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Don't mind me, just a man diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, ADD, Asperger's, And Autism looking to write some stories. It Is All Pure Imagination...

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Basically, this is a Hazbin Hotel Crossover with My Little Pony. I noticed that there were little to NO Hazbin Hotel fics with this fandom. Now I am the first... second... MAAYYBBEE the third (?)...

Anyways, this was something I thought of during work. I am NOT making this into a full fledged story; but as a short story with either 2 or 3 chapters.

Here's what I thought of at work: What if Twilight accidentally summons a specific Radio Demon from Hell during the final showdown between her and Nightmare Moon? The rest is up to you.

But I hope you like this story, and Always Have A Smile On Your Face while you read.

~ WhalenJP

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The Sirens Are Calling To Us... And Twilight is curious about the so-called Legend that resides in the Whitetail Woods outside of Ponyville.

She decided on finding out If the rumors about this gangly horrifying creature that stalked and hunted down Ponies were true...

But what happens next???

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Displaced: The Metal Armed Vigilante

The Metal Armed Hero's Adventure Continues!!!

After the events of the last story, Jon Whalen has taken in a woman by the name of Nightmare Moon, who is Princess Luna's alter ego from the other Equestria, banished by the Elements Of Harmony and freeing the Night Princess...

Jon is in a conundrum... Something is wrong... Why doesn't he feel good?

Will The Metal Armed Hero find out what's wrong with him?

Will Nightmare Moon feel something other than a thirst for vengeance?

Will the family stick together to help fix whatever's wrong with a weakening Jon?

Stay Tuned...

Chapters (9)

He became The Master Of Death when he collected the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand from the Final Battle, since he already owned the famous Invisibility Cloak. What if one day, A powerful entity has watched Harry over the years decided it was time for him to go to His Next Great Adventure in this new world full of talking Ponies.

What will the Ponies think of the new stallion who has a Death Wish, the love of a Nightmare Goddess, and the senses of saving people?

Let's Find Out!!!

Chapters (18)

Harry Potter, age ten, made a wish...

He wished that he could go to a place where he could do all of his magic whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and the wish came true...

A few years later in Earth time, he has returned and found himself back in the hands of one Albus Dumbledore, who wanted to use him as a Weapon against Voldemort. But Harry is not happy, since his 2 thousand year life vacation was interrupted...

He is now Discord, The Spirit Of Chaos & Disharmony, and he is gonna have a FUN time with this...

WARNING: Dumbledore Bashing INBOUND! There will be Hermione who can be introduced to Harry during this Fic, and There Might Be Good Ol' Fluttercord later on.

Chapters (13)

Heya, I'm Sans, Sans The Skeleton. I... Don't remember much of anything before waking up in a pastel colored world full of talking ponies. I like it here, it's peaceful here.

If there are bad guys that need stopping, I'm your skeleton to call.

The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, all I gotta ask is this question to the villains that try and hurt the people that are close to me...

Do You Wanna Have A Bad Time???

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It's the same old story these days; Brony goes to a convention, wearing the costume of their favorite game or movie character, buys something and gets teleported to a world full of friendly ponies becoming said character, story becomes an adventure with comedy or romance. Maybe an evil villain once or twice...

Got all that? Good. Because I got sent to Equestria Girls as Alfred Molina's Doc Ock From Spider Man 2!!!

Chapters (11)
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