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Monster Hunter Iceborn and Destiny 2 returning to glory. · 10:54am Jun 12th, 2019

The new Monster Hunter DLC has been announced and 2 trailers back to back showing 3 returning monster have hyped me. A might be leaked poster has me convinced of 10 returning monster including those 3 as well, since the poster had what appeared to be new models of those other monsters I hope its true. The monster are, Glave, Narg, Brack, Tigrex, Valstrax, Gore, Lugar, Zinogre, Sereg, and Fatalis. If this list is true and the third trailers hint about more returning Monster says anything at all,

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Thanks for the follow. May I ask how I earned it?

Link: A Drunkard's Ballad

Right now, it's a three-parter prologue, introducing the characters, but I'm writing the main body at the moment and hope to release the next chapter in the month!

Give that #@$! a link and comment that link on the group I sent you as well bruh.

'Cause of you, I'm tempted to write another Monster Hunter type thing. So, yeah, thanks for that.

My first attempt isn't exactly an MLP/MH crossover and is still ongoing. It's strictly an MH:W fanfiction that kinda/sorta follows the storyline. I won't link it or anything, 'cause this is your profile, but yeah. I've written one before, so I may be able to do it again, but with horse/EqG girls.

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