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Displaced: The Metal Armed Vigilante - WhalenJP

So, I got transported to another dimension. One that I am VERY familiar of. But hey, at least I got four metal sentient arms attached to my spine to keep me company...

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Chapter 2: The New Teacher

Chapter 2: The New Teacher

*A Week Later*

The bell rang throughout the halls of Canterlot High School, and students started pouring into the hallways to get to their next classes.

Twilight Sparkle walked through the hall, being careful not to bump into anyone like she did at Crystal Prep.

She was a transfer student that went here after The Friendship Games and made friends with Sunset Shimmer, Rarity Belle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie after trying to absorb magic from another version of their world.

Spike, her loyal best friend and dog, accidentally jumped through a couple of holes in the universe that was connecting to both worlds and gained the ability to talk. It was a bonding experience ever since then.

She made her way into the suddenly new science class with a few other students, students she recognised, “ Hey Sunset!”

The Fire haired girl that was wearing a leather jacket, a white shirt with a sun symbol on it, and black tight jeans and red sneakers smiled at Twilight, closing the small gap between the two and gave her best friend a hug, “ Hey Twilight! Ready to learn new things?”

Twilight let go of Sunset and got out of the hug, an eyebrow raised, “ There’s a new subject for Canterlot High to learn? Really? Who’s the teacher?”

Sunset shrugged her shoulders, “ I don’t know, Twi. Apparently they arrived a week ago, asking for a job.”

She then smiled mischievously and teased, “ Let’s see if this teacher is good at the subject before we try and blow things up, ok? Don’t want another Chemistry lesson getting creative again like a month ago.”

Twilight blushed, “ Hey, that happened one time and it was an accident!” Sunset smiled, her mischievousness sated for a bit, “ I know, Twi, I know. I’m just teasing.” The students heard the bell ring and made their way to their seats.

Just in the nick of time too.

The door to the classroom opened, and in came a man wearing a white buttoned up shirt and a red bowtie with suspenders, a pair of black slacks that fit him, brown hiking boots, a belt, and a black vest and trench coat.

His blue eyes scanned over the students with a sharpness nobody has ever seen.

Then, the man smiled and said, “ Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are ready to delve into some learning experiences about fusion reaction and its properties.”

He walked in front of the white board and wrote the words Mr. Whalen on the side.

He turned back to the students and smiled at them, as if nostalgic of them, and continued his speech, “ My name is Mr. Whalen, I’ll be your new science teacher for you Seniors and Juniors. Now, before we get into complexities and whatnot, I am gonna be taking attendance just in case we’re missing anybody. Now, Aria Blaze?”

A light purple hand rose into the air, “Here.”

Mr. Whalen only smiled, “ Good, Dinky Hooves?”

The attendance went by pretty quickly, ending on Twilight, who raised her hand up and said, “ Here, Professor.”

Mr. Whalen then checked the box and eyed the names of anyone missing, only Sonata Dusk was absent, and apparently Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze were her older sisters, “ Ms. Blaze, Ms. Dazzle, where is Ms. Sonata Dusk right now?”

Adagio smiled, she liked this new teacher, as she answered, “ My sister is at the hospital, she broke her leg and is being there overnight. She’ll be back by tomorrow, sir.”

Mr. Whalen nodded, “ I wish your sister well.”

The way he said this, made Aria raise an eyebrow, Does he know something? She thought to her sister, who responded back to her clutch sister, I don’t know, there’s something about him that’s not right.

Adagio looked as if she was paying attention to Mr. Whalen’s lecture on fusion reaction, her mind was elsewhere, I hope Sonata gets back, if they catch her stealing their cash so we can keep getting food... She thought, a little panicked, but she didn’t show it.

Twilight took note that when Mr. Whalen’s back was turned, she saw a small red light peek from a tiny hole in the trench coat.

When she blinked, it was gone.

She made a mental memo to find out if she saw something that was real, or she was losing her mind again...


Jon looked out the window of his empty classroom, a bottle of water in one hand, taking small sips periodically to quench his thirst, and not chug it down like an idiot.

His actuators are stretching out and moving around a little to get the aches and creeks in their mechanical joints.

The top left actuator was looking out with him, talking to him in a voice that he interprets as female, actually all four are female and call him Father.

It was a weird feeling for him, being called father, let alone being called it by four sentient mechanical arms that are attached to his spine.

He looked at the actuator that spoke to him, albeit sheepishly in possible fear of her father’s reaction, “ Someone almost spotted you? Who?”

At the answer, he chuckled and shook his head, “ Of course, Twilight Sparkle. You need to be more careful, I don’t want to cause mass panic at the sight of you four, not because your ugly, you’re beautiful, so stop looking at me like that. But because they sometimes don’t understand new things, they fear new things that they don’t understand, whether it is natural, man made, or alien-like.”

Then he put his hand against his face and sighed, I guess this is what it’s like to be a father. He thought as he finished, “ Just be more careful in the future, I don’t want to lose my four daughters that I just met.”

The four voiced their agreement with loud clicks and quiet screeches.

Jon was about to say something else, when the door suddenly opened up behind him, and he whirled around, the actuators quickly hiding under the trench coat as he did so quietly.

He turned and saw Vice Principal Luna, wearing the same outfit from last week, I don’t think they change outfits unless it’s a special occasion. He thought as he spoke, “ Hello, Ms. Luna, what can I do for you?”

Luna raised an eyebrow and then looked around the room in suspicion, Odd. Nothing seems out of place, But I heard Mr. Whalen talking to someone. Possibly someone on the phone? Don’t be ridiculous, he doesn’t have a phone from what I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll talk to Tia later tonight. She thought as she answered Mr. Whalen’s question, “ Hello, Mr. Whalen. I was coming to get you for the staff meeting that’s gonna start in ten minutes. We, my older sister Celestia and I, would like you to attend, If you’re willing?”

Jon smiled at Luna, then nodded his head, “ Of course. Lead the way.”

Author's Note:

That's Chapter Two done, boys and girls! Hope it's a little better than the other chapters since I suck at writing in general, but I am stubborn as a mule (No Offense), Let me know if there is a eligible proofreader or editor that can make my stories better since I don't write PERFECTLY, according to people.

But, I know that I am gonna get negativity no matter what I do, so all I can do is keep going and finish my story.

See you guys in the next chapter, TOODLES!!!