• Published 16th Feb 2019
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The Metal Armed Vigilante 2: Nightmare Adventure - WhalenJP

After the events of the first story; Jon begins to feel sick, but something feels wrong. His new roommate Nightmare Moon tries to help him as best as she can, but will it be enough?

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Chapter 01: A New Day

Chapter 01: A New Day, A New Year…

Blue eyes snapped open before immediately shutting them, using his hand to block the intruding sunlight piercing into his eyes, interrupting his sleep in the process.

He sat upright slowly, his ribs groaning and aching in protest, the bandages slightly dirty and had dried blood stained the gauze due to the events with Gaia Everfree…

And maybe stopping a few robberies gone wrong a few nights ago…

Jon groaned a little, holding a hand to his bandaged side, smiling a little in gratitude as the two bottom Actuators held him off the ground a few inches and maneuvered to the bathroom, where he stood in front of the mirror…

Then snorted…

Jon’s reflection was the image of a man who has gone through hell; His blue eyes looked a little dim, and had small bags under them indicating sleep deprivation, and he had a small beard growing on his lower face, making him look like a lumberjack a bit.

… Not to say the fact that his chocolate brown hair became a mullet in the back, grown long enough to even put it into a ponytail.

Besides that, he looked normal, except for the reddened and dirty bandages covering his naked flabby torso.

His top left Actuator slinked off to his room, the coils stretching for extended reach as she grabbed a fresh roll of gauze, before returning to her father.

...That’s right, you read correctly…

The Actuators are sentient enough for individual personalities and saw Jon as their father ever since he got them from an Anonymous Sender.

He saw them as his daughters once the fact came to him one day, melting his slowly cold heart, giving him a purpose, and a way to distract himself from the depressing and dark thoughts of never seeing his family again, back on Earth…

...But, thanks to his boss, Principal Celestia, and her younger sister Luna, the family of the Ancient and Noble House Of Faust, adopted him as a brother, instead of a son, since that would’ve became awkward on all sides.

Jon was grateful of the two getting him out of his depression, at least temporarily, but that darkness always comes back, and it never leaves…

Shaking off the memories of his time alone, he gently plucked the roll of bandages from his actuator, who held it in front of his nose like a carrot on a string.

It is amusing that the four Actuators’ personalities grew as he did, learned at a fast rate and can share that information at hypersonic speeds to his brain and able to process that much power into problem-solving during a situation that may or may not save his life whenever he was out as The Metal Armed Vigilante.

After using a small knife to carefully cut the dirty bandages, he gently peeled off, flinching with a hiss of pain as he revealed his black and purple bruise to the world.

...For some reason, Jon couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t healing normally, and the pain was beginning to become just bearable day to day ever since Camp Everfree a few days ago…

Jon discarded the small pile of used gauze into the trash can and grabbed a tube of healing salve.

This specific salve was made by the resident shaman witch named Zecora, who readily agreed to mix the salve with a numbing potion of her own design to heal the wound and keep it pain-free while it heals…

...It didn’t work for some reason…

Jon sighed as he finished wrapping the fresh bandages around his torso and tied a small knot to keep it in place.

Then he turned on the cold tap, letting the sink fill with water, then began splashing his face to wake him up.

After he was done, Jon sighed and carefully went through the doorway, making sure to duck his head down before he hit his head on the way out.

He went out of his room and out into the wooden and rundown hallway, the floor was creaking with the weight of his Actuators and himself, but still held somehow…

...As if by magic…

He made it to the living room that was slightly larger than his bedroom, looking around as he saw that Nightmare was nowhere in sight.

Odd. He thought as put on his shirt, which was white with a v-neck collar and was large enough to fit him, and then some.

He then noticed a note on the worn coffee table and his top right Actuator slinked over it on the assumption of grabbing it for her father.

The large pincers then slammed shut and slid back to reveal small two prongs that can act as fingers to grab things without damaging them.

She grabbed it delicately and slithered through the air and held the paper in front of Jon, squeaking lightly.

Here you go, father! Said the squeaky shy voice that spoke from his Actuator, slightly bobbing up and down in the air with a little bit of excitement.

Jon smiled, saying with a hoarse whisper, “ Thank you, Rosie.”

He took the paper and saw that it had Nightmare Moon’s writing on it.

Dear Jonathon,

If you notice me gone when you wake up, I am currently going to Zecora’s hut for more healing salve since we seem to be running out.

There’s breakfast on the kitchen table that I made for you, I wanted to do something to show you my gratitude for taking me in when I was at my weakest, and thank you for teaching me how to fit in this new world.

I will return soon.

With love, Nightmare Moon

Jon blinked, then shook his head with a soft smile as he remembered teaching the newly banished Queen of The Night how to speak modern English, wearing clothes that were not torn to hell and back, as well as other necessities to living without making a fool of yourself.

...It has been a hectic few days…

Jon set the note back to where it was and went into the aforementioned kitchen, and his eyes laid on the large plate holding a stack of 3 pancakes, a couple of fried eggs, and a couple of sausages, and it was still steaming.

After trying to figure out how Nightmare cooked without burning the warehouse down or making a mess, he sat down and carefully ate the scrumptious meal with a pace that would make people think he was sluggish.

His bottom left Actuator slinked over to the coffee pot on the other side of the kitchen, and grabbed a small white coffee cup with the words #1 father of the year logo on the side.

It’s been a running joke for a while…

After Susie poured the coffee into the cup with accurate precision, Rosie slithered over to the fridge and grabbed a carton of creamer, putting a small amount that would make it a bit sweet, but still strongly bitter.

Susie grabbed the coffee and carefully returning to her father, Jon grabbing the coffee cup with a tired smile.

This was the life…

... But All Good Things Come To An End...

Author's Note:

Ooh~ You guys excited? I am to write it!

Anyways, Hope you enjoyed this first chapter, if there's something missing in it, lemme know and I'll add it in to make the chapter longer and more enjoyable.

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