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Harry Potter, age ten, made a wish...

He wished that he could go to a place where he could do all of his magic whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and the wish came true...

A few years later in Earth time, he has returned and found himself back in the hands of one Albus Dumbledore, who wanted to use him as a Weapon against Voldemort. But Harry is not happy, since his 2 thousand year life vacation was interrupted...

He is now Discord, The Spirit Of Chaos & Disharmony, and he is gonna have a FUN time with this...

WARNING: Dumbledore Bashing INBOUND! There will be Hermione who can be introduced to Harry during this Fic, and There Might Be Good Ol' Fluttercord later on.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 67 )

OOOH!!! This seems good. I'm attempting something similar to this. with the manipulative dumbledore. But I never thought of harry and discord becoming one.

There is a fic at fanfiction.net called Chaotic Champion, it's where I got the idea from, but I am not copying his/her story, I am taking this to a completely different curveball. But thanks for the positive comment. :twilightsheepish:

Yep im following this one seems quite interesting.

Curious on why he hates dumbledore right off the bat guess he blames him for bringing him back?

You'll find out in the next chapter.

pleas let there be a herd/harem in this one he needs the love:trollestia::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I would've thought Harrycord would wear his Mask outfit from Dungeons and Discord.

Would you prefer elevator or escalator?

An escalator inside an elevator, traveling by escalator to it's installation as a sushi-chef.

... ok, that made my head hurt just by imagining that...

How did you know where my escalator-containing elevator was being escalatored to an installation as a sushi-chef inside your head?!
Tell me your secrets!!

My readers, these doohickeys and kabobs are spelled with a target in mind, keyed to one Harry James Potter, or more accurate to Dumbledore, His Weapon…

Albus: *Russian Accent* My name is Albus Wulfric Brian Percival Dumbledore and this is my weapon.

You have to coax the secrets outby being smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies.

Scrooge Mcduck? WHERE IS HE! He still owes me 10 cents

Last I saw he was living in Duckberg. He's been real friendly with that Tatsurou fella lately...

Hmmm your right. I should probably talk with Coco, set up a nice meet n greet with him. Been way to long.

Got it you crazy Filanthropist. I think I spelled thar right.

That's one word short! right number of letters though.
No, I'm Filklo Lovaas. The Faceless Maker's resident shitty/WIP OC.
Nice to meetcha!

Names Arctic Wolf. The internet persona of this crazy lunatic.

Try not to agitate the Little People; a couple of them tend towards violence...

HAHAHA!!!! I just imagined Dumbledore wearing a Ushanka! :rainbowlaugh:
Nice Team Fortress 2 reference. took me awhile to get it. have a stache! :moustache:

I want Discord to royally tear into Dumbledore and put him in his place.

he will eventually. I just gotta make it so it is in the correct timeline of the movies, Discord meeting Sirius which is gonna be a nightmare, then do a little romance in this fic which I don't have experience in. So I might get writer's block from this.

9333686 At least take Lovegood with them, I mean she has suffered a lot in the series. And I could see her being part of a threesome with Discord and Fluttershy.

If anyone could handle someone like Discord without losing their minds or being Fluttershy, it'd certainly be one of the Lovegoods

Discord having multiple memories of alternative lives with Harry must be interesting. I wonder what is the deal with Sirius Black, and if Discord would connect with him. I get the feeling he would connect with the Weasley Twins, certainly.

I really, really hope that Discord insists on Equestrian Dragons being present at the first challenge, if that remains the same. Much more interesting, and means he can bring Spike into it too. Spike and him have roleplayed during their O&O games, with Spike as a wizard, so I think he'd get a kick out of it.

9333976 I could actually see Discord actively protect Luna from the bullies and put the fear of Chaos into them.

I will make Discord and Luna friends, not lovers. No, not Princess Luna, Luna Lovegood.

9334487 That would be funny "Luna, meet Luna, or have you already met?"

I think there's a fic that did the exact same thing. I could do that...

9334590 There's one fic where Lovegood was Luna's daughter.

so did they go back to Equestria?:rainbowhuh: Doesn't matter this is still glorious!

great story is similar to
Chaotic ChampionBy: TheDani132

precisely! It was an idea from them, but I made it completely original.

I just had the mental image of Human Fluttershy using The Stare on the Hungarian Horntail.

Spike stared at him, thinking he was insane…

Ahh, buddy, you don't even know the half of it...

too bad only Discord and maybe Spike are the only ones allowed in the arena.

9339309 That doesn't mean she'll use it anyway on the judges for forcing Nesting Mothers to be part of the Tournament.

Discord is going to be pissed when the second task happens.

Too bad that Fluttershy gal had to die because of the fool’s mistakes.

Dumblyderp, I only have ѲИЄ тнιиɢ тσ ƨαʏ...



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