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Set in Equestria Girls-universe.

Twilight Sparkle is making a visit to Sunset Shimmer when she discovers a new threat to the world. But what can one single pony/girl do against such a powerful enemy as this?

It wants your obedience. It wants your love. It wants your money. It wants food and presents.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING TOMORROW! ...Are you prepared or will you face its wrath?

This story is an homage to Tove Jansson, artist and author of Moomin. 100 years old 2014!
Edited and Gordon Ramsayed by Nopony Important.

Chapters (1)

After hearing from Sunset about the Anon-A-Miss scandal at Canterlot High, Twilight decides to set things straight. Right after she gives her friends an earful on how stupid they are.

A parody of everyone's favorite Equestria Girls comic story, because it seems to be the only one we like.

Chapters (1)

“But! I figured, since you were in a school too-”

“That I nearly burned down-

“-And then saved from another me, that you could help me get past this little hurdle!”

Thanks to Nitro Indigo, PearlescenT, and ScopingLandscape for reviewing/editing.

WARNING: Some may wonder why Twilight didn't just call up Sci-Twi. Well I won't lie to you... see you next FIMFic!

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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Very Respectable Class Reunion

Sunset Shimmer tries her hoof at Equestrian diplomacy. After all, she had an entire high school full of hormonal primate teenagers eating out of her hoof... hand. A bunch of pleasant, sedate ungulates should totally be a cinch, especially with Twilight's help.

What could possibly go wrong?


This time at least, it is very clearly all Sunset's fault.

The awesome cover vector is by Umbra-Neko (who also has a whole gallery of similar vectors with different ponies) and used with her very kind permission.

This story can be enjoyed without reading its prequels.

Rated Teen and Sex for mentions of egregious sexual irresponsibility. No actual sex.

Contains minor (Pony) SunLight shipping. I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Chapters (1)

You know how it goes. You're just having a relaxing Sunday with the girls, who all are accomplished magic users in their own right, one thing leads to another, and suddenly you're all involved in a high stakes game of rocket chicken.

Part of the MAD verse.

Thanks to Steel Resolve for his edits and suggestions and special thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil for her edits, sugestions. Also thanks to Nova Quill and DrakeyC for the story prompt!.

And finally, thanks to jhayarr23 for the wonderfully done and hilarious cover art.

Chapters (1)

Little Twilie uses legal work so she doesn't have to make a friend. Celestia is not amused.

Sequel: Chrysalis has a legal battle

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Everyone knows the ponies of Equestria are awesome. But what if, when crisis befalls them, they decide to handle things with a little more common sense?

(A How It Should Have Ended Parody)

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you first watch "My Little Pony: The Movie" before reading this fanfic, just to let you know exactly what's going on.

But who am I kidding? If you're here, you've probably already seen it. Even people who hated it have seen it. I'm...actually not sure why I put this note here. I apologize for wasting a few precious moments of your lives by having you read this pointless Author's Note. Here, have a Kirin to make up for it.

FEATURED 02/03/2019 - 02/08/2019

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer, twice savior of Canterlot High who earned her wings by using the combined magic of the Earth elements of harmony to save the world from Twilight Sparkle (you know... the one with the glasses). She's offered to help Twilight's (you know.. the alicorn Princess of Friendship) new student learn about friendship while the whole crew embarks on a trip to the Crystal Empire. This should be a fairly relaxing and stress free trip. Right? RIGHT?!

It should go without saying, but MAJOR spoilers to the season 6 premier.

Sunset vector by mighty355. Other cover art stuff by Novel Idea!

Chapters (22)

Sunset Shimmer moonlights as the street artist Flanksy, but not all of her paintings go off without a hitch.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Good to be Bad



'Flanksy' has evaded the police and left clues in her wake, leaving Sunset Shimmer to try and keep her identity a secret from the ever curious Twilight Sparkle.

Artwork by rvceric!

Chapters (1)