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The Metal Armed Vigilante 2: Nightmare Adventure - WhalenJP

After the events of the first story; Jon begins to feel sick, but something feels wrong. His new roommate Nightmare Moon tries to help him as best as she can, but will it be enough?

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Chapter 08: The 'LOVE' Talk...

Chapter 08: The ‘LOVE’ Talk…

It was a few hours later, that Nightmare couldn’t seem to fall asleep, twisting and turning in her bed every few minutes, trying to get comfortable.

But it was not to be…

She sighed as she sat up and got off the large bed with the idea to take a small walk through the palace gardens.

She trotted as quietly as she could to the doorway, making sure that Jon didn’t wake up.

He looks handsome with the way the moon shines on his fur, despite the veins. She thought to herself.

Then she shook her head, a pink hue on her midnight furred cheeks.

Snap out of it Nightmare! Get a hold of yourself! What in the world is making me like this? WHAT AM I FEELING?! She thought, her mind running a thousand questions per second as she slowly shut the door, making sure the knob was twisted so that the door latch won’t make noise.

She broke off in a normal trot to the nearby entrance to the Palace Gardens, her lips curled down in a thoughtful frown of contemplation.

She was snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of metal clad hooves sounding next to her.

Nightmare didn’t need to even look to see who it was,

“ Good Night, Luna. You’ve outdone yourself again.” She said, breaking the slightly tense silence as the two Alicorns began walking through the batches of flowers and trees.

The Night Princess nodded, a small smile on her lips, “ Indeed it is, Nightmare Moon.”

Then she looked at her counterpart, eyebrow raised with slight suspicion on her face.

“ Why are you not in your chambers?” She asked, a slight stern tone underlying the confusion in her voice.

Nightmare sighed, and stopped walking, sitting down on her haunches.

She stared at the moonlit grass swaying in the light breeze, her thoughts churning for answers.

Luna watched as Nightmare’s face scrunches up in confusion, and contemplation, before her counterpart lifted her head, looked at Luna in the eye and said,

“ I don’t know…”

It was silent for a moment, before Luna blinked and sat down on her haunches, slight concern in her eyes as she asked,

“ Is it something to do with your Consort?”

Nightmare shot her head up and Luna’s eyes widened at the sight of watering draconic eyes staring back at her.

“ I DON’T KNOW!” Nightmare sobbed out, tears breaking free of their dam and sliding down her cheeks as she sobbed.

Luna felt concern, worry, maybe even pity form in her gut as she watched the darkest of evil cry…

Luna got up from her spot and sat down next to her, a blue wing wrapped around the Night Queen’s barrel in comfort as she tried to calm herself down.

“ Shhh… It is ok, to fear for someone close, everything’s gonna be fine…” Luna said, her voice gentle.

Nightmare took a couple of deep breaths, and her sobbing lessened.

“ That’s just it! I don’t know what I’m feeling around him. I feel like my heart warms up whenever he smiles at me and makes me want to stay by his side whenever he gets hurt, I just don’t know what I’m feeling!” She whispered, her voice croaking from the breakdown.

Luna thought for a moment, before going into a giggling fit, her left hoof covering her mouth as she did so.

Nightmare glared at her lighter counterpart, before asking in a harsh tone,

“ What the buck is so funny?!”

Luna kept giggling for a few moments before answering,

“ Isn’t it obvious? You’re in LOVE with him!” She said, before going back to giggling like a schoolfilly.

Nightmare blinked, wiping her tears with her forehoof, before asking in the most confused tone,

“ What is love?”

Luna stopped giggling suddenly, gaping at Nightmare Moon before her face turned grim, making her darker side shift a little in her spot.

The Night Princess asked, her tone low, with confusion and disbelief coloring her voice,

“ YOU don’t know… What LOVE is?”

It was quiet, before Nightmare, uncomfortable on how fast her counterpart’s mood shifted, nodded uneasily.

Luna stared at her for a few moments, before a gleam entered her cyan eyes.

“ I believe We can teach you ALL about it.”
*An Hour Later*

Luna and Nightmare Moon were sitting in the Royal Lounge, on a dark blue couch, waiting for the pony of the hour to arrive.

