subject to change depending on how the story progresses.
Made the popular stories 9/17/16.

A/N: Even though the cover art is bad ass it's not what Rainbow will be wearing in the story. Also certain events won't happen like Twilight becoming a princess as it took all the elements to make her into an alicorn.

Chapters (3)

Rainbow Dash is not like other ponies. She possesses magic.
Now, all pony tribes have various levels of magic, but Rainbow's is far stronger than most ponies. Her magic level is right on par with Celestia's and Luna's.
However, it is not a good magic. Rainbow's magic is 100% black magic.
She can only thank King Sombra for teaching her how to use it when she was a little filly.
And now, she must keep this secret away from her friends. She must tell nopony her secret.

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When the Mane 6 first found out they were being secretly recorded by invisible cameras, they were a little freaked out. After some time, they got used to it. Now, Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie watch the show regularly. But when Pinkie Pie shows them fimfiction.net, they are greeted by a mysterious message on Pinkie's fimfiction profile. Events are thrown into motion that cause the ponies to explore the darker side of fanfiction, while reading their way through some of the fandom's most infamous grimdark tales. Sort of MST-Style, but in the view of the ponies themselves, rather than the writer of the fic.

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Dash has a secret. A secret that could cause an old enemy to return. A secret that Dash herself is not even aware of. The element of loyalty and their friendship is put to the test as Dash's life changes in one small moment.

Does contain a shipped couple.

Chapters (3)

Rainbow Dash gets a letter from Princess Celestia in witch writes that she must meet her immediatly. After the meeting, Celestia sends her on an important mission.

But, the question is, why would she choose Rainbow Dash instead of her faithful student,Twilight Sparkle?

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash is lost. Not in the normal sense of lost. She's in Cloudsdale, but it's not the same. She can't figure out why until she visits Ponyville and makes a startling discovery. Will she ever be the same?

(A/N): I like constructive criticism, because it helps my writing. you can be harsh, but not downright rude, things that will help me become a better writer. Thank you :)

Chapters (3)
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