• Published 16th Feb 2019
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The Metal Armed Vigilante 2: Nightmare Adventure - WhalenJP

After the events of the first story; Jon begins to feel sick, but something feels wrong. His new roommate Nightmare Moon tries to help him as best as she can, but will it be enough?

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Previously on The Metal Armed Hero…
The 300lbs boy looked at the tall covered object in the corner of the room, excited to see his new gift work. He was going as Doc Ock From Spider Man 2, the one where Alfred Molina acted as.

He always watched that movie when he was a kid and still does watch it every now and again.
As soon as the pain decreased in his spine from the needle injectors, he felt four minds connect to his, and the arms came out of their hold sockets of the platform, and rose in the air with a mental thought, looking around with their sinister blood red sensor lights.
He looked towards the man and said, “ How much are these?”

The old man smiled, “ It's free. Try it on, it might fit ya.”

Then all he saw last, was a bright light surrounding him, and the gleeful smile on the Merchant’s face…

The next thing that Jon knew was waking up.
The door to the classroom opened, and in came a man wearing a white buttoned up shirt and a red bow-tie with suspenders, a pair of black slacks that fit him, brown hiking boots, a belt, and a black vest and trench coat.

His blue eyes scanned over the students with a sharpness nobody has ever seen.
The actuators sprawled themselves around him in a sort of relaxed manner.

One of them was laying down across his lap, him running his hand over its sinuous body, making it hum in a sort of purr.

The other three were sprawled over the top of the couch and one on the ground.
The bus drove down the dirt road leading into the mountains and dense forest. The bus was full of Canterlot High students who were listening to the two Principals as the two siblings spoke of their time at the Camp.

Jon was sitting in the back, reading JAWS on a hardback cover that he brought from the library to read, while his bottom right actuator was hidden from sight as it went up the aisle so that he could hear and read at the same time, so he wouldn’t miss any information.

He was already accustomed to the Equestria Girls world pretty good to not make a fool of himself, yet it still felt weird.
Twilight took note that when Mr. Whalen’s back was turned, she saw a small red light peek from a tiny hole in the trench coat.

When she blinked, it was gone.

She made a mental memo to find out if she saw something that was real, or she was losing her mind again...
It was a weird feeling for him, being called father, let alone being called it by four sentient mechanical arms that are attached to his spine.

He looked at the actuator that spoke to him, albeit sheepishly in possible fear of her father’s reaction, “ Someone almost spotted you? Who?”

At the answer, he chuckled and shook his head, “ Of course, Twilight Sparkle. You need to be more careful, I don’t want to cause mass panic at the sight of you four, not because your ugly, you’re beautiful, so stop looking at me like that. But because they sometimes don’t understand new things, they fear new things that they don’t understand, whether it is natural, man made, or alien-like.”

Then he put his hand against his face and sighed, I guess this is what it’s like to be a father. He thought as he finished, “ Just be more careful in the future, I don’t want to lose my four daughters that I just met.”

The four voiced their agreement with loud clicks and quiet screeches.
Luna thought about something as he talked, How does he know? We only met a week ago, either he’s a creepy stalker or is really good at reading people.

Jon snorted as he saw the slightly dazed look in Luna’s eyes, I bet she’s wondering how I know what she’s going through.
He’s gonna have to go into the possibly wolf infested forest, isn’t he?
A scenario popped into his head and his eyes shot open, his blue irises glowing with primal fury.
I wonder what Mr. Whalen is hiding? The only way he shows true emotion is through me and Lulu. Yet he acts as if he has a positive and professional mask on to everyone else, or just doesn’t talk about his family life in general. What is that about? She thought.
Celestia’s eyes widened, as did every other person in the room as they laid eyes on the four metal arms snaking and whirring about in the air above Jon’s head attached to his back, looking around at them with red lights.
The top right actuator lowered it’s head and looked at him, its red camera lens gleaming at him, We will not fail, father. She spoke, a light yet slightly squeaky voice replied back. We can do this.
Jon stared at the speaking actuator for a second before his eyes lit up and nodded sharply.
Jon chuckled, glad that worked and turned back to the campsite and smiling at the way everyone is helping each other to fix up the dock, and the Lodge.

He was interrupted by a throat clearing and turned to look at the two people beside him.

Celestia and Luna were looking at him with deadpan expressions and similar looks in their eyes that told him, ‘You have a lot to explain for.’
Father, One of the actuators said to his mind, a shy stuttering child’s voice emanating, do you not like us anymore?

Jon recoiled back as if he was slapped in the face, “ No!, nononono! Of course I do, I was being sarcastic, sweetheart. It’s just…”

Then he heard guffaws, and he whirled around, glaring at Celestia and Luna who were laughing at him, “ It’s not funny! You try being a father of four!”
The conversation turned to Celestia asking something, “ Mr. Whalen, I want to offer you something.”

After a few moments, Celestia drew a breath and asked, “ Would you like to be part of our family?”

At those words, Jon froze, his brain gears screeched to a halt burning with smoke and smelt like burning rubber.

Jon stared at the familiar woman with the cat eyes looking at him in fear and exhaustion.

He spoke, a stern tone in his voice, “ Who are you? What are you doing in my home?”

“ Nightmare Moon, my good sir. My name is Nightmare Moon.”

And Now With The Conclusion...

Author's Note:

I have finally began on working this sequel for Metal Armed Vigilante! It's a work in progress, practically the bare-bones right now, but expect a longer story as well as maybe longer chapters.

It's gonna take me awhile to get this story going since I have been infected with Writer's Block.

Stay Tuned for the First Chapter!