Nightmare was uncomfortable about meeting these new strangers that might teach her about what she feels for Jon…

Luna was calmly looking through a book, humming a light tune under her breath as she did so.

When the time hit 2AM, the door slammed open and standing there was…

Two pink Alicorns with purple, magenta, and yellow mane colors, their cutie marks are the exact same;

A teal crystal heart inside golden lace…

Luna blinked before tilting her head, Nightmare doing the same thing,

“ Pray tell niece, did you have to bring HER into this?” She asked, an eyebrow raised with a little bit of grump in her tone.

One of the pink Alicorns spoke up, a look of outrage on her face that was definitely NOT befitting a Princess.

“ Hey! I get by, alright?! Besides, Cadance contacted ME to accompany her!” She said, her eyes glowing green for a split second.

Nightmare looked at the other Alicorn, Cadance, before speaking the question going through her mind,

“ Why are there two of you?”

Cadance, the REAL Cadance, squealed in delight before wrapping her hooves around the Night Queen’s barrel.

Nightmare flinched at the sudden contact, before looking down at the Princess Of Love with an eyebrow raised.

Then she looked at Luna with a confused expression, making the Princess Of The Night shrug with an amused smile.

Nightmare’s eyes narrowed at her counterpart, Oh she is gonna regret that! She thought with anger as Cadance pulled back.

" Oh, I heard so many good things about you! Then I got Auntie Luna’s message about someone with love problems that needed my expertise.” Cadence said, not once stopping for breath.

Nightmare blinked for a second, staring down at the pink Alicorn mare, taken aback by how fast she spoke without breathing at a rate that would’ve made a certain pink mare jealous.
In Ponyville, Pinkie Pie sneezed, before her eyes narrowed with a frown.

" Somepony’s talking about me behind my back!” She said, before turning to the right and stared at you, the reader with a big happy grin on her face.

" You go back to the main story now! Nothing to see here!”

Nightmare sat down on the red velvet couch, staring between Luna, Cadence, and Queen Chrysalis, who transformed back into her original form and was sitting next to Cadence and Luna on the blue couch across from her.

All three of them were staring at her with expectant smiles…

Nightmare shifted, a little uncomfortable at the states the three were giving her.

" What?” She snapped, wanting nothing more than to be done with whatever they’ve got planned.

Cadence eyes her up and down, tilting her head from side to side, before smiling even more,

" I’m trying to figure out who you are in love with, and why.” She answered, then got up from her spot and started pacing between the two couches.

" When did you meet this stallion? Did he do something that made you drawn to him?” She asked, her eyes shut in concentration, her horn glowing with her light blue signature of magic.

Nightmare thought back to that day, when she and Jon just met.

" I broke into his home, trying to find a place to sleep for the night because I didn’t have any Bits on me, when suddenly I heard a noise coming from the main warehouse--” She said, but was interrupted.

" Warehouse?” Luna asked, her eyes slightly narrowing.

Nightmare shrugged, before answering truthfully.

" Jon woke up on the rooftop and saw that it was abandoned, and he didn’t want to deal with the authorities because he has a deep distrust of them going to conclusions before explanations.”

Cadence only hmmed, still pacing back and forth.

" I panicked and tried to run, but I forgot the stairs leading up to the living area was rusted and they fell apart beneath my feet.” Nightmare continued.

" I was falling about a 15 foot drop that would’ve made me have a broken bone at the very least, before something wrapped around my waist and stopped my descent suddenly.”

Cadence stopped and looked at Nightmare, eyes pleading her to continue.

" I heard a voice speak out from behind me, and was turned around by whatever grabbed me. There he was…”

Nightmare trailed off, thinking back to how heroic and villainous he looked in the moonlight and shadows of the dark warehouse, his trench coat billowing with the lens of his Actuators piercing in the darkness, his bright blue eyes shining with power and kindness mixed with concern staring into hers, asking who she was and what she was doing in his home.

Nightmare snapped out of her trance by the sound of giggling and turned towards the source, glaring darkly at the Changeling Queen who was giggling by a holed hoof.

" You’ve got it BAD, Nightmare. That was when you first met him and you described how beautiful he looked despite his appearance.” Chrysalis said, her poisonous green eyes glowing with mirth.

