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If a train leaves Canterlot at 100 MPH, whats the conductors name?

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1000 years ago, the youngest of the royal sisters was banished to the deepest regions of space, where her dark magic could do no harm to Equestria or the ponies living on it.

The powers of the ponies that help defeat her were kept away, until the right time when they would be needed again.

Now, 1000 years later, deep in the mountains around Canterlot Celestia prepares for the day when her sister would return. That day is today, and its up to three ponies to put a stop to her and her army. Are they the best choice? No, because they are our only choice.

Element Storm Rangers: Scootaloo (Red), Sweetie Belle (Blue), Applebloom (Yellow)

Thunder Storm Rangers: Rumble (Crimson), Button Mash (Navy)

Inspired by the various Pony Rangers stories on FimFiction, and inspired by the Power Rangers show. Will add more characters to the description as the story progresses, as to avoid spoilers.


Chapters (12)

It has now been twenty two years since the infamous events of Jurassic Park. Now armed with a new owner and a new name, the ponies running Isla Zebra have a chance to make the new park successful for the whole world to enjoy. So why not go one step beyond?

It's that mindset that got them here. Jurassic World now has it's first genetically modified hybrid..... is history doomed to repeat itself?

Co-author: HTKWolfe777

Chapters (10)

Four years have passed since the Manehatten Incident. The whispers of Site B have died now, finally giving Princess Twilight Sparkles and her friends peace. However when two old acquaintances offer her a chance to get much needed funding for the Library and the Wonderbolts, she cant say no.

However once on the island things begin to go horribly wrong. Her host aren't who they claim to be, and now Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie must relieve their worst nightmare: survive Jurassic Park.

What to do when there's something BIGGER stomping around?

Cover art (C) chimich

Co-Author: HTKWolfe777

Chapters (10)

Two years after the events of Jurassic Pony, the original island was believed to be closed off to the public, but nopony could predict what unfolded afterwards. Rumor has it, something has survived...

Now Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy must venture to an island that brings back too many bad memories in order to preserve the creatures on it....before something goes wrong
Co-Author: HTKWolfe777 Cover Art (C) chiimich

Chapters (15)

After an incident on a tropical island off the coast of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are chosen by Princess Celestia herself to investigate the island, and make sure it is as safe as can be. This is the story of what unfolded.

This story is heavily inspired by both the JP Franchise, and another fanfiction on this site. If you find similarities, please note I did get that authors permission.


Cover art (C) chiimich Crimson (C) HTKWolfe777

Chapters (17)
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