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The Metal Armed Vigilante 2: Nightmare Adventure - WhalenJP

After the events of the first story; Jon begins to feel sick, but something feels wrong. His new roommate Nightmare Moon tries to help him as best as she can, but will it be enough?

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Chapter 06: Adventure & Adorable Fillies...

Chapter 06: Adventure & Adorable Fillies...

Jon woke up, yawning lightly as he slowly got into a sitting position, then once his vision cleared up, he noticed that he wasn’t exactly sleeping in his bed…

Aw, crud… He thought to himself as he saw the white marble walls with a small bookshelf and end table, the heart monitor beeping next to him, causing the human-turned-stallion to cringe at the sudden noise.

He looked down at his hooves and saw the discolored veins got even worse, almost popping out of his skin and fur.

He doesn’t even know how he got sick! Which is ridiculous!

He sighed as his daughters activated and gently lifted him off the small bed that barely held him and the Actuators.

Setting himself on his four hooves, the Actuators and Jon slowly made their way to the window, squinting his eyes as the bright sunlight caused them to sting.

He needed to get out…

He needed to get out of the dark, claustrophobic room…

With that objective in mind, he turned and half trotted, half maneuvered to the closed door, grabbing the hat and trench coat that was made for a pony from the table and coat rack that was next to his bed.

After carefully putting on the trench coat and setting the fedora onto his head, he stopped and thought about something…

What if there are guards just outside? Waiting for me to come out? He thought as Rosie nuzzled his cheek lightly, humming with concern at her father’s sudden stop.

Besides, going out the door is boring. It’s not me. I must go another way…

He then turned to the large window behind him…

Jon smirked, his eyes lighting up slightly in an ideal fashion.

Oh yeah... That’s more like it. He then grinned at the way he was gonna get out.


The city of Canterlot was bustling with activity, Nobles trotting around with their noses in the air, shops of expensive taste open to the world for marketing, It seems just like a normal--

A window high up on Canterlot castle shattered and jumping through it was a cream colored Stallion with four metal arms sticking from his back and through a billowing trench coat.

Stepha grabbed the stone wall, causing a small crater to form from the sheer impact of strength.

Jon cringed slightly at the sight of it, noting himself to pay for the damages he might cause from his escape/exploration…

Monica, Rosie, Stepha, and Susie clung onto the side of the giant castle, holding up their father with ease, also taking in the new surroundings while they climbed up.

A few Royal Guards heard the commotion and stormed into the room where Jon was held in, looking out and up the window as the thumping of the Actuators caught their attention.

Jon was grinning weakly as he scaled the tower, breathing in deeply to take in the fresh air that replaced the polluted air of his home-world and the Equestria Girls’ world.

He then basked in the sunlight, perching on top of the tower with his trench coat billowing in the wind.

He looked down and saw a balcony that was located beneath where he stood, and he jumped down, making sure that his legs bent slightly to absorb the impact, and his daughters looked around to search for any hostiles.

Jon slowly trotted to the glass doorway, opening it slightly with Susie’s help, then looked inside.

It was a dark room with purple wallpaper and stars dotting the ceiling in a mass of constellations and galaxies he didn’t recognize.

There was a small twin bed with a blue comforter made on it and a royal red pillow at the head of it.

It looked empty for the most part, so Jon went inside, looking around and making sure that his daughters not touch anything, so that he wouldn’t cause a mess in whoever’s room he technically broke into.

Technically… What a fine line between almost and did. He mused to himself for a moment, before something caught his attention.

Sitting on the bed in the most innocent way, was a large book, no, a photo album. It was a dark brown with red and blue lining the cover and spine of it, but there was no title, no name to indicate who it belongs to…

Jon trotted to the bed and Rosie grabbed the book in the most careful like fashion anyone would’ve ever seen if they were to witness it.

Jon sat on his haunches and held the light photo album in his hooves, before setting it down and opening it.

Curiosity killed the cat, and his curiosity REALLY piqued at the sight of a dark filly with turquoise eyes and had a horn.

“Cute…” He chuckled lightly as he continued looking at the photo, trying to rummage through his memories and remember where he’d seen the filly before.

The filly’s mane was a bright purple, shining almost like--

Wait… He thought as he looked closer, analyzing the photo from every angle with a tilt of his head.

I KNOW that filly… He thought, before the door opened behind him, causing him and the Actuators to leap onto the ceiling, the sound dampeners activating overtime to keep himself quiet and unseen by whoever was coming in.

Trotting inside is the same filly with the dark coat, purple mane and tail, and turquoise dragon-slitted eyes, wearing saddlebags and holding up a small book in her telekinetic aura.

She hummed a small tune as she took off her saddlebags and set them off next to the door, then put her book on the small little table next to the bed, placed on top of a stack that was just as tall as Jon’s height.

Speaking of which…

The Stallion watched quietly as his daughters held him up against the dark ceiling, making sure that he wasn’t being seen by the new arrival.

Huh, didn’t know Nyx was here… Now THERE’s a paradox I don’t wanna mess with. He thought as the filly Nightmare Moon looked around the room.

She froze as her eyes spotted the open balcony doors, then noticed that her photo album was on the floor, and opened to her first picture, after the incident with eternal night for two weeks and near death situation from defending Ponyville form the creatures of the Everfree Forest.

After gently picking up the album, she looked around slowly, her little body tensed with wings pressed against her back in fright.

“ He-hello? Is anypony in here?” She called out, her voice slightly trembling by the thought of her room being invaded by a stranger or worse, an assassin set out to kill her.

...Which wasn’t far off the mark… Except that he didn’t want to hurt the adorable filly…

Silently lowering himself down behind the filly, his Actuators coiled themselves up in case to defend their father.

