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How to anger people, and lose Watchers. · 9:38pm Apr 28th, 2015

I want to apologize to everyone who reads this in advance, because this is not a good news post.

It's been eating away at me for a while, this is easily one of the hardest decisions I've had to make. But I've just gotta rip that band-aid off, and get it over with.

I'm not writing 50 Shades of Hay anymore. I cannot continue to write 50 Shades.

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hey there! you might remember me from a long time ago, maybe you don't. eh, it's not important. anysizzles, i was just curious as to whether you were ever going to try and continue any of your stories? i know you posted a blog about how you were done because your computer wiped itself clean, but i figured that was a while ago (or i think it was. there's not date on the blog) so i was just curious as to if you were going to get back into it at some point.

I love your writing style!!! Please don't give up on it!!!! Especially 50 shades of hay that's like the best written story I've ever read!!!!

Welcome to Equestria Divided. I hope you have fun with us.

Thank you for the favorite! Don't forget to rate and comment!

Molestia is not amused you air get sent to the unpleasant M/M shipping room now

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