Nightmare was about to retort, before Cadence spoke up once again sitting on her haunches in front of the former Night Queen.

" It sounds like a ‘Love-At-First-Sight’ scenario to me. I believe you don’t even need my help on loving this Jon.” She said with a smile, her eyes slightly shimmering with her magic.

Maybe she is seeing my aura? Nightmare thought.

" Nightmare.” Cadence said, catching the mare’s attention, " There is only one thing you can do about whatever you’re feeling…”

Nightmare leaned forward, almost nose to nose with the young Alicorn, her draconic slits narrowed with anticipation.

“Tell him…” Cadence said, a smirk on her face.

Nightmare reeled back, blinking at the blunt statement.

Then her eyes narrowed.

" That’s it?” She asked, skeptical about this.

Cadence’s smirk became a heartwarming smile.

" That’s it.” She repeated.

Nightmares eyes dropped down to the floor, quiet for a few moments, before her shoulders slumped and responded with a whisper.

" But what if he rejects me?” She said, her voice cracking.

Cadence’s smile faded, before concern flashed into her eyes, glance at Luna and Chrysalis who had the same look of emotion at the feared mare being fearful of rejection from the first pony that she could call friend.

Cadence looked back at Nightmare before placing an armor clad hoof on the taller mare’s shoulder, which made the taller mare look up and into her eyes with tears shimmering in hers but not dropping down her cheeks yet.

Cadence spoke, with fierce determination,

" Then you move on. Remain friends so you don’t lose each other. That’s the only thing he and you could do.”
Nightmare stared at Jon’s shuddering form sleeping on the bed with a determination that would’ve made anyone blink in surprise.

She was debating this for the last hour, staring at the person of her affections in severe concern at whatever must’ve caused this affliction in him.

She was trying to remember if he got injured in the past that must’ve gotten snuck in.

That’s when her eyes widened at something that occurred to her, from when she first met Jon…

Jon’s form was suspended in the air by the bottom Actuators with the top ones poised to attack.

His body was covered in cuts and scratches as he faced a woman with vines and thorns.

His face locked with determination despite the agonizing pain he must’ve been feeling, despite the various scratches and small cuts grazing his flabby torso.


Nightmare whispered, her voice echoing,

" Could it be that simple? That when he told me he faced Gaia Everfree herself, all he got was a couple of scratches and a couple bruised ribs…”

Nightmare looked closer at his chest and saw a small healed diagonal scars from the big vines that Gaia Everfree whipped at him.

“Could the infection have got in from those wounds?” She whispered, with a small crack.

Her body shook, but not with anger, but with disgust, disgust at herself for being blind.

Tears were falling down her cheeks as she held back the sobs that tried to claw out of her throat.

“How could I have not seen this?!” She said, her fangs gritting hard as she started to pace, her thoughts spinning a million miles a second.

After a few minutes of pacing at the end of Jon’s bed, she stopped then whirled around to face the sleeping stallion, staring at his rising and falling chest with a faint bit of effort, his body trying hard to keep him alive as much as possible.

Nightmare quietly trotted to his side, on a large empty space of his bed and carefully climbed on, making sure to not make too much movement, avoiding his Actuators that were curled around him.

She stared at his back, wishing that he would turn around and smile at her, but she knew it was fruitless with this damned infection slowly killing him.

Nightmare took a deep breath, then slowly wrapped her forehooves around his thick barrel, pulling his sleeping body towards her.

Jon shifted until his head was snuggled against Nightmare’s chest, breathing a sigh of contentment as her head was placed above his, breathing in her scent as he dreamed.

Nightmare’s dark cheeks glowed with tomato red at him sniffing her, but felt a burning warmth in her chest at how perfect he seemed to her, how she knew that he’ll keep her safe if she was in danger.

True, she never really saw him mad, tired, yes. Frustrated, absolutely. But never angry or filled with hatred at everyone around him.

It is what she… loved about him…

Now that she thought about it, Nightmare Moon can truly feel like she can say that she has more than friendship in mind with Jon Whalen…

She closed her eyes after inhaling, taking in Jon’s scent of wood and metal, mixing along perfectly with the smell of lilies and bluebells.

It was truly intoxicating to her…

Nightmare smiled, then let the magic of Luna take her to the Dream Realm…

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