Then he spoke in a whisper, his throat hurting once again from thirst, even though it’s only been a couple of hours since he woke up.

How did he know? Well Susie has an internally clock that tells him and the other Actuators what the time currently was, which was 4pm…

“ Hello there.”

Nyx jumped at the grating hoarse voice and whirled around, then her eyes widened as she spotted the metal arms that looked like snakes sticking out of the stranger’s back, their eyes gleaming blood red as they stared at her stiff form.

She was contemplating on whether or not to scream at the metal snakes, or the throbbing dark veins spread across the Stallion’s skin.

Then her logical side kicked in and she took a small breath to calm herself.

“ I am sorry for the unannounced visit, miss Sparkle, but I was just looking around when I came in from the balcony.” Jon continued, jerking his head to gesture at the open doorway, swaying in the light breeze.

“ It’s- It’s fine, sir. But if I may… Who are you, and what are you doing in my room?” Nyx asked, slowly backing up from the large Stallion standing in front of her, keeping a sharp eye on the four metal snakes that watched her movements.

Jon smiled lightly, taking off his fedora from his head and placed it on his wide chest, bowing his head as he spoke,

“ Where are my manners? I am Otto Octavius. As you can see, The name comes from these four beautiful beings.” He said, smiling at the Actuators, who felt themselves perk up in pride.

Nyx gulped as ‘Otto’ spoke to her, like she was a normal filly, but the intelligent gleam in his eyes suggest that he knew who she was.

Just as she slowly walked backwards, she felt something metallic wrap around her barrel, and another pincer head came into view, staring at her with an intelligent, cold gaze. Her face reflecting off the small glass that could be used as the tentacle’s eye.

Nyx didn’t scream, only yelped in surprise. She had worse things done to her than being taken by surprise.

Hay, she even got swallowed by a Hydra, and she came out okay…

The Hydra that ate her, not so much…

Jon frowned as Rosie wrapped herself around the tiny filly, and shook his head as he heard her mutterings.

Adorable, cute, pretty. Rosie chanted in her mind, nuzzling her pincers against the soft mane of the filly.

Nyx’s expression was one of surprise, clearly thinking that he was there to hurt her.

Jon internally sighed in annoyance, feeling the urge to find the ones that are stubborn enough to call for ‘Nightmare Moon’s’ execution, and give them… a stern talking to…

Rosie unwrapped herself from Nyx and returned to her father’s side, still muttering the same things over and over again.

Nyx blinked once…

Then twice…

Then after a sound of someone clearing their throat, she snapped out of her daze and locked eyes with the large Stallion, clearly looking for something.

She was looking for the signs of disgust, fear, revulsion, and pity.

But she didn’t find anything but warmth, like that of somepony who doesn’t care about appearance, but friendly to everything around him.

And that includes the metal arms that are watching her, looking around her guest room, and the one that was nuzzling her every minute or so…

Jon’s attention was now turned to the photo album, and Susie carefully picked it up from the ground, then held it in his hooves unsteadily.

The picture that was opened to when Jon hid from Nyx before she came into the room, was one of the aforementioned Alicorn, snuggling into the side of a night blue Alicorn with a starry mane, Twilight Sparkle on the other side of the filly wearing a smile on her face that showed a caring mother.

Jon’s lips turned upwards into a half-smile, his stern eyes turning soft at the picture.

Then he came to a sudden realization…

God, I miss my family… He thought as Nyx cantered to his side and looked at the photo of herself, Princess Luna, and her Mom, Twilight.

When the filly looked back up at the large Stallion, she noticed a couple of tears going down his cheeks.

It was starting to worry her that she might know the cause of said tears…

“ You miss your family, don’t you?” Said a voice that surprised Nyx, and one that Jon recognized.

Standing at the now-open doorway, was Celestia wearing a white shirt and her ethereal mane in a bun that Jon was familiar with.

This was his older sister, the one from the Equestria Girls world that he arrived in a few months ago…

Jon swallowed and replied,

“ Yeah, Tia. I miss them… I miss my Sister... Mom... Dad... Everyone.” He said the last part with a lump in his throat.

Celestia crossed the room and wrapped her hooves around her pseudo-brother’s barrel, placing her head against his shoulder, while he quietly cried into her chest, his tears staining her white fur.

Nyx watched the scene as she backed up slightly with sadness, her draconian eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

It felt weird, now that the mood has shifted from normal to sad in ten seconds flat…

Rosie, Monica, Rosie, and Stepha wrapped around their father and Auntie, humming with comforting sounds as they squeezed very lightly to know that they are there for them.

Another set of hooves enter the room and wrapped around both of them, causing the two to look up slightly at who was holding them.

Nightmare Moon held Celestia and Jon in her forehooves that easily wrapped around them, eyes shedding tears that trickled down her cheeks…

The three were like that for a whole minute before another voice interrupted them.

“...What…” Said a young voice.

Jon, Celestia, and Nightmare got out of the group hug, and turned to the source of the voice.

Nightmare’s eyes slitted even more, her eyes wide in shock as she caught sight of Nyx, who was doing the same…

“...What…” Nightmare said, her voice full of shock and confusion.

Jon blinked, then something in his mind clicked, and began to smirk, his mood cheering up again, as well as the Actuators.

Nyx and Nightmare Moon stared at each other as the two began slowly moving towards the other, stopping a few inches away…

“ What…” Nyx said, her voice full of bewilderment and awe as she looked up at the form of Nightmare, her old body in all its glory, staring down at her with the same emotions she felt.

“Well… This is new…” said Jon, who was grinning with amusement and slight mischief at the scene.

Author's Note:

A/N: BWAHAHAHA!!! I couldn't help but add this, because IT MAKES SENSE! Hope you all enjoyed the chapter, and expect more with a couple of suggested ideas for the next one!

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